10 Ways To Repurpose A Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes have become one of the few guarantees in life. If you’ve ever ordered something online, moved, or simply looked at a cardboard box, you know they populate quickly. Although throwing them into recycling is important, there are more uses for these items than you might imagine. Repurposing them can give you cheap and fun DIY project and your first craft might leave you browsing websites for anyone looking to give away their own cardboard boxes. It’s a sustainable choice, and you’ve got nothing to lose on the investment. There’s no pressure to be perfect when you’re using a cardboard box, and you can simply repaint or break down any errors.

These projects can be done to teach children, organize your space, and revitalize a room with a personalized accessory. The following projects are easy to make, transport, and stow away, and they’ll leave you with financial satisfaction. Even pets will love the crafts you make out with these suggestions!

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10 Laundry Basket

Hampers can become unsightly when they’re full, but this DIY laundry basket is an adorable way to hide the clutter and add flair to your room. Simply cut a hole into one side of a cardboard box, and then cut out a larger hole on top of it, leaving a small attachment to open and close. You can even leave a bag inside your crafted washer for easy removal when it’s full. This is perfect for anyone who just moved and doesn’t want to buy new home items, but does want to do something with all of those leftover boxes!

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9 Tissue Dispenser

Everyone talks about allergy season as if it’s isolated to one time of the year, but it seems that we’re always sneezing into the abyss. Although this mini cardboard house won’t cure your watery eyes and runny nose, it will offer more style to your allergy-ridden life. The cardboard on this is a bit fancier, but any style will work. Include some washi tape to boost the design, and situate your original boring box of tissues underneath or inside. You can either make the roof removable or leave the bottom open for easy access. On the other hand, you can also use this as a trash can for your tissues.

8 Foosball

This fun game might look like a more challenging DIY project, but it’s actually fairly simple! Aside from spending your time painting the team colors, you only need to cut out two rectangles and a few circles on the box. Although this size is great for transporting, using a bigger box might make the game easier. Clothespins are easy to come across and using straws here is a better solution to help save the turtles than throwing straws away after one use. However, you might want to find straws that are a bit more durable than the average ones, if you plan on really getting into this game.

7 Tunnel

One of the best and worst parts about childhood was crawling through narrow tunnels at places like Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s, and hoping that it didn’t end with you finding the regurgitated remains of pizza. It was an amazing way to build your immune system with all the close contact of germs, and a way to get over your fear of claustrophobia. However, building a labyrinth of cardboard boxes in your yard or home might be better if you’re now too old to enter those playgrounds. Paint it for added fun, but leave it on the ground so you don’t fall from the ceiling.

6 Village Backdrop

Train sets are awesome, but the accessories for the villages are expensive and don’t always match the minimalist theme you want your tiny railway to have. Instead, use parts of cardboard boxes to create mountains, homes, and any other items that fit in your dream scenery. This artist used white paint to distinguish the mountains, and the tone of the cardboard really matches the wooden tracks. Similarly to any other project listed here, people in any age range can appreciate these crafts! You can also put these tiny mountains and homes on a shelf for decoration instead. The options are endless.

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5 House For Pets And Toys

Leftover wallpaper and cardboard boxes can come together to form an adorable home for your small pets and toys! This is a great idea if your boxes have unwanted logos and designs on them, as they’ll be effortlessly concealed. A colorful house could be fun for a tiny rodent (as long as you prevent their escape from the windows) and space to store your favorite toys. Shelving units are expensive, so this is a beautiful alternative and it’s resourceful. You can add more room dividers, a balcony, a pool, and more! For added fun, you can add a removable front with a porch and doors.

4 Shelves

When you’ve just moved in and handed your last few hundreds to the movers, the last thing you want to do is spend money on large things to put smaller things into. IKEA might be cheap, but you’d rather eat and their furniture requires assembly anyway. Utilizing the cardboard boxes that you might have (or even found for free) is a better solution, even if it’s only temporary. These boxes were left in their original state, but a cheap container of paint can make the difference if you’re worried about them looking plain. You can easily set this up with tape or clips, which you can also buy in a colorful design.

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3 Guitar

Instruments can be made out of anything, and these are both adorable and practical. The item you use as the strings can make the difference in sound, so large rubber bands are a good substitute for yarn. Paper towel rolls, popsicle sticks, and cereal boxes are probably items you have at home anyway. Tossing them into the recycling pile is good, but doing this is even better. Go all out and paint them to use as decorations for your music room, or make them with a kid to emphasize the value of crafting versus buying everything pre-made. This DIY project can be a great teaching experience.

2 Elevator

Recreate that iconic moment from The Shining with a cardboard elevator that anyone can make! Grab a pair of scissors, a marker, a hot glue gun, and exactly one thumb tack, and craft this vertical transporter. Paint it with red splatters to add the full effect of the unforgettable moment in film history, or leave it plain so your friends don’t worry about you too much. Pets and children are guaranteed to enjoy this, but if you opt for a larger box that was originally meant to house furniture, adults will also appreciate it. There’s never a bad time to construct a fake elevator.

1 Stamps or Wall Decor

This is the easiest out of all the cardboard projects, but it can also be used in conjunction with the others. Cut out your favorite animals, plants, or symbols and use them as stamps! You can also just paint and hang them on the walls, or even punch holes in them to turn this into a cute mobile. If you’re uncertain about your ability to create outlines that look like something other than blobs, you can trace images onto paper over a computer or tablet screen, cut that out, throw it over the cardboard, and cut out your objects.

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