8 Former WCW Stars With The Sickest Motorcycles (And 7 From WWE)

The battle between these giant entities was one that went beyond the wrestling ring. Fans were split between the organizations; you could not be a fan of one without having an issue with the other.

Now going beyond the long history between WCW and WWE, a question wrestling fans would ask themselves, was one of curiosity. It’s the same business, wrestling and they were both built off some of the most talented individuals. The lingering question is one based on similarities. What did these two companies have in common? Outside hobbies play a role in a wrestler's daily life. Owning a motorcycle goes beyond riding it down the street.

It’s about love, care, and appreciation to the piece of machinery holding your life in the palm of its seat. Regardless of the make, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, Chopper and the many others; WCW and WWE superstars have some of the sickest motorcycles.

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15 WCW: Rey Mysterio

via IG

His collection of motorcycles is as astonishing as those championships he has owned. Rey Mysterio owns an OG Chopper; fully customized to Rey’s liking. From wheels, paint job, the seat of the bike, but that’s not all. There is a painted mask with half skeleton face on the middle of the bike, to the side is a spiderwebbed metallic plate with the 619 written over it. Rey’s name is also trimmed onto the bike is done in 14c gold; as are the many golden trims around the bike.

Mysterio is also a proud owner of two fully customized Harley Davidson Nightster.

14 WCW: Eric Bischoff

via WWE

Bischoff is a motorcycle enthusiast, for years he has collected and customized multiple bikes. During his time as the leader in WCW, he created an entire event dedicated to bikers. WCW Hog and Road Wild were free PPV events for bikers to attend.

One of the most prized bikes he owned appeared on an edition of WCW Nitro: a fully customized black Harley Davidson. Bischoff since then has gone on to sell the bike on eBay.

13 WCW: Goldberg

via IG

Goldberg’s cool and confident character is not far from the real thing - if allowed to ride his chopper down to the ring, he would.

When many think pro wrestlers with an infatuation for motorcycles, they immediately turn to The Undertaker. The reality is, Bill Goldberg is also quite the motorcyclist enthusiast. Goldberg is the proud owner of two Jesse James customized choppers. One of the choppers is all matte black. The second features a custom paint job; flames burn through the sides of the bike.

12 WCW: Hulk Hogan

Via: Twitter/@HulkHogan

The custom Hard Tail Chopper features a black paint job with a metallic finish for the engine. The “New World Order” logo is painted on to the left and right sides of the bike.

Among his other bikes is an Arlen Ness double wide glide custom chopper; its red paint finish features the WWF logo over the back wheel and “Hulkster” painted in yellow. Hogan is an avid chopper rider and this bike remains at the top of his most proudly owned.

11 WCW: Chuck Palumbo

Via: Sportskeeda

If there is anyone on this list that knows most about motorcycles it is Chuck Palumbo; owner of CP Kustoms. Since his retirement from the wrestling world, Chuck became the proud owner of CP Kustoms located out of San Diego, California.

He has gone on to make custom bikes for Rey Mysterio, Dave Bautista, and many others. His collection of bikes has been endless; whether he’s working on custom creations for customers or himself. There is no bike that Palumbo has not worked on.

10 WCW: The Steiner Brothers

via WWE

At WCW’s Hog Wild PPV; Rick and Scott both had the opportunity to ride to the ring with their own personal customized Red Chopper bikes.

Back home Scott Steiner is not just a proud owner of his own restaurant, but also an all black Harley Davidson. In fact, he still has the same bike used at the Road Wild event today.

9 WCW: Buff Bagwell

Via: Facebook

Marcus Buff Bagwell, famously known as Buff Bagwell in WCW. Throughout his career, Bagwell captured the WCW Tag Team Championship, 6 times (with 5 different partners), and is an original member of the NWO. It was during WCW segment featuring Buff Bagwell and his Harley Davidson motorcycle, that Bagwell’s interest in motorcycles was made aware.

When Buff Bagwell is not competing, he can be found riding around on his Harley Davidson bike to the gym; where he continues his road to officially returning into the world of professional wrestling.

8 WCW: Alundra Blayze

Via: WWE.com

With her wrestling career behind her; Blayze entered the monster truck business. She competed in several freestyle monster truck competitions, also appeared in multiple Monster Jams.

Since January 2008, Alundra is an executive with the Major League of Monster Trucks. Apart from her passion for riding monster trucks, Blayze owns a collection of motor dirt bikes. Alundra can be found on the dirt path riding her dirt bike down steep hills and jumps.

7 WWE: Jeff Hardy

via WWE

When he’s not traveling on the road with WWE, you can find Jeff back at his North Carolina ranch house. A dirt bike course was built in Jeff’s backyard.

On his off days, Jeff will ride his Kawasaki Ninja dirt bike through the intense course, performing extreme stunts over each jump. Jeff is a proud owner of several dirt bikes; each one modified to take the extreme nature of Hardy’s favorite hobby. The moniker Team Extreme wasn’t just a saying for the Hardy Boyz, it represents a way of life.

6 WWE: Stephanie McMahon

Via: Cagesideseats

For Stephanie birthday, Triple H knew exactly the right gift to get his wife. An avid bike enthusiast, Hunter would purchase Stephanie the memorable custom made motorcycle they rode down to the ring together for Wrestlemania 34.

It was a sentimental gift from Triple H, one that Stephanie holds dear to her heart.

5 WWE: Baron Corbin

via WWE

Corbin, like Rey Mysterio, has himself a collection of motorcycles. Corbin’s poison is Harley Davidsons; starting at a base price of $10,000 (depending on which bike you chose).

When he’s not traveling all over the world competing; Corbin will be applying the maintenance necessary to his bikes. Baron Corbin follows in the footsteps of his idol the Undertaker; with an affection towards the bike world.

4 WWE: Mustafa Ali

Via: Twitter/@AliWWE

He is a man of no fear, with his aerial arsenal is beyond anything an average human would assume their body can do. So when Ali pulls up with Kawasaki Ninja 500R, be prepared for some deft defying stunts.

Ali’s bike of choice is the Kawasaki Ninja 500R, it comes with a modest price ranging at $6,000. It accelerates to a top speed of 180 km/h with the ability to go 0-97km/h within 4.49 seconds. The bike is made for handling extreme situations; flat, dirt or bumpy roads. Kawasaki is a bike of many purposes.

3 WWE: Shane McMahon

Via: Sportskeeda

The daredevil himself is no stranger to motorbikes. He is part owner of Brooklyn based Indian Larry Motorcycles. It is a custom bike shop, known for customizing any and all bikes. Shane’s custom made Chopper; done in Indian Larry Motorcycles, was custom made by Shane McMahon.

With an increasingly busy WWE schedule; since his return to WWE, Shane’s time in his secondary business and his ability to ride has become limited to the days he isn’t working behind the scenes.

2 WWE: Randy Orton

Via: Pinterest

Ride again he has, since the accident Randy Orton has amassed himself a collection of Harley Davidson motorbikes. His love for the ride that almost ended the legend of the Viper, is only rivaled for the love he has towards his family.

Orton has never been one to dwell on past failures. A setback in 2008 has not slowed Orton’s interest for the two-wheeled ride.

1 WWE: The Undertaker

Via: Youtube/TheUndertaker

Dressed in jeans, a biker vest, and bandana; Undertaker would make his way down to the ring riding one of his personal Harleys from his collection.

The collection of motorcycles owned between Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool seem endless, but the reality of it is they are essential to the character of Mark Calaway and his wife. Harley Davidson could not have found themselves a better representative for their brand. An icon and leader to many inside and outside the ring.

Sources - YouTube, Twitter & WWE

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