Which Disney Princess Are You Based On Your Astrology Sign?

As children, many of us were immersed in the wonderful world of Disney. We were captivated by the stories of the characters, especially those of the amazing Disney Princesses. We grew up learning through their adventures, and daydreaming that we could find love like they did (often in the most unexpected places). They taught us life lessons and transformed our realities with hope and imagination.

In astrology, we seek to find answers in the stars. Zodiac signs often uncover the many different layers of our personality—like what makes us tick, what we're driven by, or what we yearn for. So, if you have ever wondered which Disney Princess matches your personality, you're in luck. It's time for you to find the Disney Princess you are, based on your zodiac sign!

12 Aries: Merida

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Merida is the 16-year-old Disney Scottish princess who is skilled in archery, sword fighting, and spears. She warmed the hearts of viewers with her tenacious spirit and dedication to her family.  Just like Merida, Aries women are fiery, independent, and completely loyal to their friends and family. In fact, their families often become their true passion in life.

Many times, people will often misinterpret an Aries woman's personality traits as her downfall. They'll see her drive, passion, and aggressive personality as something that lacks heart. This would be a huge mistake, as their hearts are often too big for their little bodies. And just like Merida, their warmth, energy, and loyal personality make them the perfect friend and companion. They must be careful of judging too quickly or harshly, as they have a tendency to act impulsively from time to time. And often times, they'll find happiness in the things that ultimately surprise them.

11 Taurus: Tiana

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Tiana is the hardworking waitress who dreams of taking her love of cooking to the next level by opening her very own restaurant. But, all of that changes when she is transformed into a frog after trying to kiss the frog prince. Like Tiana, Taurus women are optimistic, hopeful, and believe in miracles and possibilities. They are driven and solely focused on a dream that they know WILL happen. Many times, this can prevent them from seeing all the other possibilities that exist around them. And that's exactly what Tiana and Taurus women have in common—they could have it all (and they know it), but they often create their own roadblocks.

Taurus women would benefit from taking new opportunities, even if they don't come packaged in unexpected ways. Often romantic, Taurus women will only commit when they truly are ready, but maybe they should give that frog in their life another look.

10 Gemini: Belle

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Who could forget Belle? She was intelligent, clever, and used her insatiable curiosity to help the Beast once again transform into a prince. Just like Belle, Gemini women share most of these qualities, too. They are incredibly intelligent, which also means they are prone to boredom. And when they're bored, they can often times find themselves in trouble. Don't worry, we're not talking about the kind of trouble that involves handcuffs or incarceration. These women do their best to abide by the law and tend to follow the rules. But, they may try and bend a few from time to time.

Gemini women also love adventure and crave the unknown, just like Belle. They can also be demure in presence but then quickly rebel with wit and tenacity. Never boring, they often crave a mate that can keep up and challenge them from time to time.

9 Cancer: Pocahontas

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When her home is invaded by the British, Pocahontas forms a relationship with John Smith in hopes of bringing two cultures together. Ultimately, this ends a horrific war before it can ever really begin. And just like Pocahontas, Cancer women can easily walk in two different worlds. They are well-liked among their peers and often have a strong sense of self that captures the attention of many different suitors.

Cancer women are warm, resilient, and often have friends from many different walks of life. They're also creative and will give their best effort when they're passionate about a cause. Just like Pocahontas, Cancer women are fueled by their love and loyalty. They often have the same friends for many years, and give their hearts fully, with little doubt or insecurity.

8 Leo: Rapunzel

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Rapunzel is probably the most quirky of all the Disney Princesses. So, it should be no surprise that Leo women are most like the independent, fiery, and fun princess. Just like Rapunzel, the Leo woman is fueled by adventure, humor, and most of all, love. Even while imprisoned in a tower, high in the sky, Rapunzel was able to distract herself from her misfortune. She found solace in her situation, often with humor and a bit of dramatic longing.

The Leo woman is incredibly strong, determined, and has a will to survive that many people will never truly understand. She is resilient, without a doubt, but will always be driven by love. Whether this is love for herself or for others, her heart is incredibly generous, but she has no problem snapping when she feels taken advantage of.

7 Virgo: Snow White

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The very first Disney Princess, Snow White, came into our lives with charm and grace. She captured the hearts of all those around her and found happiness, despite the evil queen's plan. She was the epitome of new beginnings and overcoming obstacles. She gave a new generation of young girls the belief that they could have it all, despite how hard their journey had been. And just like Snow White, Virgo women have a quiet strength within them that can easily be overlooked.

Virgo is incredibly smart, demure, and patient (almost too patient). In love, she can be shy, slow to start, and even scared to give her heart. But when she does give her heart, it will burn bright, forever. Virgo's downfall is that they're not always easy to read or to engage with. This is because they're shy and a little bit awkward. Don't worry, this is exactly what people love about them—they just need to be sure not to shut anyone out in the process.

6 Libra: Aurora

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Princess Aurora, also known as Briar Rose, may be the lesser-known of all the Disney Princesses—but she also has a loyal following. She is calm, cool, and collected. She is beautiful and—although logical—dreams of a future that she can't yet reach but can see. This is exactly who Libra is. No other sign has been graced with so much beauty inside and out like Libra. She is fair, romantic, intelligent, and fueled by her creativity. She sees the world in silver linings, believing that we truly are all created equal and deserve to be treated as so. In love, she is an eternal optimist who is committed and loyal.

Libra also makes an excellent mother, something that she yearns for from a very young age. Her challenge is to accept her naive nature and trust her intuition, even when she feels as though she has lost touch with reality.

5 Scorpio: Elsa

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No other sign has been misinterpreted like Scorpio. Just like Elsa, Scorpio women are often judged incorrectly by those around them. Many believed that Elsa was an evil girl—cold and emotionless. It was only when she was given the time to be understood that many realized that she had a deep heart and consideration for those around her.

Just like Elsa, Scorpio has been given a bad rep by the rest of the zodiac. But, if anyone looked closely enough, they would see a woman who cares very deeply for those around her. She's kind, funny, and extremely intelligent. Sometimes, Scorpios are so intelligent that they often have a hard time making connections with others, as they often find themselves on a different level from those around them. This makes them one of the only signs that are encouraged to date another Scorpio.

4 Sagittarius: Mulan

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Mulan defied all expectations when she disguised herself to fight for her family in the army. In her pursuit, she was brave, strong, and loyal. Just like the historical Mulan, Sagittarius pushes boundaries and challenges stereotypes. She is the ultimate warrior, loyal to her cause and focused on the passions of her heart.

Sagittarius is also curious, with a constant need to feed their intelligence. They have a thirst for life, boundless energy, and a deep love for thrill and adventure. She loves to travel and will often find a job in this arena, or at least a job that allows her to feed her wanderlust heart. Her downfall is that she is fiercely independent with a bit of a temper. If she can find a healthy balance, she will rule the world with an iron thumb and generous heart.

3 Capricorn: Jasmine

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Jasmine is by far one of the sexiest Disney Princesses, no matter how much people may or may not want to acknowledge it. And it's not just physical appeal that makes her alluring—but her ambitious, determined, and brave nature. Just like Jasmine, Capricorn women are driven to succeed, whatever their endeavor. They are self-motivated, charismatic, and fun in so many different ways.

Although Capricorn yearns for romance, she often has a hard time letting someone in. She may wait years for the right person, because she has to make sure that this person is worthy of knowing her inside and out. If patient, that person will uncover a woman who is not only dependable, but loyal to the extreme. Capricorn must be wary that she doesn't become pessimistic and stubborn in love. Her optimism can be addicting, and one of her most alluring traits.

2 Aquarius: Cinderella

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Cinderella gave little girls the hope that no matter what trials and tribulations they had to endure, they could have ultimate happiness someday. She taught us that you can be a little cellar girl, dirty and forgotten, but one day still become a princess.

Like Cinderella, Aquarius women have unbelievable strength, but they must be careful not to appear cold. Aquarius women have an amazing sense of humor, too. They are smart, witty, and tend to march to the beat of their own drum. They do things how they want to do them, never needing approval from those around them. In the romance department, not many people appeal to Aquarius women. But when they find someone who does, they will fall in love hard and are in it for the long haul.

1 Pisces: Ariel

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Even when Ariel lost her voice and was a bit on the clumsy side, she still held herself with grace and dignity. The same goes for Pisces, who is ultra-feminine in her ways, although she tries very hard to be more like a tomboy. But, she can not deny her birth rite. She is mysterious, imaginative, and yearns for a happiness that will shake her very core.

Pisces are also very intuitive and have a tendency to take on the emotions of those around them. Compassionate and empathetic to a fault, she must learn to separate her feelings from others. In love, despite her amazing ability to tune in naturally, she can often follow her head instead of her heart. But, when she does decide to let go and to let love in, she expects it to last forever. And with her true character, it surely will.

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