10 Ways To Turn A Coffee Can Into A Vase

Getting your coffee ground up is great, but it's always hard to know what to do with the cans after the good stuff is gone. For those of us who drink an abnormal amount of coffee, this is more of an issue than for those who only drink modest amounts but it's an issue all the same.

Sure, putting your leftover tins in the recycling bin is an easy and simple solution to this problem, but they're such a good size and shape that these containers can be put to a better use than ending up as garbage. With just a little bit of paint, fabric, and maybe some flowers it's not too hard to turn your coffee trash into a nice centerpiece or a pot for your plants.

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10 Hanging Pots

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When it comes to finding a good project to use your old tins, some hanging pots are always a good way to go. There's just something about having leaves pouring out over a plant's container that pairs really well with repurposed coffee tins. There are a lot of ways to spice up these cans. You can paint them bright colors, leave them plain and shiny, or recreate some vintage vibes. This is a great filler for any space that needs a little something in it.

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9 Make It Denim

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Why not recycle some old coffee tins and some old jeans at the same time? Denim is a classic craft material that can never go wrong, and what better way to reuse an old pair of jeans to make trendy containers out of them? Spruce your designs up with pockets, lace, buttons, patches. Or just leave the denim plain. These would look great with some colorful flowers or just as storage containers for other items.

8 Back To Earth

To keep up with the natural, earthy look of your plants, you might want your vase or pot to stick with the outdoor theme. This is perfect if you live in a woodsy area or just have a few twigs lying around. Use the coffee can as a base and start gluing some twigs around it until the can is completely covered. You can then tie a string around it or just leave it bare.

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7 Time To Be Festive

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For those seasonal decorative plants you've got, why not also make a seasonal vase for them? Santa's suit is always a classic look during the winter holidays and making this vase is fairly simple. Take an old coffee tin, paint it red, and then add a belt around the middle for decoration. Other winter themes that might be interesting are snowmen or even an evergreen tree. Of course, the wintertime isn't the only time for seasonal vases– make some for every occasion!

6 Rope It Up

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Wrapping ropes around tin cans is a classic look that's easy to do. Take a rope (preferably something not too thick), glue one end in place, and just keep wrapping the rope around and around the container until it's completely covered. It's simple to make and it gives off that rustic, wicker basket vibe. This would be a great idea for some DIY wedding centerpieces.

5 Burlap Goes A Long Way

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If you have a ton of coffee cans and don't know what to do with them, but also don't want to take too much time out of your day to do some serious crafting, there's still something you can do! It doesn't take much to make a coffee tin go from flab to fab– a little paint and some burlap will do. It doesn't even need to be burlap specifically– just tying anything around the middle will make this vase even cuter.

4 Little Pies

If you're not one for planting things or just have too many plants already, there are other ways to re-use those old tins. It doesn't matter what was in them before, once you wash them out they're perfectly good containers that can do pretty much anything– including baking some goodies.

You can cook anything you might cook in a metal pan, like bread or pies, in an old coffee can. The smaller tins are best because you can make bite-sized treats and that's always fun.

3 Herb Garden

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In any home, there is always a need for an herb garden since cooking with fresh herbs makes everything taste better. Herbs are the perfect kind of plant to keep in old tins since they're small and don't need a lot of room. You don't have to get fancy and make a rack for your herbs on your wall, but it is a nice touch. Paint them, leave them, you can do as little or as much as you want with your recycled pots.

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2 Turn It Into A Hat

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Tall and cylindrical can be used to describe both a tin can and a top hat, which makes a top hat a perfect craft to make if you have too many coffee containers lying around. This is the perfect kind of decoration for the wintertime. This design could be repurposed for all different kinds of occasions.

Paint the can, put a similarly colored plate underneath, and add ribbons and flowers.  Voila, now you have a nifty and exciting vase!

1 Containers For All Of The Craft Supplies

Sometimes we get so caught up in the crafts that we're making, that we don't take the time to find out where all of our craft supplies are going to go.

Since plastic coffee cans are usually a lot bigger, these are perfect to store all your art supplies. Add a little paint and maybe some fun fabric to label each container. Your crafting space will be organized and cute!

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