10 Weird Things People Have Found With A Metal Detector

There are several schemes out there claiming to take you from rags to riches in a few short weeks, and one of those false advertisements includes metal detectors. Metal detectors have been used to search for treasure hidden beneath the Earth's surface, to find artifacts worth more than a pretty penny when advertised to a large market.


This may be true of some people, but others are not as lucky. People have hidden, or dropped, an untold amount of weird things which people with metal detectors have had the unfortunate experience of uncovering. There are some interesting pieces with a story behind them, but others are disturbing to the highest level of the word. Keep reading to learn about ten weird things people have uncovered with their metal detectors!

10 A Wedding Ring Inside Of A Dog's Stomach

This woman realized her wedding ring was missing after she woke up one Saturday morning. She wasn't sure where it could have gone, but she did own a metal detector. She spent the day searching the house and yard for any sign of the ring. The detector didn't go off until it was held to their dog Bella's stomach, earning her a trip to the emergency vet. It resulted in the ring's retrieval with an endoscopic claw, resulting in a healthy Bella and a found ring.

9 Vintage Vet Syringe

A vet syringe was found by a metal detector amidst someone's search for treasure. It is unknown how it arrived there or why it was left, baffling the treasure hunter. It leads to many questions like what sort of animals was it used on and what were they treated for? It is also historical, as many people probably have not studied the history of veterinary medicine and this artifact garners interest in the topic. It might lead you to further explore the progression of veterinary medicine as you think about the archaic syringe.

8 Milk Tokens

People used to have milk delivered daily and this was how the delivery men were paid. It started in World War 1 and the women left at home could either hand him the coin or leave it on their stoops in exchange for the milk.


The tokens could be bought at the general store and used as part of a loyalty program with different coins depicting different milk sizes. This is an interesting find and one the person behind the detector probably was surprised to uncover as these have been out of circulation for a while.

7 Stapled Money

Many metal detectorists hope to find money in terms of coins or valuable objects, never expecting to uncover actual dollars. This detectorist uncovered a stack of twenty dollar bills stapled together, for a grand total of eighty dollars. It may not seem like a lot of money to us today, barely covering our food bills for a week, but back in the eighties to a young kid, it was a goldmine. I don't think anyone, even by today's standards, would have been upset if they found this hidden stash.

6 Decaying Dentures

Finding a pair of buried dentures is a truly disturbing thing to uncover as you imagine the gummy and decaying mouth it came from. A metal detectorist uncovered these and was horrified by the experience, wishing for a few coins and instead uncovering false teeth. He reburied the teeth as he attempted to scrub their image from his mind, imagining who on earth would bury a pair of dentures. He chose not to stick around to find out as he decided to find a new place to look for hidden treasure.

5 A Leg shackle with the bone still in it

Leg shackles were used throughout time to keep people as prisoners or slaves, and his particular unburied shackle was from the civil war era. It was an eery find, as the shackle still held an old piece of a bone firm within its grasp, keeping its captive shackled even beyond the finality of death. It leaves the discoverer wondering if they hold a piece of a slave, or a piece of an imprisoned soldier fighting for what they believed to be the true version of their nation. This is a piece of American history and while it is a weird find, it is a priceless artifact.

4 Artillery Shell

Artillery shells are found by metal detectorists more often than you might think. This particular find was pulled from the depths of a river and is an old civil war era relic. A piece of history covered up by time as it waited to be found.


There have been other instances where the artillery bombs people have uncovered have actually been live, meaning they could still explode. These are rare, but give metal detectorists quite a scare when they are found.

3 A Baby in a Jar

This is the creepiest and weirdest find of them all, as a man uncovered a jar with a metal lid which contained a preserved baby. The man reburied the jar, unsure what else to do, before consulting his neighbor about what he found. His neighbor recommended he call the police, so he did. The baby was found to be at least fifty years old, but with all sources of recognizable material already vanquished with time, they could not search for the original parents. They believe it was a stillborn or died shortly after birth and this is how the parents chose to bury their child.

2 A Rusted War Canteen

This is a water canteen a metal detectorist dug up in the UK, probably from one of the World Wars but it is unclear. You can imagine the soldier either dropped it or it was the place of his death. A soldier replenished his sweat and tears with the water contained within the bottle, quenching his thirst as he traveled for miles through multiple warzones. It is rusted from time spent in the ground, but it does not diminish its symbolism or the connection with the past this metal detectorist must have felt.

1 Nintendo Game Boy Card

It is truly a mystery how this relic ended up way out in the middle of nowhere. A boy could have been playing with his Game Boy out in the field and lost it, or buried it out there to hide it from his annoying sibling. He undoubtedly meant to come back for it, but in such a wide expanse of land, it would have been impossible for him to find it again. Luckily, this metal detectorist found it and hopefully it will be reunited with its owner once again.


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