10 Ways To Enhance Your Summer Iced Coffee

Summer is finally here. The flowers are in bloom, kids are playing outside, and, most importantly, the iced coffee is flowing. While a steaming hot cup of java is the best thing on a freezing winter day, especially on Christmas morning or when it's just snowed for the first time that season, that's not what's in the cards in July and August.

But you don't need to settle for boring old iced coffee. You can do so much to your cup and make it fun and exciting. Here are 10 ways to enhance your summer iced coffee.

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10 Add Protein Powder To Give Yourself A Boost


If you drink iced coffee like it's your job (or at your job, of course), you probably want to make it healthy. You can make your morning or afternoon iced coffee protein-packed if you add a scoop of protein powder.

Try collagen peptides which dissolve super easily. These are amino acids that are full of protein and healthy for your gut bacteria, and you won't even taste it in your coffee. Protein is a necessary macronutrient for you to feel your best and you need at least 46 grams per day if you're a woman and 56 if you're a man.

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9 Make It A Beautiful Lavender Iced Latte

Pinterest/How Sweet Eats

Lavender is trendy right now, especially when it comes to iced coffee, and honestly, you can't beat how it looks. Your drink will look so beautiful that it will make your coworkers jealous (and will rack up the Instagram likes, too).

The food blog How Sweet Eats has a great recipe for Lavender Vanilla Iced Lattes and they'll make the perfect addition to your iced coffee routine. It's fun to do something different, and putting lavender in your drink is definitely different.

8 Add A Natural Sweetener Like Honey Or Maple Syrup


Are you someone who always puts milk and sugar in your coffee? That might be true of your iced coffee as well. Don't worry, you can still enjoy something sweet and cool down at the same time.

Replace white or brown sugar with a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup. These will taste great in your iced coffee and will also be a little bit better for you. They don't have a lot of minerals and vitamins, but they do have a few.

7 Splash In Some Coconut Milk


Instead of adding some milk to your iced coffee, try some coconut milk and you'll reap the health benefits.

You've probably heard that you need to eat some healthy fat every day, and coconut milk is a great source of that. Coconut has lauric acid, a type of fat that turns into an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal when you consume it, which means that it could stop you from getting sick. Plus, it's going to make your iced coffee super delicious and creamy.

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6 Make It A Cold Brew


Cold brew is super trendy right now and it's basically a form of iced coffee. With iced coffee, you brew hot coffee and then make it cold with ice, but cold brew it literally starts off cold.

You can make your own cold brew at home, buy it at a cafe (even Starbucks sells it these days), or buy it from your grocery store or supermarket in bottled form. You'll feel really cool and like you're in on the trend, and yes, this is social media worthy, too.

5 Make A Homemade Iced Caramel Latte

Pinterest/Melanie Makes

Fancy coffee drinks are popular for a reason – they're really good. Sure, they cost about $100 each, and that might mean that you have to scrimp on some other areas of your life. But coffee is really important!

If you don't want to break your bank account, but you want to elevate your iced coffee routine this summer, make a homemade iced caramel latte. This one from Melanie Makes is coffee, caramel, milk, and hot chocolate mix, plus ice cubes of course.

4 Go Dairy-Free With An Iced Latte


You don't have to avoid iced lattes (or any latte of any kind, for that matter) if you have a dairy allergy or are vegan. You can make your own iced latte and make it dairy-free,  you'll definitely enhance your iced coffee this summer. This Maple Almond-Cashew Nut Milk Iced Latte sounds delicious and is good for you. It may take some work, but it will be worth it in the end.

3 Create Your Own Coffee Creamer Ice Cubes


Maybe you're cool with black coffee and don't add anything to it. Maybe that's how you drink your iced coffee in the summertime, too. But chances are, you like to add a little something more to your drink.

Coffee creamer is popular since it makes your coffee taste good. You can make your own coffee creamer or buy a brand that you love and freeze it into ice cubes to put into your iced coffee. All you have to do is follow this simple method and you'll be good to go.

2 Try This Life Hack: Coffee Ice Cubes


You just made the best cup of iced coffee ever, then started working if it's a weekday or relaxing if it's the weekend, and got distracted. Before you know it, your iced coffee is, well, not really like coffee anymore.

Instead, you can freeze coffee into ice cubes and add them to your coffee. Now you don't need to worry about your iced coffee getting watered down. It's a great life hack and you can use it all summer long.

1 Spice It Up


Who says that your iced coffee has to be boring and bland? It definitely shouldn't be, so you can add some spice to your caffeinated beverage and make things interesting.

Make iced coffee as usual, but add some spice, like cinnamon, to your blend. You'll have a brand new beverage that will light up your taste buds for sure. You can use any spice you want. If you want to go with chili powder, that's your call. But it might be hot enough outside that cinnamon has enough of a fiery punch for you.

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