16 Weird Facts About Nami's Anatomy

For those of you who are not quite in the know about One Piece, it is a hilarious manga that branched out with an anime and dozens of video games. In fact, it was the very first video game to have been produced for the WonderSwan, a hand-held exclusive to Japan. Put out by Bandai, this game followed a band of pirates and their very intriguing and often ridiculous story.

One of the first characters met in the series is Nami, a pirate who didn't used to like being a pirate but found it preferable to being a slave... oh, and she's obsessed with money...and she has a tortured past... and she's pretty much THE looker in the whole series with a whole lot of interesting facts about her bod. Let's check them out!

16 Sanji Does Nami's Nails Every Month...


For those who don't follow this series and just want to see some naughty Nami, we have to point out the very bizarre relationship between Nami and Sanji. So bizarre is this relationship that Nami gets away with never having to touch her nails. Sanji does them so that he doesn't have to pay interest on his debt to Nami (Wattpad.)

15 Nami Is Based On Romance Dawn Characters


There is a manga people may or may not be familiar with called Romance Dawn which featured two characters called Ann and Silk. These characters were the very basis for the final character of Nami. It was like the author was trying out tragic pasts in order to find the right one for Nami.

14 Sanji & Nami Swap Bodies!


Alright, so they don't quite simply swap bodies. As it turns out, Nami ends up in Franky's body and Sanji takes over Nami's. This could only drive Sanji nuttier for Nami— experiencing her body first hand in this way. And it didn't help that he was accused of stripping while in possession of her bod.

13 Nami Is Terrified Of Being Pregnant


This is pretty understandable. There are a lot of women out there who just don't want kids or are terrified of having them. It is more of a practical decision for Nami though, it seems. She just doesn't think that it would be at all easy to raise a baby on the high seas...and she's likely right.

12 Nami Can Harness The Power Of The Weather


Here is Nami with the infamous Clima-Tact. Essentially, this is a three-part staff she can use to manipulate the weather. Sure, it is not directly part of her anatomy the way it is for Storm from X-Men, but we thought it was interesting enough to point out the similarities... though Nami's moral compass points in different directions.

11 She Has Many Hairstyles

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Over her time in the many stages of her life from fishman pirate slave to varying piratical endeavors, Nami has changed up her looks. She is always that gorgeous ginger who everyone knows and loves, but her hair goes from short to long to tied back to pigtails to curly to wavy— always flowing.

10 The Mandarin Orange Pinwheel Tattoo

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This is a very interesting tattoo indeed. As it turns out, this tattoo is special for a variety of reasons. It was originally designed to cover up a previous tattoo that she had on her arm. The mandarin representing, in Japan, prosperity... which basically continues to prove Nami's love of money, as it's inked into her arm.

9 Her Eyes Literally See Money


Alright, this is a little cheap we suppose, but given that money is such an important part of Nami's life and the fact that the anime's style is such that eyes truly express every emotion and intention quite clearly... with Nami's eyes literally becoming dollar signs. Well, Beli signs (or Beri, if one translates the language properly.)

8 She Is Always Making A Fashion Statement

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In every version of the games and every season of the anime and every copy of the manga, Nami seems to be nothing if not fashionable. In addition to all of her media outlets, she also has a very large fan art contingent who love to dress her up in all manner of things... and often no things.

7 Crazy Eyes...


This is actually just an anime thing but we could not pass up the opportunity to point this out. She might have steam coming from her head, or Beri signs jumping from her eyes, or very accentuated sections of her body, but this rare shadowed view of her eyes is always terrifying...

6 Fluctuating Bust Size

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This should just be obvious enough from the various picture thus far. Nami has been a rather developed woman since the very beginning of her time in One Piece but the degree to which she is developed seems to change at every other moment. There's no telling what her bust size will be from episode to episode.

5 Tattoo Cover Up


When Nami was essentially working under Arlong as a slave in his pirate band, she was given a tattoo which was Arlong's way of claiming his ownership of the poor girl. Of course, as she moved on to calmer seas, she managed to get the dragon-looking tat covered up. A deeply important event for her.

4 The Arlong Tattoo

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While this tattoo might look something like a dragon, it turns out that it is nothing more than a saw-nosed shark. It seems way less intimidating after the fact. However, that did not stop Arlong from forcing the design on every one of his crew members, including Nami, who was never an official "fishman."

3 $100,000 To See Nami... All Of Nami


Alright, we should point out here that Nami is not exactly looking for people to invite over and show off to. She's not putting herself on display for money. However, every time that someone has come across her birthday suit, whether intentional or otherwise, she has charged them $100,000 Beri for the privilege!

2 Way Wider Gamer Hips

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There is something we noticed in our research of this character in all of the adaptations she has been a part of: her gaming career has seen the greatest expansion of her hips. Which is nutty because anime is usually pretty... accentuating. Her manga measurements are already 38"-22"-34," but we're sure that hip measurement goes from 34" to 38" in the game!

1 The Tattoo Scar...And The Story Behind It


This is actually a very sad story, which is a shame to end on, but also... Nami deserves more than to just be an object of desire. Given that she was essentially branded with Arlong's tattoo, she decided to try and take it off herself... with a knife. It did not go well. But, as she was helped out and brought back to the light, she covered it up with her mandarin/pinwheel design!

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