20 Weird Things Corvette Owners Have To Put Up With

The Chevrolet Corvette series is considered to be among the most iconic to ever be a part of the automobile world. This is entirely justifiable, as they completely changed the way we look at sports cars. They also played a major role in the emergence of Chevrolet as a premier brand in the marketplace. They likely would not be still at the top of the competition had the Corvette never been released.

However, it must be announced that the Corvette is also full of major problems that need to be recognized. In fact, a lot of these issues have been ongoing throughout its entire history. With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 weird things that Corvette owners have to deal with.

It is important to note that these issues have definitely been present in the vast majority of their models. There is no question that we should praise all of the accomplishments that have come from the Chevrolet Corvette, but at the same time, the model's issues cannot be ignored. Criticism is clearly warranted for the problems that come from these vehicles, especially when seeing how they impact their owners immensely. Any time a car has problems, owners get frustrated; when the car is as expensive and prestigious as a Corvette, owners get furious.

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20 Poorly Structured

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There is no question that an annoying quality that Corvette owners have to put up with is the fact that these cars are poorly structured. Now, that does not take away from these cars being fun to drive, but it is clear that they are built to have issues with the way they are made.

This list is going to show off a number of examples where this happens to be the case. There is no question that some models are better than others, but at the end of the day, it is apparent that they all have a tendency to break down far earlier than one would expect.

19 Extremely Expensive

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Something that is very negative about having one of these cars is the fact that they end up costing so much. No matter what area you go towards, whether it be a new release or one of their oldest, it is clear that it is going to cost you an arm and a leg, according to US News. It is impossible to find a cheap version of this model.

When seeing how these cars end up being so prone to problems from the starting gate, it is apparent that this should not be the case. There is no question that the Corvette series has done a very solid job over the years, but they should be cheaper if they are not built to an excellent standard at all times.

18 Premature Rattling

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Something that is quite annoying about owning a Corvette is the fact that they end up experiencing premature rattling, according to Car Complaints. This is just unacceptable when seeing how these cars are worth so much money. For this to stop happening, Chevrolet needs to build these cars in a far more effective manner.

This is definitely not the biggest of issues that Corvette owners have to deal with, but it absolutely should be discussed. These problems should not be occurring with cars that are brand new, as this often is a telling sign that they are on their way to wearing out. That is definitely troubling.

17 Strong Fuel Odor

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There is no question that the Chevrolet Corvette is a car that people want to drive for its speed. This requires the car to have a very powerful engine, as it needs a lot of strength. However, according to Car Complaints, this has resulted in these vehicles often having a strong fuel odor, one that is just irritating.

Although car enthusiasts love burning rubber, it is clear that a strong fuel odor is something that we often dislike immensely. This honestly can be an uneasy feeling, as it can make us very worried that the Corvette is going to light up at any given moment.

16 A/C And Heater Problems

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Everybody knows the importance of a working A/C and heater during the most extreme periods of weather. However, when it comes to the Chevrolet Corvette, these cars tend to end up having a lot of issues with this area. Car Complaints notes that Corvettes often need to have repairs with this specific area.

There is no question that this is extremely annoying when one has to experience this. When seeing how these cars are supposed to be made in an elite manner, this basic necessity should not be having these type of problems so regularly. This ultimately needs to be managed better.

15 Bad In Snow

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For a powerful car like the Chevrolet Corvette, one may assume that they end up working extremely well in the snow. However, this actually is not true in the slightest. According to RepairPal, the toughness of driving in snow results in these cars producing a number of different issues.

This is truly a major disappointment, as these cars are supposed to be able to handle anything. They are known for their immense amount of strength, yet they have their issues when driving in something like snow. This is something that many Corvette owners learn the hard way, and that just bites.

14 Airbag Delays

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Everybody who has ever driven a car understands the immense amount of importance that comes with airbags. They have been noted to save the lives of thousands of people, and this is something that will continue to be a fact for all of eternity. However, according to Car Complaints, the Corvette is prone to airbag delays.

This is completely and utterly unacceptable, as the people who own this car often drive fast in it. Many injuries can end up occurring because of how faulty these airbags are and that is just scary to think of. At the end of the day, this desperately needs to change for the wellbeing of owners.

13 Electrical Problems

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Another annoying element that Corvette owners have to deal with is the fact that electrical issues are quite the norm, according to Car Complaints. This is a bit more understandable when it comes to older versions of the Corvette, as these cars were far behind today's versions.

However, these problems have found their way in the most recent releases of the Corvette, and that is completely inexcusable. The amount of progression the car manufacturer has made over the years should have allowed them to get rid of these type of issues entirely. However, this is clearly not the case in the slightest.

12 Brakes Are Not Reliable

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According to Car Complaints, the Chevrolet Corvette series has been notorious for having issues when it comes to the brakes. This is especially concerning when seeing how these cars are meant to be driven in a fast manner. This is just a recipe for bad things to happen.

With their future models, they absolutely need to find a way to make their brakes far more reliable. This is a basic function that has been a part of the automobile world forever, so there honestly is no excuse for the vast amount of problems that come through this. At the end of the day, more criticism needs to be thrown their way.

11 Flat Tires Are Common

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Another annoying issue that seems to constantly present itself with the Chevrolet Corvette is the fact that flat tires are common. According to Car Complaints, this makes repairs in this area of this car necessary very often and that, naturally, is a major burden.

This is something that likely could be changed if the way the vehicle was built was improved upon. This is honestly something that is quite aggravating for its owners to deal, as tires are not very cheap, especially if they constantly need to be replaced. At the end of the day, this truly needs to be fixed.

10 Prone To Clicking Noises

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According to Car Complaints, the Chevrolet Corvette is a car that is notorious for making clicking noises. This is definitely something that can be a bit alarming when it happens. Although it does not always mean that something is damaged, it is always, at a minimum, very annoying to deal with.

This is something that is completely avoidable, especially if they opted to build these cars in a more careful manner. This is not a dealbreaker with this car, but it is quite apparent that it is an issue that many of its owners would prefer not to deal with so frequently.

9 Suspension Issues

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With all of the structural issues that we have discussed thus far, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that these cars also are known for their suspension problems. According to Car Complaints, this worsens immensely over time and it ends up costing drivers a lot in the long run.

It definitely is very disappointing to see this issue with these cars. When seeing how the Corvette is supposed to be known as being one of the strongest cars one can buy, it honestly is a bit perplexing to hear that people are dealing with it. At the end of the day, it is easily one of its glaring qualities.

8 Faulty Engine

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According to Car Complaints, a significant problem that seems to come with Chevrolet Corvette cars is the fact that they possess faulty engines. In fact, this has been the most common of occurrences with these vehicles, and that is very perplexing when seeing how they are meant to have powerful engines.

There is no question that their engines are able to help these cars reach high speeds, but they also are far too weak compared to what they should be. This definitely is a major problem that annoys the owners of these vehicles, and it seems to have been present with the series since the beginning of its time.

7 Paint Chips Easily

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There is absolutely no question that the Chevrolet Corvette has constantly been one of the best-looking vehicles throughout the history of the series. However, even with this being the case, according to Car Complaints, the paint on these cars ends up chipping very easily.

This is definitely very irritating, as these vehicles are mostly bought because of how amazing they look. When seeing how expensive they are, this is something that should not happen as quickly and regularly as it does. With all of this being stated, it is quite clear that this is very annoying for the Chevrolet Corvette owners.

6 Weak Headlights

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The importance of headlights cannot be emphasized enough, and that is definitely evidenced by the fact that they help drivers see better at night. However, there have been many models that have come from this series that has resulted in these cars having very weak headlights, according to Car Complaints.

This definitely should not be occurring with the cars of today, as technological advances are coming at an even higher rate. The quality of the Corvette's headlights should be vastly improving, instead of staying mediocre. However, at this present time, it is absolutely clear that this is not happening and this is extremely frustrating for its owners.

5 Extremely Heavy

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A lot of the problems that we have discussed thus far are due to the fact, according to Car Complaints, that this car is far too heavy. This definitely is very annoying to deal with, as it creates far too much strain for the vehicle and its clearly fragile parts. This is something that absolutely needs to change.

There is no question that Chevrolet is definitely looking to make these cars lighter all the time, as it allows them to reach even higher speeds. If they could do this, it would absolutely help increase the overall value and performance of these cars.

4 Transmission Issues

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According to Car Complaints, another very irritating element of the Chevrolet Corvette is the fact that they are prone to having a number of transmission issues. This is definitely inexcusable when people are spending so much money on these cars. They expect longevity, as a result of the price tag.

However, it is clear that the Corvette's transmission problems lead to these cars experiencing a number of serious issues down the line. It truly is a shame that this has been an ongoing problem since the beginning stages of these vehicles. It is something that should be getting far more criticism at this time.

3 Steering Problems

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There is no question that steering is one of the most important elements of driving. This allows us to dictate the direction in which we are aiming to go, and this creates a level of safety on the road. However, people with the Corvette sometimes experience very clear steering delays, according to Car Complaints.

This is seriously dangerous and it needs to be fixed entirely. This type of problem can result in a number of crashes because of the unreliability that comes with it. There is absolutely no question that fixing this would help create an even better reputation for this series.

2 Maintenance Costs Are Very High

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There is absolutely no question that it is clear the Corvette definitely comes with a high amount of issues. Although it is very annoying to deal with, the worst part of all of this is the fact that its maintenance costs are much higher than the vast majority of other vehicles on the primary market.

This is due to the fact that these vehicles are built to perform at an elite level, so they naturally are more expensive in general. It definitely is something that is quite infuriating for Chevrolet Corvette owners to deal with, but alas, it will never be able to change. It is something that one should keep in mind before buying a car from this iconic series.

1 There Are Better Options

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With everything that has been stated, it is quite fair to state that there are simply better options out there. This is something that Corvette owners begin to realize after they buy this car and that definitely can be a deflating feeling. This series has made some great cars but the quality has dropped off a bit lately.

There is no question that buying a Corvette is definitely something that we car enthusiasts would love to do, but Chevrolet needs to decrease the number of problems that come with them. This will allow us to feel more secure in actually purchasing our dream car.

Sources: Car Complaints, US News, and RepairPal.

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