20 Weird Nintendo 64 Games You Probably Forgot Existed

The Nintendo 64’s library contains some of the most important and revolutionary video games in the history of the entire medium, most notably Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

There are many more classic titles among the pantheon of the elite, but the gleam of such incredible games can blind onlookers from the multitude of other, less-remembered entries to be bestowed upon the system… a good deal of which are way weirder than you might think.

With our list of 20 Weird Nintendo 64 Games You Probably Forgot Existed, we’re compiling the games that you can vaguely recall, but have long forgotten anything substantial about them… other than the fact that they are incredibly weird.

Now, onwards with our weird walk down Almost-Totally-Forgotten Lane…

20 The Goemon Series

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Both the 3D platformer Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and its side-scrolling sequel, Goemon’s Great Adventure are phenomenal and underrated N64 classics that are absolutely deserving of your praise and adoration.

Whether it’s the surreal dialogue, fully voiced musical numbers, giant robot fights, or the solid and fun gameplay, there’s something for everyone with the Mystical Ninja series… especially if you like weird stuff.

19 Body Harvest

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Before you could cause mayhem in a fully-realized 3D version of Liberty City, stealing cars and causing riots as you pleased, you could basically do the same thing on the N64— except it was the future and you were fighting gigantic bugs, not the police or rival gangs.

Created by the same people who would revolutionize gaming with Grand Theft Auto III, Body Harvest is a major curiosity in the N64’s library and, while it doesn’t exactly stick its landing, it’s still mightily impressive.

18 Rainbow Six

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Yep, THAT Rainbow Six is on the N64, with basically all of its planning, strategizing, and tight, intense gameplay left in tact.

It doesn’t exactly run that well, and its systems, UI and controls are cumbersome at best, but if you’re willing to look past the game’s many (many) flaws, you might find that your tactical shooter itch has been scratched.

Emphasis on the “might.”

17 Beast Wars: Transmetals

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A Blockbuster exclusive fighting game, this janky game is both a curious footnote and absolute disgrace to the excellent series it was based on.

While our hopes of a superior, big budget Beast Wars game are nothing more than a pipe dream, Beast Wars: Transmetals is the least offensive alternative (try the PS1 Beast Wars if you don’t believe us.)

It’s hard to find any enjoyment in this weird, half-baked fighting game but at least they got the original voice actors.

16 Space Station Silicon Valley

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A truly unusual puzzle game, you would always seem to find Space Station Silicon Valley at the house of that one weird kid you’d hang out with every four months or so.

Regardless, its bizarre premise, mind-bending puzzles, and game-breaking bug (yep, that’s a thing) all work together to create something special… and weird.

15 WinBack: Covert Operations

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The N64’s answer to Metal Gear Solid (well, not really), WinBack: Covert Operations is a surprisingly solid game.

Featuring a an impressive gameplay mix of tense stealth and thrilling gunplay, WinBack is an enjoyable experience that is likely to exceed expectations.

It’s also worth checking out the multiplayer, which is unexpectedly awesome.

14 Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth

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A then-modern entry in the little-loved (and almost totally forgotten) Star Soldier shoot-‘em-up franchise, Vanishing Earth is the kind of game you’d rent from Blockbuster, and then forget to play it before it had to be returned.

As a shmup, it does nothing to impress, lingering on the lowest and most banal levels of the genre.

It’s a shame, too, as there does seem to be some potential hidden within its boring exterior, but we’ll never know.

13 Hexen 64

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This gory, first-person fantasy game wears its Doom inspirations on its sleeve (unsurprising, considering that id Software is behind both of them), and is an unexpectedly good time, especially in co-op.

While it saw some mild popularity during its day, it’s since fallen off the radars of almost everyone but the most avid of Nintendo 64 collectors and retro-enthusiasts.

It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s an intriguing piece of software that’s unlike other N64 FPS games.

12 Mischief Makers

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You may have forgotten the game, but you’ll never forget the “SHAKE! SHAKE!”

Mischief Makers is yet another fever dream of a game by the folks over at Treasure, and it’s a 2D side-scroller that’s bursting at the seams with surreal content.

One minute you’re playing dodge ball, and the next you’re riding on the back of a cat battling a transforming mech piloted by an anthropomorphic space wolf.

That’s just how it is.

11 Clay Fighter: Sculptor’s Cut

via: retrogameman

While Clay Fighter 63 1/3 is definitely a bizarre and forgotten game, it pales in comparison to the overwhelming obscurity of the “Sculptor’s Cut,” which was an updated, rental-exclusive release.

One of the rarest N64 games in existence, Clay Fighter: Sculptor’s Cut goes for obscene sums of money on the second-hand market, and devoted collectors of all things Nintendo 64 seek it out as if their life depends on it.

10 Aerofighters Assault

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While the PlayStation was getting the awesome Ace Combat games, Nintendo was getting Aerofighters Assault.

This short, strange game is filled with fast-paced arcade fun, but its rough edges constantly mar the already-mediocre experience.

On the flip side, you can play as a dolphin in a futuristic jet, so there’s that.

9 Mega Man 64

via: youtube.com (GamesCornerChannel)

While we’re still waiting on Mega Man Legends 3, we can always revisit Mega Man Legends 1 and 2… or perhaps the mind-boggling N64 port, Mega Man 64.

Although some concessions were made, Mega Man 64 is a faithful port of the PS1 cult classic, and it retains the charming gameplay, graphics, writing, and aesthetic that helped give this spin-off franchise its mythic reputation.

8 Golden Nugget 64

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There’s a good reason you probably (definitely) forgot that Golden Nugget 64 existed… and that reason is a question: “why does Golden Nugget 64 exist in the first place?”

A worthy question, and one we have no answer for.

This bare bones casino simulator is ugly, plays like you’d expect, and is… just kind of there, for some reason.

7 Blast Corps

Via: Nintendo Life

There will never be another partnership as wonderful and filled with glory as that of Rare and the Nintendo 64.

While we all remember the likes of Banjo-Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, GoldenEye, and others… what about Blast Corps?

A truly unusual experience, players take on the roles of various vehicles (including giant robots) and are tasked with destroying cities and obstacles to make way for a runaway nuclear missile.

It’s as crazy as it sounds.

6 Chameleon Twist 1 & 2

via ofswordsandjoysticks.blogspot.com

A short-lived, but extremely cute and uniquely designed series, Chameleon Twist 1 and 2 are simple but endearing games that take full advantage of the N64’s iconic control stick.

Although both games are brief and easy, they fall into the “short-but-sweet” category, and their charm does more than enough to fill in the leftover gaps.

5 Doom 64

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Initially written off as a yet another “Doom port” and derided for its “primitive” graphics, Doom 64 is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves.

Featuring some of the best atmosphere and levels in the entire series, Doom 64 captures what made the series so great in the first place, while arguably pushing the formula to its limits.

Oh, and there’s a good chance that it’s a direct predecessor to Doom 2016’s story.

4 Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls

via Giant Bomb

If you were anything like us, the cover of Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls captivated you every time you went into your local Blockbuster, but you never actually rented the game. Whether this was due to it already being rented out, or because another game had caught your attention, you never quite had a chance to play it.

Well, it’s probably a good time to change that. This oddball (pun intended) is a mix between a racer and an obstacle course with a unique cast of characters. It’s not the best thing ever, but you’ll be glad you fulfilled your childhood curiosity.

3 Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!

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Bomberman 64’s unique mix of puzzles, platforming and blowing things up creates an experience like none other, rightfully cementing its place in the pantheon of N64 classics.

… but what about its sequel?

Yep, believe it or not, Bomberman 64 had a sequel, and we’re not talking about Bomberman Hero. The Second Attack! continues where 64 left off (well, kind of) but sadly alters the gameplay that set its predecessor apart from its peers.

2 Hybrid Heaven

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Developed by Konami, this unusual mix of an RPG and fighting game is something of an unrefined mess, but it’s an unrefined mess that stands out as a worthy (if not totally successful) experiment.

In fact, it’s worth checking out for its battle system alone, which is best described as being a turn-based fighting game.

And to top it all off? There’s a widescreen mode. Now you have no excuse.

1 StarCraft 64

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Arguably the greatest RTS of all time, this PC classic makes a shocking and unexpected appearance on the N64. Even more shocking is that it’s actually good, like really good.

Defying the odds, StarCraft 64 contains the ENTIRETY of the original game and the Brood War expansion, and while there are certainly some audio and graphical reductions, the game even has a pre-rendered cut scene, which is insane, considering the system.

Most impressive of all, though, is that SC’s controls have been perfectly adapted to the N64, giving an excellent approximation of the PC experience.

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