Where Are They Now: The Cast Of The Little Rascals Today

The world was graced with the cutest assembly of child actors in a single movie when The Little Rascals debuted in 1994. The fun and quirky flick easily became one of the greatest childhood memories for many of today’s millennials.

Everything about the sweet comedy was pure gold in children’s cinema. From Alfalfa’s first serenade to Darla to the heart-stopping ending of the big race and everything in between, every part of The Little Rascals will forever have a special place in our hearts.

It has been 25 years since those little actors and actresses hit the big screen. Twenty-five years since Alfalfa wrote that infamous love letter to Darla, and 25 years since we witnessed all the He-Man Woman Haters find an appreciation for women.

But what happened to the stars of The Little Rascals since their great roles? Where are they now?

20 Bug Hall 'Alfalfa' Is A Daddy

Universal Pictures/Instagram

Bug Hall was just nine-years-old when he became the goofiest little heartthrob. Following his role as Alfalfa in The Little Rascals, Bug Hall continued acting and starring in family films.

As an adult, Bug is a married father of two beautiful babies. Though he’s still pulling in small acting roles, Bug is also a writer and producer.

19 Brittany Ashton Holmes 'Darla' Is Still A Sweetheart

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Five-year-old, Brittany Ashton Holmes completely melted our hearts as Darla in The Little Rascals. We were sad to learn that after her debut role, Brittany only continued acting until 1996, when she “retired.”

Brittany did take on a small role for a 2014 television movie, but she mainly focuses on her education, with her political science degree. She even stays off social media!

18 Travis Tedford 'Spanky' Is A Marketing Pro

Universal Pictures/YouTube

Travis Tedford was everyone’s favorite best bud, as Spanky. The six-year-old adorable actor continued acting for several years after The Little Rascals.

According to his social media page, Travis is mainly a marketing professional these days, working at the Texas Trust Credit Union. In his bio, he jokes that the lack of a substance abuse problem caused him to no longer be famous as an adult.

17 Kevin Jamal Woods 'Stymie' In A Marketing Firm


Kevin Jamal Woods, who played the wise leader, Stymie, in The Little Rascals, continued acting in small movie and television roles, including a reoccurring role on Blossom. However, he hasn’t had any roles credited to his name since 2000.

According to E! News, the former child star currently lives in Texas and works for a marketing firm.

16 Ross Bagley 'Buckwheat' Is Now A DJ

Universal Pictures/Twitter

Ross Bagley was a huge little star in the ‘90s. The same time he played Buckwheat on The Little Rascals, he started a 48-episode stint on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alongside Will Smith. Ross carried his relationship with Will Smith over to the hit action film Independence Day, playing Will’s son.

Ross currently spends his time working as a DJ, according to E! Online.

15 Zachary Mabry 'Porky' Is A Man Of Many Trades


Four-year-old, Zachary Mabry, as Porky, was quite possibly the cutest thing that could have happened to The Little Rascals. His little giggle and camaraderie with Buckwheat added extra flavor to the great film.

Zachary didn’t continue acting after The Little Rascals. According to E! Online, now an adult, he works as an accountant for American Airlines, hosts a podcast and works as news site editor.

14 Jordan Warkol 'Froggy' Is A Professional Poker Player

Universal Pictures/Instagram

Jordan Warkol’s character in The Little Rascals is definitely one of the most memorable of the film. His croaky voice and oversized glasses made his minor role huge.

Jordan continued acting throughout the ‘90s and lead his non-croaky voice to hit cartoons, Hey Arnold! and Rocket Power. The former child star is now a married man and professional poker player.

13 Sam Saletta 'Butch' Became A Singer/Songwriter

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The bully of The Little Rascals was played by Sam Saletta, and let us just say, he was the perfect 10-year-old for the role. His menacing grin and tough exterior were truly frightening.

Following his role as Butch, Sam continued acting in reoccurring roles on several television shows, including 7th Heaven. Today, Sam works hard as a singer-songwriter.

12 Blake McIver Ewing 'Waldo' Was Making A Comeback

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Blake McIver Ewing’s character on The Little Rascals was pivotal for the film. We can’t help but love to hate on the rich kid, Waldo. After the movie, Blake continued with his role on Full House, as Michelle’s friend, Derek.

Blake returned to the spotlight in 2010 and released his debut album titled, The Time Manipulator. He’s since faded after a “tasteless” tweet wasn’t received well.

11 Blake Jeremy Collins 'Woim' Works Behind The Camera Now

Universal Pictures/ Instagram

After playing Butch’s sidekick, Woim, Blake Jeremy Collins pulled in a few small roles before dropping out of the game.

As an adult, you can find Blake behind the camera. According to his social media posts, he works on the set of the CW's new show, All American, as a cameraman.

10 Juliette Brewer 'Mary Anne' Is Your Normal Gal

Universal Pictures/Instagram

Juliette Brewer played Darla’s brunette friend, Mary Anne, in The Little Rascals. Although her role only consisted of a couple of lines, you knew she was always there to have Darla’s back, and for that, we love her.

Juliette only has two other acting credits after The Little Rascals. Today, she lives a totally normal life out of the spotlight.

9 Heather Karasek 'Jane' Works With Costumes

Universal Pictures/Twitter

The other part of Darla’s posse was played by Heather Karasek. Heather’s tight blonde girls and tiny giggle were super sweet. We wish she had a bigger role in the film.

As an adult, Heather changed gears a little. Though she no longer acts in anything big, she works heavily in costume and wardrobe departments on several different television series and films.

8 Courtland Mead 'Uh-Huh' Became A Voice Actor... Ironically

Universal Pictures/thecelebscloset.com

Courtland Mead played the “silent” force, Uh-Huh, on The Little Rascals. Courtland had several substantial roles to his name during the ‘90s, including a role in Disney’s “Tom and Huck” and the Stephen King TV mini-series, The Shining.

Not much has been seen from Courtland in the last ten years, though, and it’s not clear what he’s up to.

7 Whoopi Goldberg 'Buckwheat's Mom' Is Big On The View

Universal Pictures/Instagram

Many of the adult roles in The Little Rascals were played by major, already-established stars. There really couldn’t have been anyone better to play Buckwheat’s mom than Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi has had a very substantial acting career since the ‘80s. Her massive success has continued after her short cameo in The Little Rascals.

6 Reba McEntire 'A.J. Ferguson' Still Rocks The Stage

Universal Pictures/Instagram

Reba McEntire is another huge name in a small role for The Little Rascals. Reba’s role was a big moment for the film. She turned out to be the race car champion, A.J. Ferguson.

Before her role in the film, Reba was already a well-known country superstar. To this day, she continues to perform.

5 Katie Volding 'Uh-Huh's Girlfriend' Has Stayed Out Of The Limelight

Universal Pictures/picsofcelebrities.com

At the end of The Little Rascals, the boys of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club all find themselves a female companion. It really is a sweet moment.

If Uh-Huh’s gal, Katie Volding, looks familiar, it might be because she went on to become our favorite annoying little sister in several TV movies, including Brink! and Smart House. Since 2009, it’s not clear what Katie has been up to.

4 Raven-Symone 'Stymie's Girlfriend' Is Big On Disney

Universal Pictures/Instagram

Stymie’s gal pal at the end of The Little Rascals was already a popular child star from her role, Olivia, on The Cosby Show. After her cameo appearance in the movie, Raven continued acting and remains a huge presence.

Her hit Disney show “That’s So Raven,” got spinoff called, “Raven’s Home,” and Raven is a part of the popular talk show, The View.

3 Daryl Hannah 'Miss Crabtree' Is Still A Big Star

Universal Pictures/wikipedia.com

The actress who played the rascals’ favorite teacher, Miss Crabtree has been a big name in the movie universe since the ‘80s. Daryl Hannah was easily one of the most popular female movie stars of her time.

Following her cameo role in The Little Rascals, Daryl went on to star in several big productions, including Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2.

2 Lea Thompson 'Ms. Roberts' Continues Putting On A Show

Universal Pictures/YouTube

Darla’s strict ballet instructor instilled fear in all of us. She was tough and she meant business. Lea Thompson was perfect for the role.

Like Daryl Hannah, Lea Thompson was also big in the ‘80s. Since The Little Rascals, Lea Thompson has kept her workload heavy. You may recognize her as the mom on ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth.”

1 Eric Edwards 'Spanky's Dad' Is A Great Comedian

Universal Pictures/IMDB

Eric Edwards played Spanky’s dad in The Little Rascals. Before his cameo role, Eric was gaining popularity as a comedian.

Since The Little Rascals, Eric has played a role in several TV series and short films. He has also gone through a massive weight loss journey, losing around 210 pounds.

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