Watch: Hilarious Video Of Parrot Playing Peek-A-Boo With Neighbor’s Cat

Parrot and cat

Get ready to dissolve into laughter with this hilarious and adorable video where a playful parrot is seen teasing the neighbor's hungry-looking cat with a game of peek-a-boo through the window.

The one-of-a-kind game between these neighbors from the animal world took place in New Zealand between Oscar the two-year-old Indian Ringneck parrot and the cat who lives across the street, according to Daily Mail.

Oscar, who seems to have artfully mastered the rudiments of peekaboo, is seen to be repeatedly tantalizing the feline by ducking and feigning to disappear while he hides behind the window frame, and then reemerging seconds later with a squawked 'peak-a-boo'.

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While the cat seems absolutely mesmerized by the game, keeping his eyes fixed on the bird the whole time, he does not seem to be very amused by the whole thing. His fixated look, flicking tail, and low position could all be an indication that he may have been ready to pounce on the parrot had the window pane not been there between them.

Oscar the clever parrot, who might not have been aware of the danger, or might even have known that the cat would not be able to get to him, seems to thoroughly enjoy the game. He appears to not only mimic human speech but also understand its meaning and lets out 'peek-a-boo' at the opportune moment, revealing himself to the frustrated feline.

Parrot and cat 3
Via: Daily Mail

Indian ring-necked parakeets, like Oscar, are not shy birds. They do best with owners who appreciate outgoing companions. This type of bird is not afraid to demand what it wants!

Also called the rose-winged parakeet, it has been kept as a pet for centuries and is a favorite companion. This temperamental bird requires a great deal of attention to remain tame and seems to thrive with a devoted human. They are charming and delightful to the person who takes the time to appreciate their qualities — a playful exuberance and a remarkable talking ability, exactly the qualities that Oscar seems to display in the video. Oscar and his human must have an amazingly eventful relationship!

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