Walmart Employee Reunites 64-Year-Old Lost Love Letter With Family

Thanks to a very persistent Walmart employee, as well as the power of social media, a recently discovered 64-year-old love letter with a marriage proposal, was returned to the rightful owners.

A Walmart employee in Dalton, Georgia, happened to come across a long-lost letter on the floor of the store and notified another coworker, named Jennifer Hendrix. When Hendrix saw the letter herself, she noticed that it was postmarked for July 30, 1954, which is 64 years ago, and unfortunately, from the looks of it, was never delivered.

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The letter itself was sent by a military officer named Max Holcomb and was meant to be delivered to his sweetheart, Martha Young. Inside there were details about their life, and Max talked about how excited he was to return home so that he could finally talk to Martha’s parents and ask them for her hand in marriage.

Right now, no one knows how this letter managed to find its way to the floor of this Walmart, but the employee, Hendrix, was determined to find the people from the letter, no matter what. She said that she wanted “to know the story behind them and I want to reunite someone with a piece of their heart that is obviously missing.”

While doing research, she, unfortunately, discovered that both the sender as well as the recipient had passed away. But, according to Max’s obituary that she managed to track down, he is still survived by his grandson, named Jason Holcomb. So Hendrix looked up Holcomb on social media, tracked down his Facebook account and messaged him.

When Jason saw the message, he was obviously shaken up, so all he messaged Hendrix back was to give him a call, along with his phone number. It turned out that Jason was raised by his grandparents, Max and Martha, who ended up getting married after Max bribed his future father-in-law with some candy so that he could meet his sweetheart. And they got married as soon as he returned from his military service back in 1954!

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Hendrix reunited Jason with the long-lost letter at a press conference which was held at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Dalton, so this heartwarming story has a happy ending, and Jason now has an intimate part of his grandparents' past.

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