10 Ways You Can Shorten Your Beauty Routine

We understand, as we’ve all been there: one minute you’re getting into the shower, and the next you’re rushing to finish applying your eyeliner perfectly, while you leave the lipstick for your commute to work. All because you got a bit too carried away with your shower concert. It really can happen to anyone. But if you’re tired of not being able to drink your coffee in peace before having to rush out the door morning after morning, then you might want to cut down on the pampering before it. And we’ve got just the tips for that!

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10 Organize Your Morning Essentials

First and foremost, if you want to significantly cut down how much time it takes you to get ready in the morning, you should get your makeup properly organized. This means that you’ll either have to lay out everything according to the order you’re using the products or even investing in a makeup organizer. This is going to save you a lot of time since you won’t be scrambling to find your concealer, and you’ll easily power through your entire routine.

9 Prep The Night Before

Another way that you can shorten your morning beauty routine is by preparing some essential things before going to bed. This means you will need to plan your outfits the day before, or the evening before, and lay them all out somewhere so that you can just slip them on when you wake up. You can also cut down on any toners you use in the morning by getting a sleeping mask that’s going to make your skin glow without you having to spend additional time on it when you wake up.

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8 Use Multitasking Products

Instead of using thirty products as soon as you wash your face, try investing in products that have multiple purposes. For example, instead of looking for that beautiful nude pallet that’s going to complete your look for the day, just put some contouring powder on your eyes instead, and you’ll get the same effect! Or, you can get a product that doubles as both a cheek as well as a lip stain. You can also use a liquid highlighter both under or over your foundation for a nice glowy look.

7 Shower Before Bed

One of the most important things in shortening your beauty routine is remembering to shower before going to bed. That’s because the entire shower and the drying afterward are typically the most time-consuming things when you’re getting ready, mostly because of the hair. Unless it’s hot outside, it rarely takes just a few minutes for your hair to dry. So shower the night before and if you want to add some volume to your hair for the next day, put it in a braid and sleep in it overnight!

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6 Don’t Experiment

Everyone loves to experiment and to try new things, especially when it comes to makeup, but trying new things is the worst thing you can do when you’re already running late. That’s why you should stick to products and tricks that you’ve tried previously and you know that they work. Because let’s face it, when you’re trying new things, you can easily end up completely missing the mark. And then, not only were you late from the start, but you’re even later because you have to start over.

5 Focus On The E’s

If you are seriously running late, then just focus on the three important E’s: the eyebrows, the eyeliner, and the eyelashes. You can do this in no time since you’re completely forgoing the foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and everything else you’re typically using, and you’ll end up looking nice as well. So brush and fill in your eyebrows, then focus on the eyes. Apply the eyeliner and the mascara and you’re done. Now, before walking out the door, you can just put on some lip balm.

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4 Keep It Simple

When you’re in a rush, you probably won’t have too much time to blend and blend and blend. And then blend some more. So skip the complicated and overly-colored eye looks with the bold lipsticks and stick to the simple neutral tones. If you really want to be effective, get a few shades of liquid eyeshadows that are going to be incredibly easy to blend out and are going to save you a lot of time. Just a few dots of one of them are going to be enough to finish your look.

3 Skip The Eyeliner

Although we already mentioned that you should focus on the three important E’s when you’re really in a rush, we still recommend that you completely skip the eyeliner if you’re terribly late. It’s very rare that a person can apply their eyeliner in just a few seconds with absolutely no hassle, so if you’re not one of those people, just skip it. And if you really can’t go through the day without eyeliner, stick to something simpler: add more mascara, or just use a pencil.

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2 Apply A Baked Blush

If you’re planning on investing in some multitasking products, we could not recommend this enough. Getting a baked blush is going to completely change your routine because it acts as a blush and a highlighter at the same time. And if you get the perfect product, it can also triple as a contour for your face too! Instead of spending time applying highlighter under or over your foundation, you can just use a product like this one that’s going to give you that effect.

1 Setting Spray And Leave

The final thing on our list of tips on how to shorten your beauty routine is to just use a great setting spray before you leave the house. Even the famous YouTube beauty guru NikkieTutorials has said that she uses so much of it, that it’s practically become a part of her blood type. And that’s because a good setting spray is not only going to set all of your makeup in place, it’s also going to keep it that way for the entire day.

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