15 Weird Facts About Lois Lane’s Anatomy

There might not be a lot of people out there who really care all that much about the character of Lois Lane but we have to admit, in spite of any sort of decline in popularity, she is a pretty important and very interesting character indeed.

Especially when it comes to the many ways in which Lois Lane has transformed over the decades and decades of storylines. Since 1938, Lois Lane has gone from top-notch journalist, to Black Lantern, to Amazon, to all manner of other things. She's been frumpy and hard-edged and smoking hot... let's just take a look at the anatomy of Lois Lane!

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15 Ultra Woman, Superwoman, Power Girl, Etc...


The number of Lois Lane story arcs that led to her having some sort of superpower is almost laughable. From super strength to X-ray specs, and from an exact copy of Superman's power to rising from the grave (many times) it seems that Lois just can't be beaten... at least not in the long run.

14 Always In Style!


Given that she has 81 years under her belt, Lois Lane has always been a trendy character. Given that she is often the most attractive character to work next to Superman, she has kept with the times when it comes to styles and trends. Lane has very seldom been anything but the eye candy of the Superman universe.

13 She's Not Always Been Strong...


When she's not being stalked or mistreated by Superman, Lois Lane has often been looked at as a pretty strong and hard journalist who will do anything to get to the truth of the matter, but she has had her share of being the domestic and demure, almost housewife-like character. Maybe a product of the time?

12 She's 81 Years Old!


We have to admit that Lois Lane looks pretty darn good for someone who has made it to 81. She debuted essentially the same time as Superman and has been a part of the Superman universe since 1938. It's not often that we see any glimpse of an unfortunate-looking Lane so... good for her amazing genetics (and constant timeline shifts).

11 She Was A Severe Cartoon Character


While she might not have always been a very hard-edged character, it was pretty clear that her cartoon version would be almost nothing but. Her design alone was enough to tell people that this was a powerful woman who meant business. Her jaw had such a sharp cut that is unparalleled in any other rendition of Lois Lane.

10 More Super Than Superman!


It's kind of sad that Lois Lane uses her powers to make sure that she marries Superman, but the fact that she can wield a boulder of kryptonite pretty much just makes her more super than Superman. Why? Well, she can actually pick the thing up with super strength and isn't affected at all by the kryptonite.

9 She Rocks The Best Mom Bod!


Yup, the mom bod is a real thing when it comes to super comics. Lois Lane has got to have the best one of all. Sure, there are certain frames where she is clearly pregnant but even just look at her almost right after birth! Sure, it is a super baby but how does she keep her body so lean after such a super pregnancy?

8 "Miriam Lane" The Blind Brazilian Lois Lane


In Brazil, there is a character called Miriam Lane. We are pretty sure that everyone understands who this character truly is. Perhaps, in Brazil, people cling more to the name Miriam than they do Lois but regardless of the name, Lane finds herself blind in a certain run of comics. Though some think she already has a certain type of blindness called "Prosopagnosia."

7 Lois Lane Rocks The Catwoman Suit! Meow!


There was a time when Lois Lane battled it out with Catwoman. Why? Well, there is only one reason Lois Lane would ever fight it out with another woman and that is because Superman is enthralled by her. But Lois doesn't stop there. She even goes out of her way to wear the catsuit after taking on the fancy feline.

6 Joanne Carter Is The Real Lois Lane


Joanne Carter (Siegel) was the model the character of Lois Lane was originally based on back in the 1930s. She ended up marrying one of the Superman co-creators, Jerry Siegel and, much like her comic book character, she was hard enough to go to court to ensure her husband's copyright on the Superman property.

5 The Sometimes Frumpy Super Girlfriend


It has got to be hard being an amazing and tough journalist while also constantly maintaining a super attractive look for the Superman. That being said, Lois Lane did definitely have her times of looking pretty frumpy. But that did nothing but give her a sort of hot librarian look that fans have definitely capitalized on in fan art.

4 Hot But... Not


Alright, this might be a bit misleading. Amy Adams isn't getting canned, she is just pretty sure that she is not getting another go at playing what turned out to be a rather useless character in Man Of Steel. Most of what made her an awesome character ended up on the cutting room floor and with a reboot looming, she's not like to have another try, no matter her ability and appearance.

3 Who Knew She Was From Cuba?


Eloisa Lane was the name used for a variant story arc where Lois Lane was descended from Cuba and made her way through the day by selling newspapers. She was not really connected with Superman in this one. She ended up teaming up with the Batgirls and a number of DC villains to take on Killer Frost instead.

2 She Can Fence And Do Space Karate!


Lana Lang has always been an important person to Superman since she helped him to control his powers, and that has caused much jealousy from Lois Lane. Not that it matters since Lois Lane not only trains in space karate but she can also fence (and it doesn't hurt that she has had well over 10 different superpowers at one point or another.)

1 Meet The Amazon Lois Lane!


Lois Lane has come in all sorts of variations and storylines and she has been a villain on more than one occasion. It is very interesting to know that during a run of the JLA, she was actually an Amazon on Earth-2... she is also, simultaneously, the Editor in Chief of The Daily Planet.

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