18 Weird Facts About Sailor Moon’s Anatomy

Sailor Moon is one of our favorite shows from the 90s, and we’re not alone. The franchise continues to thrive, decades after its inception, and it doesn’t look like it’ll run out of steam any time soon.

There are countless reasons to enjoy the series, whether it’s the characters, stories, action, or even its aesthetic, but there’s no doubt that there’s another factor that’s helped it stick in people’s minds after all these years: it’s weird. Really weird.

While everyone is familiar with the show’s lengthy transformations, odd creature designs, and arsenal of toys that somehow destroy demons, Sailor Moon herself has a few distinctly bizarre elements going on with her, specifically regarding her anatomy.

We’ve compiled a few of these oddities in this list of 18 Weird Facts About Sailor Moon’s Anatomy, so now you’ll get to learn about the weirdest aspects of Usagi, Serena, or whatever you prefer to call her!

18 Her “Meatball” Hair Serves A Purpose

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Despite the unending turmoil of being bullied for her hairstyle, the infamous “meatballs” actually do more than act as a target for mean-spirited remarks.

When transformed, Sailor Moon’s odango are adorned with red, crystal-like ornaments.

Through unknown means, they can greatly amplify Sailor Moon’s hearing, and they also help amplify her sobbing into deadly glass-shattering sound waves.

17 Her Body Regularly Becomes Incorporeal

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They’ve never really explained what is going on during the elaborate Sailor Scout transformations, and we honestly don’t mind. Regardless, if you really think about what’s going on during them, things are decidedly trippy.

Using some kind of magic, the Scouts’ bodies all turn into glowing, celestial forms as they’re endowed with their monster-fighting costumes.

Cool as they may be, there’s no denying that it’s pretty weird for someone’s body to temporarily become cosmic confetti.

16 She’s Arguably Not Human

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Serena might look like your typical teenager, but there’s a lot more going on with her than it seems… and we don’t mean that she’s Sailor Moon.

As the reincarnation of a citizen from the Moon, there are likely some fundamental differences between her and a genuine human being.

In other words, Serena is an alien.

15 She’s Younger (And Older) Than She Looks

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You might be shocked to know that Sailor Moon is a mere 14 years old, which is especially weird for a Western audience when considering the nudity (implied or otherwise) when it comes to her and the rest of the Senshi.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s not even really 14. In actuality, she’s the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, who is at least hundreds of years old before her demise.

14 Her Build Is Physically Impossible

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Sailor Moon’s creator, Naoko Takeuchi, has a wonderfully distinct, dreamlike style. It’s on full display in the original manga, and, unlike the 90s anime, it’s faithfully represented in Sailor Moon Crystal. There’s one odd problem, though: the stylized manga aesthetic doesn’t work as well in animated form.

More specifically, Sailor Moon’s proportions are more-or-less physically impossible. She’s unfeasibly thin, tall and lanky in a way that appears she’d be incapable of supporting her own weight. Again, it’s not a knock on the original design; it just looks odd when animated.

13 She’s A Lot Stronger Than She Looks

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There’s no arguing that Sailor Moon looks like a scrawny teenage weakling, but there’s more to her strength than meets the eye.

While it’s true that her most devastating attacks come in the form of her magic (whether her innate abilities or through special weapons) she has, on occasion, gone toe-to-toe with her monstrous foes, meaning that, despite her appearance, she’s got at least some power behind her punches.

12 Her Bottomless Stomach

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This is the last entry regarding Serena’s food intake, nutrition, heart health, digestion and cardio habits, we swear.

That said, this kid can eat a heck of a lot, and, while she’s certainly demonstrated that she can get full, it doesn’t seem to bother her too much.

We realize this character trait is something of an anime trope (look no further than DBZ’s Goku), but Usagi’s bottomless belly is still worth a mention.

11 She’s Basically Immortal

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Remember when we got a peak at the 30th Century during the show’s second season? The future versions of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts were still alive and kicking, barely having aged a day.

This is due to the power of the Silver Crystal, which greatly extends the lives of all who are within the range of its energy.

King Endymion claims that their lifespans are approximately 1000 years, so while they’re not totally immortal, they’re pretty close.

10 Her Incredible Metabolism

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No matter how many times Serena implies that she’s overweight, anyone with eyes can plainly see that it’s not true… but therein lies the mystery, considering how often she gorges herself on things that aren’t exactly the healthiest options.

The only feasible explanation for her continually slim frame despite the unhealthy diet is that her metabolism is on overdrive, burning through calories at a breakneck pace.

9 A Hairy Situation

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Sailor Moon’s hair is the decidedly normal and common color of blonde, but things weren’t (and aren’t) always that way.

In the initial designs for the character, Usagi’s hair had the decidedly abnormal color of pink. Likewise, it was also intended for her hair to turn silver upon transforming into her Sailor form.

While neither of those traits would carry over to the series as intended, Usagi would eventually have unusual hair (white and silver) as Neo-Queen Serenity.

8 Wings Like An Angel

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During her transformation into Eternal Sailor Moon, Usagi sprouts gorgeous angelic wings that go through their own transformation into four, weird, puffy wings that rest on Sailor Moon’s waist.

Some could argue that those particular “wings” are merely part of her costume, but Usagi, in the form of Princess Serenity, has shown that she can generate large, fully functional angel wings, so there’s no question as to whether or not her wings are real.

7 Her Genes Contain Some… Oddities

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Maybe it’s just us, but does anyone think it’s weird that Usagi’s future child, Chibiusa, has pink hair and red eyes? Considering that neither of her parents displays similar traits, this is pretty odd.

Does this mean that Usagi’s genes contain the necessary mutations to pass on this autosomal recessive disorder? Or maybe Mamoru’s genetics are the ones involved?

Either way, something is going on.

6 Her Relation To Sailor Venus

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Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus share a multitude of design similarities, so much so that folks unfamiliar with the series might confuse the two.

The reason these two look so similar is because Sailor Venus, otherwise known as “Sailor V,” acted like something of a prototype when it came to designing and developing Sailor Moon and the rest of the Scouts, so her best bits were carried over to the series’ main character when the time came.

5 Flight, Supersonic Vocal Chords, And Other Magical Abilities

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While it may be a stretch to classify Sailor Moon’s natural magic talent as part of her anatomy, there are some techniques that are seemingly unique to her alone so we’re going to count it.

While her use of magical items is one thing, she’s also demonstrated the abilities to take flight or cry so loud that she generates damaging supersonic waves.

4 She Stays Healthy Despite Not Exercising

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Earlier, we mentioned that Usagi is on a steady diet of junk food, yet her metabolism is somehow advanced enough to burn through all of it, no harm done.

Even so, how in the world does she survive with minimal nutrition? Oh, and what about cholesterol!?

Making matters even more bizarre, Usagi barely ever exercises in any capacity (unless video games count as exercise), and yet she’s still in relatively good health and good shape.

3 A Crescent Moon Physically Appears On Her Forehead

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For fans of the series, seeing symbols appear on the heads of both the Sailor Senshi and a variety of their villains is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, we learn to accept the trait as early as the first episode of the series.

It’s definitely iconic and pretty dang cool, but, like, what's actually happening here?

What is the glowing moon symbol made of? Does it have a texture? Is it just a light? Does it give off heat? Is it part of her skin?

The whole concept is far stranger than we’ve ever given it credit for.

2 She’s Abnormally Durable

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We’re not quite sure how much protection a scant, school girl-styled uniform offers, but we can’t imagine that it’s a lot. Regardless, Sailor Moon has survived repeated, devastating attacks with nary a scratch.

She definitely gets hurt, yeah, but you hardly (if ever) see severe injuries, which is amazing considering the kind of forces she deals with.

1 There Are Crystals, Mirrors, And More Inside Her Body

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A lot of incredibly strange things happen in Sailor Moon but, for whatever reason, they are hardly ever acknowledged by cast or audience as being such.

For example, inside every human being is a “Pure Heart Crystal,” which is the physical embodiment of a person’s heart.

Along with these sizable, pointy crystals, there are also large “Dream Mirrors” among other foreign objects.

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