"What's On Your Mind?" 15 Groundbreaking Answers That Left Us Questioning *Everything*

The world is a vast place. While there are millions of books and the endless help of the Internet, there are still a bunch of unanswered questions that us folks have; questions that are mostly thought of in the shower. (And we all know that our shower thoughts go unanswered most of the time.) So while the good people of the Internet are always looking for some interaction with their followers, many have asked them “What’s on your mind?” And as usual, the Internet pulled through with some incredible, one-of-a-kind thoughts that couldn’t have been made up elsewhere. From pretending like you’re dead just to fall asleep to those blubbering Snickers commercials – these are some of the craziest things that are on people’s minds.

15 Groundbreaking Thought

When we go shopping at anywhere other than a good-will shop, we expect the items to be in new condition. We expect to see those little plastic stickers all over it, maybe some clear wrapping, and some sort of box. However, after reading @JackedYoTweets tweet, my mind is spinning. No mirror we buy is technically in brand new condition. Every time someone walks by that mirror, it’s been used. We buy mirrors to see our own reflection (which reminds me of Mulan but okay), so when people pass by a mirror at a store — boom! — it’s been used. Someone just used a mirror without even buying it. Do you see what I mean? This is one of the most groundbreaking tweets I’ve ever seen.

14 Well, Does He?

As a SpongeBob Squarepants lover, I feel like I know the answer to this one. But I can see why people of the world would be questioning this. However, I did end up Googling the question, because I feel like the world has a right to know.

SpongeBob does clean things with his body. There was one instance where he poured soap on his head scrubbed the mirror clean. So, if he cleans mirrors with his body, I can imagine he cleans dishes with his body as well. Unless he had a thing for old food being stuck in his pores. Then I would totally understand SpongeBob not wanting to use his body to clean. He would probably smell like Krabby Patties for a lot longer than needed.

13 *Mic Drop*

I'm not gonna lie, I'm an American and my memory is crap. I'm totally intrigued by American history and love learning about everything our country has been through to get us to where we are now. But I can't remember anything — especially dates. Every time there's a national holiday, I have to Google why were celebrating as a country. You know, just to give reason to the celebration (I'm awful, I know). So when it comes to one of the world' greatest tragedies (9/11), I remember the day like it was yesterday, but there's a TON of things I completely black out. Like this dude's tweet. I have zero idea if this is true or not. If it is true, where the frick did this money go and could this tragedy been prevented? And if it could have been prevented, why wasn't it?

12 This Is Trippy

This thought has troubled me after it started floating around the Internet recently. Never have I ever thought about the action of falling asleep. Sure, we all know what it's like to get sleepy and need a nap, but I personally have never compared sleep to death before... But I guess it makes sense when people hope that an older loved one passes away in their sleep; that way, it's peaceful and without a struggle.

However, if anyone is like me, seeing this thought is going to make falling asleep even harder. Whoever thinks of death before sleep and doesn't get panic attacks is a crazy person. Just the thought of falling asleep and not waking up the next morning is giving me hives. So whoever thought of this notion needs to keep their thoughts to themselves. 

11 #ded

WHO IS THIS MAN!? No, not the attractive Robert Downey Jr/Johnny Depp look alike, I'm talking about the man who tweeted this one-of-a-kind tweet. This dude looks just like RDJ and Depp. It's weird. I wonder how often he gets called out on this, and if he hasn't before, he's about to way more now that this comparison went viral.

Also.. a combination of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Avengers would be one wild ride. I can just imagine the excitement and confusion on everyone's faces. And guess what? If that ever becomes a thing, we have this man to thank. So while there are a ton of things on our minds throughout the day, this image now just took priority. Goodnight, folks. 

10 Lost Soul

Ivan Rodriguez... good for you. Thank you for saying what we were all thinking, but never put it into words.

Snickers' campaign "You're not you when you're hungry" took over the world in 2010 and is still making people giggle. The entire point of the campaign was to get people to snack on a Snickers bar when they weren't feeling themselves. Why deprive yourself of a yummy Snickers bar when you're hungry, right? HOWEVER (and that's a big however), what if a person seems to always be hungry? What if someone's appetite is never satisfied? Does that mean they have no idea who they really are on the inside? If you're always hungry, you're never really acting like your truest self. SO WHO ARE WE, SNICKERS? Look what this campaign has done to us. Not only are we fattening up on Snickers, but we're losing sight of who we truly are!

9 Very Price Efficient

This is a life hack that many college students know all too well. When you're in school, life get expensive. It's kind of like a mini test of life. We find out how to schedule our priorities, coordinate events, and get pretty crafty when we need something done. I wouldn't say most college students are broke — they just know how to make do with what they've got. They're innovators at best. One of these 'life hacks' that college students know all too well is how to shop to save money. If you don't have a dining hall meal option, then your butt has to grocery shop or go out to eat every day. And while grocery shopping can get pricey AF, it's important to note that the later we sleep... the less meals we'll have to buy. When you sleep until noon, you don't have to worry about breakfast, just lunch and dinner. It's a groundbreaking thought for anyone who has the ability to sleep a lot and is short on cash. 

8 Got Milk?

I'll get to the fascinating shower fact soon enough. But before I dive into that, can I just sayI was immediately impressed by this dude's pose. Do you know how hard it is to look like a damn model when your camera is UNDER your chin? Sure, he's lifting his head in the perfect angle, but it's incredibly difficult to not look like a bear out of hibernation when your phone's front-facing camera is on. So good for him. (I also had NO idea who this dude was, which might be showing my age, but I Googled him. And yes, he is a model/actor. So at least he knows his angles.)

But let's get back to this thought, shall we? For those of us who consume dairy, and buy our milk products from the same market time and time again, I wonder what the chances are that we've drank milk from the same cow on more than one occasion. It's profound.

7 Thought Of The Decade

Considering we no longer have phones with buttons (I mean, we do, but the only people who purchase these are for the seeing impaired and old people who can't use technology), we scroll all day long. Whether you're checking emails on your phone, scrolling through Instagram, looking at tweets — all we do is scroll, scroll, and scroll. Besides wondering how many miles I've scrolled with my thumb, it also makes me wonder if we as humans will have thumb issues in the future. You know how some people who type or write too much end up having carpal tunnel? Well, will the same thing (or different) happen with our thumbs? I guess we'll find out in a few years, but one thing's for certain, Our thumbs are strong AF.


You Guys! Every time I try to do these brain teasers, I fail miserably. I end up reading way to into them and missing the entire point. However, when I'm given a teaser that's unbeknownst to me, I'm still shocked time and time again. HOW DID WE ALL MISS THE SECOND 'THE' IN THAT SENTENCE!? Our brain is fascinating. Are we that smart that we know what the sentence is about without needing to read it word for word, or is our brain kinda lazy?

Don't worry guys — I'm here to answer all of our questions

A very probable response on Psychology Stack Exchange explains "Two important factors that increased skipping rates were the length of the word and the predictability of the word due to contextual constraints. Both cases apply on the word 'the', because it is short and highly predictable, being a common adjective and in fact one of the most used words in the English language. In other words, besides being short and predictable, it is also a very common word that has relatively little impact on the meaning of a sentence."

5 Wait, What...

If someone asked me what was on my mind, the last thing I would say is how much people hate the sound of their own voice on camera. Like, if someone asked me right now what was on my mind, it would be that I want mac & cheese. That's how simple my mind works. Nevertheless, we really do hate hearing our own voices. Whenever I see a video of me speaking, I cringe so hard. "Is that what I really sounds like??" Now it makes sense when my husband hates hearing me sing or rap in the car — my voice is just that irritating.

According to Time, “When we talk, it’s like everyone hears the sound through speakers, but we’re hearing it through a cave complex inside our own heads," Martin Birchall from the University College London explained. "The sound is going around our sinuses, all the empty spaces in our heads and the middle part of our ears, which changes the way we hear sounds compared to what other people hear.”


4 What Is Raid Hiding?

Like mice, when you see one roach, there's a million somewhere else. There's never just one roach or mouse chilling by themselves in the depths of your home. That's not how they work. And since roaches are practically impossible to get rid of, you'll do almost anything to make sure the problem is kept at bay. The problem is, it has been said time and time again: the only thing that can kill roaches is a nuclear blast — and even then, some roaches still crawled out alive....SOOO, if not even a nuclear blast can kill those buggers, but Raid can... what the hell is Raid?! Is Raid a nuclear blast in a can? How can that spray kill an unkillable insect for up to four weeks after its sprayed.? It's mind blowing. 

3 Barnacle Is Most Definitely A F—k Boy

Since we already had a SpongeBob thought thrown into the mix, why not throw in one more? As I said earlier, I'm a big SpongeBob fan; the show never gets old to me. However, I never really thought about the cuss words in this spongey kids show. And I definitely never thought about a Bikini Bottom cuss word being in the name of a beloved ocean superhero. But now that I have...maybe Barnacle Boy really is a f—k boy. I mean, his name is literally a cuss word. Not to mention he's quite cranky and tight mouthed, which means he's probably the dude people are attracted to when they want someone who treats them poorly. He even treats his bestie, Mermaid Man, like crap, what's to say he'd treat a love interest any different?

2 I'm Crying

I don't know who calculated the longevity of dogs and their ages, but I've never been a fan. I don't wanna look at someone's one-year-old puppy and learn that they're actually seven years old. It kinda ruins it for me. They're no longer a baby, they're a kiddo hopping into first or second grade. Not to mention hearing this random thought makes me ultra depressed. Like, can we not think about unintentionally hurting our dogs? In order to have a dog, we have to house, feed, and take care of it. And the only way to do those things is to get a job to make money for said things. In order to get a job, we have to leave the house; which means our fur babies are alone a lot of the time during the day. It pains us to leave their soft, floppy ears in the morning, but it must be done. Now, after seeing this tweet, though, I'm thinking more and more people are gonna wanna work from home.

1 100%

No offense to Pablo, but how is he just realizing this? Don't get me wrong, it's a profound thought, but those of us who have pets will know that being shunned by an animal is 10 times worse than being shunned by a human. When our significant other yells at us — whatever, we'll get over it and work it out three minutes later. But pets? When they howl or bark at us, and then shun us to be alone...it hurts deeply. Pet owners feel that neglect and rejection in a way that no human being can ever make one feel.

The worst part is when pets know they're ostracizing you. Like when a dog is overprotective of a particular owner, they'll go out of their way to be sassy to other humans, just so they can have some one-on-one time with their favorite human.

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