Weatherman Throws Hilarious Tantrum About Reactions To Forecasts

Weatherman Throws Hilarious Tantrum About Reactions To Forecasts

A Michigan weatherman threw a temper tantrum at his co-workers after once again predicting a grey and dismal week.

Here in the North East, we’ve very much had it with winter. The season that is best known for Christmas, tobogganing, and hot cocoa has way overstayed its welcome by bringing cold, snowy, and freezing temperatures well into mid-April. In fact, average temperatures are around 18 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 10 degrees Celsius for you Canucks) below normal for this time of year.

We’re ready for spring--all of us. Including preternaturally cheerful meteorologists.

On April 10th, meteorologist Garry Frank with Fox 17 WXMI in West Michigan had to once again come out and tell his co-workers that the weather is still cold, grey, and frozen. And after reporting winter-like conditions for well over a month longer than normal, he finally snapped.

“You guys are dragging me down,” Garry shouts at co-anchors off camera. “Every time I get done with the seven-day [forecast], you guys are like, ‘Uhhh, goshh, ughhh,’ every time. It doesn't matter what time I come on--4:30, 5:30, 6:30--and then you expect me to be chipper for five straight hours.

"It's miserable!" Frank concluded.


Or he would have, had another co-worker not asked him: “Well what are we supposed to do?”

“I want you guys to say ‘Wow! That’s great news it’s going to be 60 on Friday,'” Frank replied. “What do you want me to do, lie to you? I’ll put 70 every day next time. God.”

Staring directly at the camera without a hint of a smile, Garry didn’t even bother providing the precise temperatures and barometric conditions for the West Michigan area. Instead, he just breezed through cold, wet, and windy temperatures with a level of sarcasm that was biblical.

“Here’s a 60, not sure if that’s good enough for you guys,” he quipped. “Maybe I’ll disappoint you with the seven-day here in a few minutes.”

After that, he merely gestured at the camera and stalked off stage to the stifled laughter of his co-workers.

You can see the whole thing on video here. We think Garry speaks for all of us this harsh winter season.


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