WATCH: Baby Octopus Changes Color After Hatching

Check out the amazing video below of an octopus immediately changing color the second it's born at an aquarium in Virginia.

There are a number of different ways to describe the phenomena we sometimes get to witness in the far reaches of nature and the animal kingdom. Weird, amazing, incredible, and sometimes just down right baffling. Despite advances in technology, there are still things that take place deep in the Amazon jungle or at the bottom of the Mariana Trench that we are only just seeing for the first time.

Lucky for you, we have an amazing glimpse into nature that you don't have to venture into a jungle or an ocean to witness. Last week at the Virginia Aquarium And Marine Science Center some new born baby octopuses were welcomed into the world. The hatchings were caught on camera and shared via social media, to allow people to see the remarkable instance that happened upon the Caribbean reef octopus's birth.

As you can see from the video above, as soon as the baby octopus breaks out from its egg it changes from a translucent white to a dark brown color. This change in color is caused by the octopus's chromatophores which, as explained by experts at the aquarium, can fire for a number of different reasons.

"It could have been either the stress of the hatch that caused them to fire or that it may have been related to the immediate instinct to camouflage for protection," the public relations manager explained to CNN. He also explained that it wasn't all smooth sailing in the buildup to the octopus's birth. The mother dropped the egg clutch while she was still in her enclosure, but thankfully it was recovered safely.

At this time, all the new born baby octopuses are healthy and doing extremely well, but they are yet to have been given names. This video only shows the first birth. The aquarium had another five baby octopuses on their hands and all of the hatchings went off without a hitch.

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