Whisper: 15 Real Life "How I Met Your Mother" Stories That Are Scandalous AF

"So, how did you two meet?"

It’s the question that every couple gets asked all the time. Most of the time, the answers are pretty boring such as "I met them through a friend," or "at work," or "at a bar." However, we’ve recently learned that what couples tell us isn’t always what actually happened. Sometimes, it’s a lot more scandalous than we could have ever imagined. Whether it involves getting arrested, their girlfriend’s sister, a naughty webcam website, or even a Nickelback concert, people would be amazed at how some people have met their significant other. Nevertheless, thanks to the users of the Whisper app, we are able to get a glimpse into the incredibly scandalous ways some people meet.

Here are 15 scandalous ways people met their significant others.

15 The Naked Jogger


You know how the story goes; Girl runs outside naked on a dare. Girl meets cop. Girl gets arrested. Girl marries cop. It’s pretty much your everyday 'run of the mill' story of the way a couple meets. And by everyday run of the mill, I mean absolutely scandalous. This is probably one of the few cases where getting arrested helped make someone’s dreams come true. Also, if you really think about it, this is actually a great way to meet someone because if they see you naked right away, you’re never going to be nervous around them. It really allows you to be yourself and have your personality shine through. If it worked out so well for this person, I can only hope that we’re all lucky enough to get arrested.

14 For A Good Time Call


Like the saying goes, "always go for your girlfriend’s sister." Well, actually that’s not a real saying, but it seemed oddly appropriate for this next Whisper confession. You can’t have a scandalous confession about the way two people met without having a relative involved and this next one is no different. In an act of pure serendipity, this person met their wife when exiting her sister’s room. If that wasn’t scandalous enough, they met because the sister overheard their sex romp and told this person that they sounded like a good time. We don’t know about you, but this is one of those love stories you can’t wait to tell your kids about. It's the epitome of a modern day "how we met" story. Let’s just hope that the wife has no more sisters.

13 Call Girl


There seems to be a theme among these scandalous ways people met their significant other. It’s always because of the next person. First, it was the arresting officer, then it was the girlfriend’s sister, now it’s the client. This next Whisper user confessed that they met their husband while working as a call girl. This really must be true love because if you are a call girl, you’re really not supposed to get personally involved with your clients. So this person must have really swept them off their feet. The only question I have is, do their friends not know because they don’t know that she was a call girl, or because they know she’s a call girl, just not that this person was a client? Eh, it’s not that important anyways, I guess. Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

12 The Professor


Most people go to college to further their education, to expand their horizons, and to eventually get a good, high paying job. Most people don’t go to college to find a spouse. And for the few that do, I'm pretty sure that they don’t go with the professors in mind. Nevertheless, as the hands of fate would have it, this next Whisper user just so happened to have met their husband, who was also their professor, at university. This gives a whole new definition to “Student Affairs.” What would make this confession even more scandalous is if this person happened to have met them while he was teaching an ethics class. I can’t help but wonder if this person got an “A” in his class or not.

11 Starbucks Coffee


Here’s a tip guys: if you are trying to meet a girl, forget about the bar, club, and lounge scene, and just stick to coffee shops. This next Whisper user confessed to meeting their husband at a Starbucks. It was truly a fairytale experience. This person spilled coffee on the guy’s pants, nearly scalding his genitals, and he came back with the mother of all comebacks. That line was so damn smooth that I'm actually surprised that they didn’t start having kids on the spot in Starbucks. Just think, if this person never spilled their coffee on that exact day, at that exact moment, they never would have met. Thankfully the coffee they spilled wasn’t too hot or they probably wouldn’t be having kids.

So, if you need me, I’ll be at Starbucks.

10 Guy Code


There are certain rules of guy code that guys are never allowed to break. One of those rules is: you don’t go out with your best friends ex. However, there is no rule that says you don’t go out with the girl your best friend is dating. And for obvious reasons. Who would ever think that there had to be a rule that states you can’t date the girl your best friend is dating!? If that doesn’t make this next confession scandalous, I don’t know what does. While we know the outcome of this person and their current fiancé, I am extremely curious as to the outcome of these two alleged best friends. Are they still friends? Do they now hate each other? I mean, truthfully, this seems like the introduction to a Lifetime movie.

9 The Divorcée


A good rule of thumb—when deciding if someone is husband material—is making sure that they are not already someone else's husband. That’s pretty sleazy and a major deal breaker if they are. This situation is all too familiar for our next Whisper user. I definitely have to commend them on never speaking to this guy when they found out he was married. Nevertheless, as luck should have it, this guy just so happened to propose to this person the day he got a divorce from his current wife. This guy must be the most charming man on earth for this person to immediately forgive him for being married and then accepting his hand in marriage after having not spoken to him since this person found out he was married. Talk about true love or a major case of stupidity.

8 The Boss


I don’t know about you, but I have a strict rule of not dipping my pen in the company ink. Workplace romances are pretty forbidden, so that makes this next Whisper confession on how people met their significant other that much more scandalous. What's so tricky about workplace romances, especially those involving the boss, is that there is the whole 'sexual harassment' thing to deal with. What happens if this person had declined their boss’ advances? The boss might have been upset enough to fire them over it. And if this person was fired for that reason, they could have had a lawsuit on their hands. And who the heck wants to have to deal with that? Thankfully everything worked out for these crazy kids.

7 The One Night Stand


If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, people will always ask you how you both met. There’s no getting around it; that’s just the way it is. So while this next Whisper user may hate getting asked that question, they have two options. They either get used to it or they lie and tell people a different story than the scandalous one of how they met. Technically speaking, these two didn’t meet during a one night stand, they met before it took place. So perhaps this could be the more romantic version of their meeting that they wouldn't be ashamed of. At least this guy was nice enough to ask this person for their number after their night of passion. You see guys, always get their number. It's just a sign of respect.

6 Probation


There’s a certain formula when it comes to falling in love. It goes a little something like this: First comes parole, then comes probation, then comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in a baby carriage. I'm pretty sure that when this person met their probation officer, it was at that point that they decided to become a repeat offender of whatever crime got them in trouble in the first place. Nevertheless, clearly the crime that was committed in this situation is the crime of theft. Because this person stole their probation officer’s heart. (Ha! Sorry, I had to go there.) Is it just me or does criminal romance seem to be the strongest type of romance? Either way, the love story between this parolee and their probation officer is pretty damn scandalous.

5 Casual Encounters


You really can find anything you can ever imagine on Craigslist. From apartments to furniture to cars to jobs, there is no denying that Craigslist has it all. However, there’s also a certain section on it that is also devoted to personals, or more specifically, casual encounters. For those of you who may not know, casual encounters is a section that is devoted to 'no strings attached' hook ups. So it would only make sense that if you were to meet that special someone in a place like this, then it might seem a little scandalous. And you would be correct. The whole point of the causal encounters section is that it’s intended for people who aren’t really looking for a relationship. Oh well. Whatever works for people, right?

4 High Times


This next Whisper user and their husband’s love soars as high as a kite. Or something else that gets very high. Either way, their relationship was a match made in medicinal heaven. However, since medical marijuana isn’t as accepted by society as some feel it should be, these two have been forced to hide the scandalous story of how they originally met.

While there will always be some people who may judge you, you shouldn’t ever care what they think. Don’t ever be ashamed of anything. The only thing we would ask these two is how do they feel about the fact that marijuana has an effect on short term memory? Also, how do they feel about the fact that marijuana has an effect on short term memory? I kid, I kid.

3 The Hospital


The big problem with mental health in this country is that most people are embarrassed by it and people see others seeking treatment as a negative thing. It’s pretty damn shameful if you ask me. So not only did these two brave lovebirds go against society’s norms, they also found love along the way in doing so. I'm sure that this Whisper user and their boyfriend are most likely embarrassed about telling people how they met, but it’s no one’s place to ever judge. The fact that these two met in such an intimate and scandalous way has probably only strengthened their relationship and the bond between them. No matter where or how these two met, I think it's sweet they're sticking together and probably have a lot more in common than average couples.

2 Nickelback


Just when you’ve thought you heard and seen it all, this next Whisper confession comes along. I seriously thought that there couldn’t be a more scandalous way for two people meeting until I heard this next one.

This is your final warning: If you have children watching, you may want to have them look away. This person and their wife met at a Nickelback concert. Just let that sink in for a minute. Now you know why these two rarely tell people where they met. If you and your significant other met at a Nickelback concert, would you tell people? Well actually, you probably wouldn’t have even been there in the first place. I mean, the fact that two people WILLINGLY went to a Nickelback concert, and fell in love nonetheless, is just too scandalous for me. Will you excuse me while I go take a cold shower? Thanks.

1 Webcam Website


When you think  of the word 'scandalous,' you probably think of naughty webcams or bedroom secrets. I mean, at least I do. (Wow, what does that say about me?) But I digress. Anyway, this next Whisper user confessed to meeting their husband in a most unusual way. That way, of course, being through a naughty webcam website. Normally, these scandalous confessions about how people met their significant other are pretty straightforward. However, this one left me a little puzzled. Allow me to clarify. First and foremost, how exactly did these two meet on the cam website? Was one a performer and the other one a viewer? Were these two both performers? Were they both viewers? There is so much more important information that is left out of this confession and I am absolutely dying to know.

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