Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Smallville

Since its debut over 15 years ago, Smallville has become a shrine to the Superman mythology.

It was truly a show for adults, teens and even kids alike. What started as a story of Clark Kent's high school years turned into something much bigger. Throughout the show, fans watched as each episode and season provided more depth to not only the famous characters from the comics but to also the Superman mythology itself.

The actors and actresses involved in Smallville have solidified themselves as accomplished actors thanks to the show and some have even become the most memorable embodiment of their respective characters.

Like with all great things Smallville had to come to an end. While the show concluded back in 2011, many of the actors have gone on to further their careers in some pretty popular movies and series. Not all of the original cast members stuck around for the entirety of the series, with the exception of Tom Welling, and some of the cast weren't added to the show until later seasons. However, all of the actors included in this list made their own impact on the show and won't be soon forgotten.

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16 Tom Welling - Clark Kent

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Tom Welling earned a spot in the Superman hall of fame.

While he never actually wore the red and blue tights and flew around Metropolis, his portrayal of Clark Kent will be remembered forever. Welling was chosen to play the lead role in Smallville in 2001 and played the part to perfection, so much in fact that he was eyed to reprise his role in the movie Superman Returns, although it didn't end up working out.

Since the conclusion of Smallville in 2011, Welling has continued his career in film and TV. He starred in films The Choice and Draft Day and most recently has landed a recurring role on the Fox series, Lucifer, in which he plays LAPD Detective Marcus Pierce.

Fans would undoubtedly love to see Tom return to play Clark Kent again!

15 Eric Johnson - Whitney Fordman

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Think way back to season 1 of Smallville. Remember Clark Kent's rival, Whitney Fordman?

Whitney, played by Eric Johnson, didn't have a very long-lasting role as his character left for basic training at the end of the first season, then was later found out to have been killed in combat. Johnson definitely gave the football captain the classic bully/jock stereotype before warming up to fans, when he made amends with Clark Kent before leaving the show.

Since leaving the show in 2002, Johnson has had a relatively quiet career, while still successful. In 2007 he earned the lead role in the Sci Fi channel series Flash Gordon, which only ended up surviving one season.

He recently landed the role of Jack Hyde in Fifty Shades Darker, which he is set to portray again in the final movie in the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed.

14 Cassidy Freeman - Tess Mercer

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One of the later characters that joined the Smallville series was Tess Mercer, played by Cassidy Freeman.

Tess, who later was revealed to be Lex Luthor's half-sister, joined the cast in season 8 as the show's new lead antagonist when Michael Rosenbaum left the show. She continued to portray Tess throughout the rest of the series, basically becoming the female version of Lex.

After the end of Smallville, Freeman kept herself busy with numerous acting jobs. She's starred in over 7 movies since 2011 and has made many guest appearances on TV until she landed herself a main role in the TV series Longmire, in which she played the daughter of the main character, Walt.

As of now, she has a recurring role as the ADA Abby Burris in the CBS series Doubt.

13 Terence Stamp - Jor-El

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Terence Stamp is one of the most iconic actors to ever be involved in the Superman mythology.

His first involvement in the DC universe started in the original Superman movies, in which he played the famous evil Kryptonian, General Zod.

It's ironic, of course, as years later he joined the Smallville cast to voice Clark Kent's true father, Jor-El. Fans never get to see Terence in person throughout the show, but his voice is unmistakable and is used throughout the entirety of the series.

Being an extremely successful actor, Stamp has had many famous roles he has played over the years since the show's conclusion, with the most recent being his involvement in the movies Sleepy Hollow, Crooked House and Bitter Harvest, which all come out in 2017.

12 John Glover - Lionel Luthor

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Before Smallville, Lionel Luthor had never been properly portrayed on TV or in film before.

When John Glover auditioned to play the father of Superman's arch-nemesis, the producers were captivated and decided he was the best embodiment of the character. Glover was apart of the original cast and being the first to portray Lex's father, Glover set a precedent for all future actors.

Unfortunately for Lionel, he was killed off in season 7 of Smallville when his son pushed him out of a window of their company's skyscraper. Despite his death, Glover returned in the season finale, only as Darkseid, who took the form of Lionel.

Since his characters' death, Glover has had a relatively quiet career, only starring in a few small roles. He does have an upcoming role in the TV movie, The Lost Wife of Robert Durst, which is set to premiere in 2018.

11 Allison Mack - Chloe Sullivan

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Any fan of Smallville was sad to see Chloe Sullivan leave the show.

Allison Mack, who played Chloe, couldn't have done a better job portraying Clark Kent's sidekick. Fans watched as she grew up from a dorky high-school newspaper editor into the Watchtower for the Justice League. While Chloe survives throughout the series (not for a lack of trying), she becomes less of a regular character in the final season as she's off following her dreams and recruiting other metahumans.

Allison has continued her acting career, although mildly, with a recurring role on the FX series, Wilfred. Other than that she only with a few small guest roles on shows like The Following, Dirty Little Secret and American Odyssey.

She seems to have a passion for the superhero genre so maybe we'll see her return to it one day!

10 Sam Jones III - Pete Ross

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Pete Ross was the first of Clark Kent's friends to find out his secret...as well as the first one to leave Smallville.

Pete Ross was portrayed by Sam Jones III, who served as a catalyst to Clark, showing him that his friends could be understanding and trusted about who he really is. However, that understanding only went so far, and at the end of season 3, it was revealed that Pete would be leaving Smallville, due to the pressure of knowing Clark's secret.

After leaving the show Sam landed a big role in the hit TV series, Blue Mountain State, as the star freshman running back Shiloh. Unfortunately for Sam, he only was able to be on the show for one season due to him being charged with conspiracy and having to serve 10 months at the Lompoc Correctional Complex in California.

He later appeared in Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland in 2016 to reprise his role as Shiloh.

9 Erica Durance - Lois Lane

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Erica Durance surprised fans in season 4 when she was revealed to be the new face of Lois Lane in Smallville.

She started as only a guest star during the 4th season, slowly creeping her way into more episodes and finally became a series regular by the end of the following season. Erica would stay on through the rest of the series, with her character eventually falling in love with and marrying Clark.

Following her role as Lois, Durance had a few minor roles on top of landing the main role on Saving Hope, as Dr. Alex Reid. The show ended in 2017, right around the same time that Durance was cast on CW's Supergirl, replacing Laura Benanti as Alura Zor-El.

Lois Lane to full-blown Kryptonian! She must love the DC universe.

8 Justin Hartley - Oliver Queen

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Justin Hartley played a DC legend in Smallville, Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen made for an interesting character as he was lifelong rivals with Lex Luthor, as well as dated multiple of the female characters on the show such as Tess Mercer, Lois Lane and even ended up marrying Chloe Sullivan. He also served as the initial founder of the Justice League and convinced Clark to join his cause in stopping Lex Luthor and his evil schemes. Oliver would end up being a recurring character throughout the rest of the series.

Justin Hartley has had a lot of success as an actor, but most recently that success has stemmed from the hit NBC series, This Is Us, which has become one of the most watched shows on television.

Tune in to NBC to see what all the fuss is about!

7 Laura Vandervoort - Kara

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Laura Vandervoort definitely made waves when she appeared in Smallville as her character, Kara, Clark's cousin.

She was introduced at the start of season 7 when Reeves Dam was destroyed, where Kara's ship had originally crashed during the first meteor shower. She had been frozen in suspended animation for all that time until the ship was released and Kara with it. Laura continued to portray the Kryptonian on and off through the seasons until her character went in search of the Lost City of Kandor during season 9, only to return again in season 10.

Vandervoort has had minor roles since then in movies such as Ted, Coffee Shop, and This Means War, as well as returning to the DC universe in the series Supergirl, as Brainiac.

She is about to have a lead role in the upcoming Saw franchise movie, Jigsaw!

6 Aaron Ashmore - Jimmy Olsen

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While Smallville didn't immediately introduce us to all the original comic book characters, one by one they eventually found their way to the show.

Aaron Ashmore is one of those latecomers who was cast to play Jimmy Olsen, the young photographer who works for the Daily Planet. HIs character was introduced in season 6 of Smallville during the events of "Dark Thursday". He eventually developed a relationship with Chloe Sullivan and even married her, until they got divorced and was later killed by Doomsday in season 8.

Aaron has had an extremely successful and busy career since playing Jimmy. He has been apart of over 8 movies and 16 TV shows, with recurring roles in series such as In Plain Sight, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13, and Killjoys.

Just don't mistake Aaron for his twin brother, Shawn, who is also a popular actor!


4 Annette O'Toole - Martha Kent

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Annette O'Toole is no stranger to the Superman world.

DC fans originally saw Annette play an older Lana Lang in Superman 3, way back in 1983. Fast forward almost 20 years and she decided to take on the supporting role of Martha Kent, Clark's mother. While she consistently appeared in the first 6 seasons of the show, when Annette decided to leave the show the writers' creatively had her character become a U.S. Senator, making random appearances over the remaining seasons.

As of late, she had a small role in the Hulu Original 11.22.63, as well as the main role in the movie Women Who Kill, which came out in 2016.

Sadly it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see her acting career slowly come to a halt, as most actors tend to in their later years.

3 John Schneider - Jonathon Kent

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Fans everywhere cried their eyes out when Jonathan Kent died from a heart attack in season 5.

John Schneider must've been an easy cast for the role of Clark Kent's father, especially with his country boy persona he had become known for over his career. Schneider was 41 when he took on the role of Jonathan Kent and quickly proved that he was a natural for the part.

Even though he was already an extremely accomplished actor when he finished his role in Smallville it didn't slow him down one bit, as he has had parts in over 50+ film and TV projects since. On top of all that he has continued his music career, based out of his personal recording studio, John Schneider Studios, in Holden, Louisiana.

Don't expect Papa Kent to be retiring anytime soon!

2 Kristin Kreuk - Lana Lang

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Kristin Kreuk's Lana Lang is easily one of the most lovable characters in Smallville.

Instead of the classic Lois Lane/Superman relationship, the writers of Smallville decided to angle the show towards Clark's high school romance with Lana Lang, at first anyways. Kristin was cast as Lana at the young age of 19 and continued to be apart of the show until the end of season 7 when the show then took the turn to focus on the Lois/Clark relationship.

Kristin immediately got back to work as an actress, most notably when she landed the main role as Catherine Chandler in the CBS series Beauty & the Beast. The show ran for 4 seasons and ended in 2016.

Kristin has recently acquired another lead role in the CBC series, Burden of Truth, as a big city lawyer. The show will air in 2018.

1 Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor

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Michael Rosenbaum is known for his light-hearted and fun personality, which makes his dark portrayal of Lex Luthor so ironic.

Michael was one of the original cast members of Smallville, and while he didn't stay on for the entire series, his character will always be remembered as the first and final nemesis of Tom Welling's Clark Kent. In the season 7 finale, fans watched as Lex destroyed the Fortress of Solitude, after which Lex disappeared. After that Michael decided to leave the show, although he did return in the series finale to face off against Clark one last time.

Michael has continued to work in the superhero genre ever since, with his voice acting as Barry Allen in Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Teen Titans.

Last time fans saw Michael was in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 when he played Martinex, a member of the team of Ravagers.

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