WATCH: Chimps Playing In A Ball Pit

Members of the primate family are just like us. They feel love, compassion, fear, anger, betrayal and basically every other main and complex emotion out there. You can't deny that they kind of look like us and if you require further proof that humans and primate animals are similar, What's Trending found a video of chimps doing what humans (the little ones, anyway ) love to do. Playing in a ball pit!

We can remember the sheer joy that we felt as children when we saw those colorful plastic balls inviting us to dive right in. Pure bliss. That is, until one becomes a jaded adult after hearing about all of the horror stories that ball pits offer, such as dirty used band-aids, syringe needles and even (gag) used diapers being found floating around in the pits o' fun.


But nine former research chimps, now rescued and living safely in a sanctuary, didn't have to worry about any of those ball pit troubles when their caregivers purchased a ton of plastic ball pit balls and filled up a huge Rubbermaid container.


At first, the chimps seemed perplexed. They weren't too sure what they were supposed to do with these strange things. You can't blame them. They've spent the majority of their lives being poked and prodded with needles and synthetic drugs, so they never made it out to Chuck E. Cheese. A clever caregiver aide named Jill had the smart idea to hop in the homemade pit herself to give them a live demonstration.


That was all that the chimps needed. As soon as Jill got out, the chimps jumped into the pit and immediately started tossing the balls everywhere and acting like a bunch of candy and cake-fed children at a birthday party.

Two chimps got on either side of the Rubbermaid tub and began churning the balls around as fast as they could. One of the chimps decided to drag around the tub to the either side of the habitat while another waited for a moment alone with the ball pit for a chance to spin around in the middle of the balls.


Watch the full video here:

We are so happy that these chimps are getting not only the care that they require after being rescued, but that their caregivers are kind enough to go out of their way to allow them some kid-like fun. Who doesn't need some of that every now and then?



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