10 Healthy Add-Ins That Will Boost Your Morning Smoothie

There are two types of people in the world: smoothie lovers and those who just haven't tried them yet. Even if you're not so sure that you can handle blending up a healthy smoothie every day (or at least a few times a week), you might be shocked at how simple and delicious it can be.

A smoothie can be full of sugar if you buy it somewhere, but if you make it at home, you can add all kinds of ingredients and make it as healthy as possible. You might even start liking green veggies and you'll have your new smoothie hobby to thank for it!

How should you get started? Read on to find out 10 ways to make healthier smoothies.

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10 Add Some Greens


A smoothie can be all fruit, but you've probably heard of this trend where people actually enjoy drinking green smoothies. Yes, it's possible.

Add some greens to your smoothie and you'll be making a healthy choice. If you go for kale, you'll get bonus points, but you can also add lettuce or spinach. Baby spinach is a good choice since you won't really notice it as much. Kale tends to be a bit bitter which won't change despite how popular and trendy it is.

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9 Pick Out Your Perfect Protein Powder


Protein is something that you need every day – 46 grams a day is generally considered to be ideal – and it's a good idea to add some to your smoothie. This works especially well if your smoothie is your breakfast.

You can pick your perfect protein powder, depending on your dietary needs and lifestyle. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can opt for pea protein or brown rice protein. If you eat dairy, then there are a lot of whey protein powders that you can choose from.

8 Try A Superfood Berry


There are so many superfoods that people are always talking about, and it can be tough to figure out what's legit. From bee pollen to hemp seeds and other kinds of seeds, where do you even begin?

If you want to make healthier smoothies, trying some goji berries and blending them into your regular, go-to, favorite smoothie is a smart idea.

Like other berries, goji berries have antioxidants and fiber. Plus, they're a beautiful red color and there's definitely no reason not to make a really pretty smoothie.

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7 Chia Seeds Are Always A Good Idea


Chia seeds are a great ingredient to blend into smoothies or put on top if you love super thick drinks that you can eat with a spoon.

There are so many health benefits to chia seeds, it's no wonder they are really trendy and have been for a while now. They have nutrients like iron and calcium, and they even have some protein. If you add one ounce of chia seeds to your smoothie, you'll be getting 5.6 grams of protein. They're also a good source of fiber.

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6 Add Milk For Some Calcium


There are tons of different liquids that you can add to smoothies, from plain water to coconut water to juice, but the best idea just might be milk. After all, milk has calcium. That's true if you go for cow's milk, of course, but there are other options as well.

If you're vegan or have a dairy allergy, you can use almond milk and that has some calcium added if you buy a carton from your local grocery store. As a bonus, your smoothie will be nice and creamy, and that's definitely always the goal.

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5 Cauliflower Isn't Just For Rice And Pizza


Cauliflower is beloved for its ability to mimic rice, mashed potatoes, and even pizza. Whether you don't believe that a vegetable is a real way to make a pizza crust or you love doing this all the time, you can probably admit that cauliflower is popular right now.

A lot of people are blending the white veggie into smoothies and it's a great idea because if you use frozen cauliflower (which is super easy to find at any supermarket), it makes your smoothie really, well, smooth. The flavor won't be too much, either. Plus, cauliflower is packed with vitamin C.

4 Use Yogurt For Probiotics


We all need probiotics because they help the good bacteria in our gut flourish and stop the bad bacteria from causing problems. Taking a daily probiotic supplement is a good idea and pretty easy.

It's also a good idea to eat yogurt since that's an awesome source of probiotics. It's an even better idea to blend yogurt into your smoothie. For one thing, it'll make it super creamy and delicious. For another thing, it might make your smoothie more like ice cream since it'll make it so thick. Sounds like a good plan, right?

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3 Whip Up A Gorgeous Beet Smoothie


Beets are really good for you: they have vitamin C, fiber, folate, and iron. They also have antioxidants. So they would be an awesome thing to add to your smoothies if you're looking to make them healthier.

Not everyone loves beets. They can be bitter and they can be messy, too. An easy way to work them into your diet? Blend them into a smoothie. The good news about that is your smoothie will be gorgeous since it'll be pink. If you add some fruit to your drink, you won't really notice that the beets are there, and you'll still get the health benefits.

2 Make A Smoothie Bowl For The Healthy Toppings


Smoothie bowls are always showing up on Instagram because they are just that gorgeous. They're also enjoyable to create and can make a lot of people fall for smoothies when they don't typically work them into their daily routine.

If you want to make healthier smoothies, then smoothie bowls are a great way to go since you can put lots of healthy toppings on them. From fruit to hemp seeds and chia seeds, from superfoods like bee pollen to nuts and nut butter, you have so many options to pick from. You can have a lot of fun with it!

1 Try Different Combos Because Variety Is Healthy


It's easy to eat the same foods all the time, but it's generally considered healthier to mix it up and try different foods. That way, you get different nutrients.

Thankfully, it's fun to come up with different smoothie combinations, and another way to make healthier smoothies is to make different ones all the time. Sure, you most likely will discover that you have one combo that is your dream smoothie, and that's totally fine. Just switch it up between a few smoothies and you'll be good to go.

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