10 Creative Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

With Chalkboard Paint increasing in popularity, it’s easy to understand what the buzz is all about. This paint allows the average DIY home buyer to turn their house into anything they desire. Unlike traditional paints, you can create hand-made designs and messages using chalk with Chalkboard Paint. It can be used on most surfaces and comes in a variety of colors, but most prefer to use black or green. After the discovery of Chalkboard Paint, people have come up with some awesome ideas for how to use the paint. Here are 10 creative ways to use Chalkboard Paint.

10 Decorating Your Back-To-School Supplies

A change of style is always a good way to start the school year off. This can be anything from new clothes, a new backpack or even a new notebook. Normally, one wouldn’t consider changing the covering of a notebook. However, with Chalkboard Paint being a ‘thing’, you can expect just about anything. You can add any design to your notebook, including writing your name in expressive cursive.

9 Use Labels When In Doubt

Sometimes we forget where things are and every once and a while we need a reminder. This homeowner obviously suffers from a case of forgetfulness. To help remember where the plates and other dishes are at in the kitchen, they’ve used Chalkboard Paint to make handwritten labels. If you ever find yourself in this person’s kitchen and don’t know where all the utensils are, just check the inside of the cabinet doors!

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8 Creating Your Own Headboard

Can’t afford a real headboard? No problem. With a fresh finish of Chalkboard Paint, you can draw yourself a headboard. You can change your headboard piece into just about any design you want really. The great thing about Chalkboard Paint is that it’s simple enough to use and allows you to put up a new design every time you erase. Maybe you want a Victorian Style headboard or one with a rustic appearance. There are no limits to your creativity.

7 Make Your Own Decorative Pillow

Decorative furniture makes any homeowner feel at home. Pillows accents, for example, are a great way to create an inviting atmosphere when guests come into your house. While most people try to keep paint far away from their furniture as possible, this homeowner had the idea to redesign her pillow with a chic and stylistic message using Chalkboard Paint. It’s a risk, but if you’re looking for a cheap way to get new decorative pillows. We definitely recommend this easy-to-do DIY project.

6 Upgrade My Car!

Probably one of the most creative, but unusual DIY ideas using Chalkboard Paint is giving your car an upgrade. It looks like graffiti painting on the back walls of buildings and under interstate bridges, and yet, it offers up a very interesting take on creative expression. It’s legal for one, plus, if you’re an awesome artist, you should definitely repaint your car with Chalkboard Paint. The sky’s the limit with this paint!

5 Party Wine Glasses

Similar to adding a bit of flair to your notebook, you can craft designs on your glassware using Chalkboard Paint. This cute idea is useful for large parties. Labeling your wine glasses with guest’s names can lead to an orderly dinner as well.  Sometimes they can even be used as decorative pieces around the house or for restaurant advertisement. Chalkboard Paint can be used for just about any special occasion.

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4 No More Refrigerator Magnets

Usually, our refrigerators are full of magnets and hand-written reminders. It can be a hassle changing them out every time. Sometimes you even run out of room because you have too many things stuck on your fridge door. But what if we could turn our frig into a chalkboard? In this example, we see how three homeowners used Chalkboard Paint to turn their fridge door into a chalkboard. Now they can write and erase all the reminders they want and never have to deal with those pesky magnets again.

3 Get Inspired By Your New Bathroom Floors

Instead of replacing the tiles on your bathroom floor, you can decorate the floors with Chalkboard Paint. This homeowner just got done giving their floors a makeover and even included an inspirational message to go along with it. Usually, people hang up framed messages on the walls of their house, but this home buyer was clearly thinking outside the box.

2 Making Life-Long Memories

Most people throw away old or rotting furniture. Chalkboard Paint, however, seems to have "healing powers," turning any old piece of furniture into something brand new. These girlfriends took an outdated window panel and made it into a photo album of their life-long friendship. The pictures and written sentiments, detailing memorable times together, are cute and special. There’s nothing like having friends you can cherish for life.

1 A New Spooky DIY Trend

In recent years, Halloween has been gaining more and more popularity with families. It’s almost as big as Christmas and stores are investing a lot of money into Halloween decorations. People have even started to use Chalkboard Paint to decorate their pumpkins. As shown on this photo, you can create polka dot designs and much more after the painting the pumpkins with Chalkboard Paint. Food and decorative paint are officially a thing now!

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