Watch The Amazing Reunion Between A Baby Koala And Her Mama

This koala bear cub was unfortunately separated from her mother, but thankfully, two South Australians were there to lend a helping hand.

Not all wildlife in Australia is spider-on-snake fighting matches; there are actually more tame animals, such as adorable koala bears that cling to each other and tree trunks.

Recently, however, a baby koala was separated from her mother in the city of Adelaide and thankfully, two humans were there to help out.

She was at the bottom of a tree in very cold temperatures, but two-wildlife enthusiasts, Wayne and Lynette Parsons, found the baby koala and took her home to take care of her.

The two caregivers went to great lengths to make sure that their new cuddly friend stayed nourished and comfortable, bottle feeding the koala so that she kept up her weight and putting out a teddy bear for the little creature to feel like she was holding onto her mum.

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The two rescuers were quite confident that mum would return to the tree so both took turns returning to where the baby koala was found to see if her mother would come back. Sure enough, after three days of patience, they finally spotted the mama koala at the base of the tree, searching for her baby!

Mum was then brought to the same enclosure where her baby was being held and she was re-introduced. She can be seen sniffing around and once they both realized who was who, the baby koala can be seen reaching out a small adorable paw and happily hoping straight onto mum’s back.

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“Baby was very keen to get back with mum, you could just tell the love was there,” Lynette told 7 News.

The video shows the two super fluffy koalas instantly cuddling up and climbing around their enclosure together, with the little baby koala holding on extra tight.

Those taping the encounter can be heard ahh-ing as the mum and baby quickly get re-acquainted. When they start climbing extra high, however, Mrs. Parsons can be heard saying, “that’s it, you hang on. Good girl.”

The Parsons will continue to keep an eye out for fallen koalas in the neighborhood.

After two days in the enclosure, the small family was eventually set free, back into the wild on a local golf course. Hopefully with the little koala will be hanging on a bit closer to mum this time!

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