10 Weird Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

If you thought that us humans were weird, wait until you get through this list of weird things about the animals all around us.  Sure, there are plenty of weird animals all over the globe who do very strange things, but the facts that you’ll see below are all about the common animals you see or hear about fairly often. Which is exactly why they’re so bizarre.

From fruit flies that are keeping up with the times so much that they’ve actually been to space, to sharks who love golf so much they ended up living on a golf course. All of these facts are as interesting as they are incredible and even we had a difficult time believing the scientific research and proof. So if you’re in the mood to get your mind blown, strap in and start reading these facts about animals.

10 Whale Vomit

Sometimes, while you’re taking a nice stroll down the beach, you might notice something unusual. No, we’re not talking about oddly shaped seaweed or a bunch of seashells grouped only in one spot.  We're talking about a "gold" looking substance. The sea has apparently been filled with some “liquid gold” the entire time and we had no idea. This “gold” is actually vomit produced by the sperm whale, which looks like a rock, and it’s filled with squid beaks. Apparently, it’s even worth its weight in gold, and it takes a whale 20 years to make it.

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9 Space Fruit Flies

Back in the old days, when scientists weren’t as sure about all things space as they are today, they also didn’t know what zero gravity would do to humans. Wanting to know the effects and being curious is very common among scientists, so they had to test things. Instead of launching a rocket with an animal or two to see the results afterward, the first living creature that went up in space was a bunch of fruit flies. As it turned out, they all came back alive and well after that.

8 Swimming Pigs

There is an island in the Bahamas that has a small herd of pigs, and no one knows where exactly they came from. Some people have speculated that it had been a bunch of sailors who left the pigs behind, while others assume that they were specifically left on the island just for the tourists. Yes, we admit it, the second theory sounds very plausible. Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of pigs swim in the ocean? Either way, they’re all adorable and very famous now.

7 Mind Controlling Cat

Sadly, having a cat as an animal is not so great, after this piece of news came up a few years ago. A scientist discovered that there is a common parasite named Toxoplasma gondii that can jump from rats to cats and then to humans. This parasite can affect us humans as well, to the point where it can control your mind! The results are different between genders though. If a guy has it, he’ll become more rule-breaking and suspicious, while for a girl, she’ll turn into an outgoing and a trusting person.

6 Hungry Sharks

As it turns out, sharks aren’t that friendly to each other. Especially if they’re siblings and they’re fighting for a spot in their mother’s womb. No matter how many baby sharks are conceived, all of them fight within the womb, with the goal to win.  The baby shark that wins the fight ends up eating both the siblings that were in the womb alongside it and the rest of the unfertilized eggs. This is what makes sharks grow so big while they’re in the womb. You could even call it natural selection.

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5 Frilled-Neck Lizard Fight

If you ever find yourself placing a bet on a fight between two frilled-neck lizards, we have just the tip that is going to help you win that bet. All you need to do is look at the two lizards, and decide whose frills are more brightly colored and you have your winner.  According to scientists, the size, the bite, and the force do not matter in these fights. You could apparently determine the winner just by looking at its colors.

4 Shark Golf

There’s a golf course somewhere in the world where the water is filled with sharks. Can you guess where this golf course may be? Well, if you guessed Australia, then you’re right! A lot of the golfers at the Brisbane’s Carbrook Golf Club started reporting some strange sightings in the water of the golf course a few years ago.  When the management of the golf course decided to investigate the matter, they found a bunch of sharks in their waters! We hope they won’t cause too much trouble!

3 Suspicious Crocodiles

We’re not really claiming that crocodiles are suspicious, we’re just saying that they feel that way due to their surroundings. Crocodiles always sleep with one eye open. In fact, scientists have found that they only sleep with one half of their brain at a time, thus sleeping with one eye open. This way, they are able to respond to any possible threats nearby a lot faster. Or keep an eye on the neighboring crocodiles who just moved into the neighborhood and seem just a bit shady.

2 Smart Crows

Unfortunately, crows aren’t a very popular animal among the general population. To make matters worse, they’re often associated with things like disease, bad omens, and death. However, crows are actually fascinating and incredibly smart. They actually help the parents raise their siblings, hold funerals for their neighbors, have their own dialects (that they can change when they want), and even read traffic lights. But the most impressive thing about crows is that if a human threatens one of the birds, they remember the face of the human and tell their friends to attack the person later.

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1 Dolphin Names

According to plenty of research, dolphins are apparently one of the smartest inhabitants of this planet, second only to humans. They have exhibited cultural learning, self-recognition, and the ability to understand abstract concepts. Apparently, just like humans name their friends and family and everyone they know – so do dolphins. Only, instead of using human language, they use distinctive whistles.  They can recognize that name even when a stranger is producing the same whistle, which they tested by recording them and playing back those recordings.

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