Weird Al Collabs With Weezer (Kind Of) For The 'Africa' Video We've All Been Waiting For

To performers and songwriters, music mortality isn't achieved just by winning a Grammy, occupying the summit on the Billboard charts or scoring a platinum record. Nope, the crowning glory is when your song gets satirically covered by none other than Weird Al Yankovic.

The zany singer and accordionist who's made a mint and generated an endless chorus of guffaws over the years lampooning works by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana, took on that '80s Toto nugget "Africa," recently covered by Weezer. However, this one's a little different.

Instead, Yankovic didn't even touch the remake with any sardonic lyrical substitutes but brought along three Weezer lookalikes to back him up. His Royal Weirdness took on the persona of guitarist-singer Rivers Cuomo as he air-strummed along with the rest of the faux unit, doing high kicks and pelvic thrusts while lip-syncing through the piece. The guitar solo remained intact, although the video has Yankovic riffing through the segment with his accordion.

At this writing, the video's accumulated 23,000 views mere hours after it was posted, but watch for this puppy to go viral anytime soon. It certainly fooled a few viewers who commented, such as one who wondered why Cuomo looked so different, while another sarcastically remarked that he had no idea Buddy Holly was ever a member.

The video caps a rather surreal summer for Weezer, who during a Los Angeles Forum gig in August, welcomed Yankovic onstage to add his accordion to the proceedings in the middle of the "Africa" cover. Anyone who's never seen how a squeezebox gets shredded might want to see how Yankovic does it on a song that was originally played on the radio for an adult contemporary audience.

Weezer covered the Toto classic in response to a fan request on social media and became a summertime smash. In response, the original Toto decided to cover Weezer's "Hashpipe."

The Yankovic chapter to all this silliness is all in good fun, and hopefully, everyone gets in on the joke. Older folks might remember the last time video impersonators of studio artists took the spotlight. That was back in 1990 when German duo Milli Vanilli took home a Grammy for "Girl You Know It's True," until it was discovered the duo appearing in the video didn't even contribute vocals to the hit. The scandal resulted in them being stripped of their Grammy and permanent obscurity.


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