What The Cast Of American Horror Story Really Looks Like Will Blow Your Mind (20 Pics)

American Horror Story has been entertaining horror fans for quite some time now, and there are a lot of things that make the show great, including the fantastic list of actors and actresses that appear in every season of the show. A great example is the fact that each of the seasons are about vastly different things, and yet they still manage to include some of the characters and locations from previous seasons, according to vulture.com.

There are lots of things about each of the seasons of American Horror Story that make the show awesome. Another cool thing is how different some of the cast members look in real life in comparison to how they look on the show. Here is what some of the cast members really look like.

20 Evan Peters

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Actor Evan Peters has played lots of roles since this show began, so he has appeared differently in nearly every season. However, one of his most outrageous looks was featured in American Horror Story: Cult.

According to thrillist.com, the star played a character named Kai Anderson. He had blue stringy hair, which is quite different from the way Peters looks in real life. Typically, his hair is not blue, and it looks much cleaner.

19 Denis O’Hare

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Actor Denis O’Hare’s character in the fifth season of the series was so awesome that it actually seemed to take some of the attention away from the other cast members, such as Lady Gaga. In that season, his character’s name was Elizabeth Taylor, according to thedailybeast.com. While his character liked to dress up a lot, O’Hare does not seem to do that as much in real life.

18 John Carroll Lynch

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According to collider.com, a clown named Twisty was introduced to American Horror Story fans in the fourth season of the show, and he was played by actor John Carroll Lynch. Twisty’s look was practically the stuff that nightmares are made of, and it probably didn’t help any fans who happen to be afraid of clowns. But in reality, Lynch looks extremely different, and it is hard to see any physical similarities between him and Twisty.

17 Kathy Bates

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Actress Kathy Bates started making appearances in this show a long time ago. She is nearly unrecognizable as Ethel Darling, who is a character she portrayed in the fourth season of the show, according to buzzfeed.com. While Darling is famous for her beard, Bates looks nothing like that in real life.

16 Lance Reddick

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Actor Lance Reddick has appeared on the show as a character named Papa Legba, according to tvguide.com. The character is notorious for the creepy white makeup that is always on his face. Fortunately, Reddick does not look much like that in reality. Instead, it doesn’t seem as though he wears much makeup on his face at all.

15 Grace Gummer

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Actress Grace Gummer appeared on the show as “lizard girl” in the fourth season, according to bustle.com. Initially, this character looks pretty normal, but she is later covered in tattoos, which makes her stand out a lot. But considering the fact that Gummer does not seem to have any tattoos on her face or her neck, she doesn’t resemble her character very much.

14 Lily Rabe

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Actress Lily Rabe is another cast member that has made multiple appearances on the show since it got started. She appeared to undergo a big physical transformation when she played Aileen Wuornos in the fifth season, which helped make her performance a very strong one. But she did not need much help in that area, since she was already quite convincing in that role. According to screencrush.com, the actress played this role during two episodes of American Horror Story.

13 Ben Woolf

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Actor Ben Woolf played Meep in the fourth season of this series. In real life, he looked much different than that character, and he behaved very differently as well.

But that is not the only American Horror Story character that the actor had to take on a completely different look for. In the first season, he played Infantata, according to variety.com.

12 Lady Gaga

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Actress and singer Lady Gaga first appeared on American Horror Story during its’ fifth season. However, the character she played in the season that came after that is the one that looked a lot different than she does in real life.

At this point in the show, Gaga played Scáthach, who was a 16th century witch. Since this character was from the 16th century, she obviously looked way different than Gaga herself does. One of the differences between the two is that Gaga is blonde, whereas her character had long brunette hair. According to popbuzz.com, Gaga had a rather hard time playing this character.

11 Frances Conroy

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During the third season of American Horror Story, actress Frances Conroy played Myrtle Snow, according to huffpost.com. One of the most striking parts of Snow’s appearance is her long, bright red hair. While the color of Conroy’s hair is not much different, the texture and overall appearance of it is, and it makes her look much different than she does when she played Snow.

10 Sarah Paulson

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Actress Sarah Paulson has portrayed lots of different characters on the show, but one of the best ones was Sally McKenna. According to imdb.com, Paulson played this character during the fifth season. McKenna’s hair was very blonde, which is a lot different from Paulson’s hair. Usually, Paulson has very dark, straight hair, so it is hard to tell that she was the actress who played McKenna.

9 Wes Bentley

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Actor Wes Bentley portrayed Edward Mordrake on the show, according to popsugar.com. In reality, Bentley has short hair, and he looks pretty similar to a lot of other guys. But his version of Mordrake (who was a real person) looks nothing like that. One of the differences between Bentley and his character is the fact that Bentley does not have an additional face on the back of his head, and Mordrake does.

8 Naomi Grossman

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According to huffpost.com, actress Naomi Grossman played a truly bizarre, yet likable, character named Pepper. Pepper definitely has a unique appearance, and she does not look similar to the actress who played her at all.

One fun fact about Pepper is that she was the first character to appear in more than one season of the show. When fans saw Pepper in the fourth season after seeing her in season two, they started to figure out that some parts of the series are connected to each other.

7 Adina Porter

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Actress Adina Porter has appeared on the show a few times. The first season the actress was a part of was actually season one, and she was one of Dr. Ben Harmon’s patients, according to zimbio.com.

She looks a little different in each of the seasons she appears in, but the physical differences between Porter and her characters are not as obvious as some of the others who are on this show. Nevertheless, she looks a bit younger in real life than she does on American Horror Story.

6 Finn Wittrock

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It was hard to recognize actor Finn Wittrock when he played a member of the Polk family on the sixth season of this series, according to vanityfair.com. Before that, the actor played characters that looked a lot like he does in real life, so he was pretty easy to spot. But when fans got a look at this character, it was hard for them to believe that he was the person behind it.

5 Jessica Lange

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Actress Jessica Lange may not be on the show anymore, but she is still one of its’ most famous cast members. In the second season, she portrayed Sister Jude Martin, who ran an asylum, according to huffpost.com.

Since Martin was a nun, she was rarely seen out of her uniform, and she almost never had any makeup on. Lange, on the other hand, does wear makeup on occasion, and she is not a nun, so she dresses differently than this character.

4 Alexandra Breckinridge

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According to hollywoodreporter.com, actress Alexandra Breckinridge played the young version of Moira on the first season of American Horror Story. While the character did not have many physical differences from the actress herself, there was at least one that makes Breckinridge look a lot different than Moira. In the show, the actress has hair that is very red, but in reality, it is blonde, and it makes her look like a totally different person.

3 Zachary Quinto

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Numerous people wear the black rubber suit that American Horror Story fans are so familiar with, but actor Zachary Quinto’s character in season one, Chad Warwick, was the first one to wear it, according to ew.com. When Warwick was out of the suit, he looked just like Quinto does in real life. But when he was in it, it was practically impossible to tell who was wearing since it covers the person’s entire body.

2 Erika Ervin

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According to buzzfeed.com, Erika Ervin is more than just an actress: she is also the world’s tallest professional model. The star, who stands as 6’8,” played a character who went by the name of Amazon Eve. While the character does share plenty of physical similarities with Ervin, Ervin looks very different in real life because she is from a totally different era. Amazon Eve was from the 1950s, so her style was totally different than Ervin’s is.

1 Billy Eichner

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Like many of the other cast members of American Horror Story, actor Billy Eichner has played numerous roles on this show. One of them was the mysterious Harrison Wilton, who was a beekeeper in the eighth season of the show, according to hollywoodreporter.com.

This character looks different than Eichner does on most days, and he is also much more serious. Eichner is also a comedian, and this was his first dramatic role.

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