Whisper: 15 Times Family Holidays Got Weird

When a holiday comes around, many of us who have moved away from home will decide to go back in order to spend some time with our family. We know that if we make the trek back to our hometown, our loved ones will welcome us with open arms. If you’re lucky you’ll get to experience free food and some laughs. On the other hand, if things don’t end up going your way, you may be in store for some awkward interactions. When a bunch of different people with various beliefs and life experiences gather together under one roof, everything isn’t going to go smoothly 100% of the time. Luckily for you, you’re not alone. There are always going to be plenty of individuals out there who will have weird encounters with their relatives.

18 THOSE Kind Of Selfies

It seems as though kids are always drawn to things that they have no business being around. The more expensive and delicate the item is, the more likely they are to get a hold of it. One of those items that they can’t seem to keep their hands off of is phones. They always take them thinking that they’ll going to be able to play games on it. If you need the kid to be entertained for a little while then you may actually let them use it, but other than that your phone is your baby and you’re not handing it over if you can help it. You know from experience that if they have it in their possession for too long then nothing good will come from it. This poor soul can attest to that.

17 Unwanted Family Members

Sometimes when you look at someone you can’t help but think that they should never reproduce. You wonder how they made it that far in life. And you just know that if they were to have a child that that kid would end up turning out just like them, and the world doesn’t need that. But for some reason, they decide to have an offspring or two and when it gets old enough that little one ends up confirming that thought that you had all those years ago. This woman has gone through something like this. Each time that she looks at her grandchild she thinks about how her son needs to stop reproducing. If the next one ends up anything like her granddaughter then we’re all doomed.

16 Aunt’s Sex Life

A mother is supposed to show concern about her daughter. It’s her job to make sure that her child is doing well. She wants her to live the best possible life possible, and so she’ll check in with her on occasion to determine if she’s happy. The mom that’s talked about in this confession was so concerned with her daughter’s "adult" life that she asks her about it. It’s awkward enough to have your mommy ask you about this part of your life, but it’s a million times worse if she questions you about it at the dinner table in front of all of your family. That question was looming over her head and she couldn’t wait until they were in private to pose it. This person’s auntie definitely won’t be forgetting that Thanksgiving meal any time soon.

15 Not Everyone Is Mexican

Part of being sensitive to another person’s culture is realizing that not everyone that looks a certain way or speaks a certain way is from the same place. People that speak Spanish come from different countries. Some come from Argentina or Cuba, while others come from Ecuador or Chile. Not everybody who communicates with this language comes from Mexico. If you live in America then you might be tempted to make this assumption. Mexico is situated right underneath the States, so a large number of the Spanish-speaking community in the USA comes from there, but not all of them do. Ricky may speak the same language that many Mexican people do, but he’s not from there. At least he wasn’t at dinner to actually hear this blunder.

14 Double Back Stab

Finding out that your partner is cheating on you can’t be a good feeling to have. You think that everything is going fine, but then you discover that it’s not and that they’ve decided to be with someone else. There aren’t too many other ways to make this situation any worse, but this poor person experienced it. Not only did their boyfriend cheat on them with their married sister, but they also did it at a family gathering. And if you thought it couldn't get worse, you're wrong. They couldn’t even keep quiet while they were doing it. They had to know that the odds of them getting caught would be pretty high, but they did nothing to lower their chances of discovery. Instead they were loud enough that everyone could hear them.

13 Awkward Laughter

Not everyone responds the same way when they’re uncomfortable. Some people will look down at the ground. Other individuals may start to fidget with some part of their body, and others may laugh. The confessor from this post does the latter. If your aunt starts crying because her cat died, you may find yourself in a bit of an awkward predicament if you don’t like being around someone who cries. You may not know how to comfort them and this can make you feel weird which is why this person started to proceed with awkward laughter, and I don’t blame them. It’s hard enough knowing the right thing to say when a human passes away. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to come up with something when an animal does.

12 You’re Never Too Old For A Time Out

When you do something wrong as a child you get punished. For some people that may mean that you’ll end up with a spanking or two, and for others that means that you’ll be placed in time out. We thought that once we hit a certain age that we wouldn’t have to be subjected to this kind of punishment anymore, but age doesn’t stop this granny from dishing out them out. She knew that her grandchild was underage and wasn’t supposed to be drinking and when she saw them take a sip of alcohol she had to let them know that this type of behavior wasn’t okay. She didn’t care if they were just one year away from the legal drinking age. The law is the law and there was going to be no law breaking on her watch.


11 Grandma’s Still Kicking

As time goes on, everyone starts to get older, and this means that we all are getting closer and closer to death. When you’re old, that seems like much more of a reality than when you’re young. That’s why the younger people in a family will cherish the time that they have with their elders. They know that their days with them are limited and they don’t want to take this for granted. We get happy when we’re around these people because we realize that that’s one more memory that we get to create before they pass away. Even if you’re shocked that you get the chance to spend more time with them then you thought that you were going to get, it’s probably best not to say something like this kid did.

10 Bringing The Mistress

Sometimes, in a relationship, people grow apart from each other, and when this happens, they’ll try and find someone else to be with. When you fall out of love, most of us will break up with the person that we’re with and then move on. On occasion, people will get together with a new individual before they calling it quits with their current partner. If you ever find yourself in a scenario like this then you usually try to keep it a secret. You don’t want your significant other finding out about this other man or woman so you keep your mouth shut. Apparently this guy didn’t care about getting caught because he was bold enough to bring his mistress with him to a family gathering.

9 Homophobia

There are many people in the world who are very vocal about not liking individuals who are gay. They spew their message of hate to those around them even though other people’s orientation is none of their concern. LGBTQ folk aren't hurting anyone by falling in love and having consensual, loving relationships, but these homophobic folk feel the need to voice their outrage and show their ignorant. This person is a loving parent, but that didn't stop their uncle from checking his manners. Heartbreakingly, they still have to deal with their uncle’s disdain every holiday. He can’t be happy that there’s one less parentless kid in the world. Instead, he has to go around telling others that he’s too disgusted whenever he sees two men or two women in love with each other.

8 No Filter

When you talk to young kids, sometimes you have to phrase things in a way that makes them understand what you’re trying to tell them, while at the same time not giving them too much information that might end up scarring them. Some women choose to use pads while they’re on their period, and while I do not remember what it feels like to wear a diaper, I assume that the feeling of using a sanitary napkin is pretty damn similar. We put them on to hygienically control the monthly visit from Aunt Flo so we don't stain our clothes forever. You don’t want to tell a kid this, so you might say something like this mom did. It’s too bad for her that her child wanted to disclose her choice of feminine product to her entire family.

7 This Is Why You Don’t Bring Up Politics

Rule number one when you’re eating with other people, is that you don’t bring up politics or religion. These are two topics that individuals are very passionate about. They will ride or die for their faith and they will do the same thing for their political party as well. And if you’re sharing a meal at a table where those sitting around it have opposing viewpoints then things may end up getting pretty heated. In fact, you may even find yourself in a scenario like this one. These family members were so obsessed with their party and its beliefs that they got into a food fight because of it. At least they only resorted to throwing food. Throwing punches could have been a lot more problematic.

6 Throwing Punches

While some families resort to throwing food at each other when they disagree, others choose to throw punches. The holidays can be a chance for you to outdo your other relatives. You want to be the one who makes the best dessert or the best dish. It feels awesome if you have the greatest job. You also will feel better about yourself if you’re the top host. Because different family members host the holiday meals from year to year, everyone has a chance to show off their hosting skills. Discovering who was number one was clearly important to this group of individuals because they got into an actual fight trying to figure it out. One thing we know for sure is that it’s definitely not the person who hosted the dinner that year. If people get beat up at your house then you’re definitely not the winner.

5 Potty Mouth

Because kids’ brains aren’t fully developed, a lot of times they end up saying things that don’t make any sense to the adults around them. When these words pour out of their little faces, you can’t help but wonder about what’s going on in their minds that would cause them to utter something so ridiculous. When this three-year-old said that he wanted to poop in his grandma’s mouth, everyone around him must have been shocked. What caused him to say that, and even more, did he actually want to do what he said that he wanted to do? He’s young, so it’s funny, but I’m pretty sure that his parents would have been fairly embarrassed after their son made this confession in front of the family.

4 A Little Soda Can’t Ruin The Meal

Understandably, there are some people out there in the world who are afraid of germs. They don’t like to get sick and so they avoid sharing food and drinks with other people to minimize the chances of feeling under weather. There are also some individuals who don’t mind them. They realize that they’re everywhere and that they’re constantly exposed to them, so there’s no point in going around being afraid of them. They’ll even happily take a bite of someone else’s meal. Apparently, no one in this family is a germaphobe. When this kid sprayed her soda boogers everywhere, no one gave it a second thought. They didn’t get freaked out or decide that the dinner was ruined. They just continued eating everything as if nothing had happened.

3 One Letter Makes All The Difference

I’m hoping that the confession that was talked about in this post was just a slip of the tongue. He said condo too fast and ended up saying something else instead. Hopefully, this grown man knows that the building that he lives inside isn’t called a condom. He has to know that condo is short for condominium and that condom is not. It’s also possible that he was just trying to come off as someone who was funny, but ended up failing. I’m sure that his grandparents wouldn’t have appreciated this type of joke, but he just failed to realize this and wound up going with the wrong decision. And if he wasn’t trying to be funny then with any luck he didn’t end up telling too many people that he lives in a condom.

2 Flabby Arms

As you get older it gets harder and harder to keep your body looking tight. You could do the same workouts that you did when you were a teenager, but instead of doing it to lose weight, you do it to maintain it. If you actually want to shed a few pounds then you’re going to have to work twice as hard to do that. With all of the work that it takes, sometimes you just decide that you’re going to be content with your flabby self. You have too much other stuff to worry about, and weighing what you did when you were 15 isn’t one of them. So most of the time you’re okay with how you look, but every now and again, someone will make you painfully aware that hitting the gym should be higher up on your to do list.

1 Weight Control

No one should have to worry about overeating on Thanksgiving. This holiday is supposed to be a time where we’re thankful for the things that we have in our life, including all of the food. It would be wasteful and unappreciative of someone to not partake in all of the delicious goodness at the meal, and this person knows it. They wanted to take some food home with them, but they couldn’t even do that guilt-free because their great grandma decided to throw in her two cents. And then she had to embarrass this poor person even more by saying it in front of their boyfriend. When you’re old you can get away with certain things, but being rude shouldn’t be one of them.


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