Whisper: 15 Wedding Night Confessions

Everyone’s wedding day should be a special moment. Along with the jitters, cold feet and nervousness, there is excitement and eagerness. Weddings take a lot of prep and don’t always go the way they are planned. In fact, there are more opportunities for things to fall apart on the actual wedding day than during the planning phase. However, what people fail to realize is that their wedding day is not the day to be telling someone you don’t love them, or you wish you never married them. It’s not the day to be wondering if you should be sleeping with someone else or experimenting with other people. Ultimately, it comes back to bite you in the butt, hanging over your head, making you feel beyond guilty and possibly making your marriage fall apart. That being said, when people say it goes down on the wedding night, they actually have no idea. Here is a collection of a few wedding night Whisper confessions that probably should have stayed buried.


15 Immature Husband

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First of all, you had to rip your dress? Nope, that alone is grounds for an annulment. However, the fact that her husband didn’t plan a honeymoon (or couldn’t afford one) is horrible enough. But then to ditch his bride on their wedding night to play video games with a bunch of guys – that's ridiculous. All these are signs that you married the wrong one honey. Is anyone else curious where this couple is now? Do you think they stayed together? Truth be told, people KNOW who they are marrying they just don’t like to admit that they know. She must have known that this was the kind of guy who preferred his video games and his boys over his woman and night of “cuddling”. However, the cutting of the dress thing takes the cake. Some women would have rather slept in that thing.

14 Loose Girl

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She is brave to admit this. You see, not many women would have the guts to show up to the wedding knowing that they have bedded all of the groomsmen AND the groom. This certainly doesn’t make it okay, and believe us, there are several jokes that could be made here about how loose she is. However, let’s be honest. Some women have done worse, but one has to wonder, whose wedding was this? Hopefully, she wasn’t a close friend of the bride because that would be horrible. Maybe she is the groom's friend and they had a thing before he met his wife. Ah, who are we fooling? This chick is ridiculous that’s too many people in one room that she has slept with. Unlike her, we wouldn’t have shown up.

13 Mrs. Robinson

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This guy had his own real-life The Graduate experience and we are here for it. On one hand, it’s kind of funny to say you slept with your bride’s mom in a "who does that?" kind of way. On the other hand, this is foul AF and gets ten times worse knowing that it took place at the church in the confession booth. So not only do you not have respect for your future wife, you also have no respect for the Lord Almighty? The situation gets 20 times worse when he admits that to this day, he still exchanges lusty looks with his mother-in-law. This guy is the Worst. Husband. Ever. As for the mother, there is a special place in hell for women like her.

12 Nasty Cousin

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Okay so let’s start with giving this cousin the benefit of the doubt. They are distant cousins so there is a good chance that they didn’t know they were trying to hook up with a relative. However, we must admit, it is suspicious that one cousin knows they are distant cousins while the other doesn’t. It just don’t make sense. So, this creepy cousin probably knew all along that this was their cousin but probably pulled the whole “we’re distant cousins, barely related” line. What did they think was going to happen? Because they are so distant they would hook up and only really see one another at big family functions every 5-10 years? You can feel in the writing how disgusted this person is to even have experienced this.

11 Prostitute Or Bride?

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Wow, this has to be an all time low for her, right? Or maybe not, we don’t know her lifestyle maybe she is used to this. Either way, her new husband couldn’t man up and maybe steal something instead of selling his wife out? That’s messed up. If you’re in need of money that bad then that means you are doing something wrong, including marrying the wrong man. Two brokes don’t make a dollar. Does this strike anyone else as the beginning of an abusive relationship? What are the chances that this marriage survived? She either got sick of being the breadwinner or he manned up and made things right. Regardless, this situation will forever haunt them, especially her. Damn, life is hard AF.

10 Psych Ward Bride

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Apparently, this guy thought his brother's wedding was the best one he had been to until the bride and her underage friends went "psycho". Alcohol is a hell of a thing. Time and time again, people say if you can’t hold your liquor, DON’T DRINK. Then again, no one ever heeds to these warnings. Isn’t the bride pissed off that she ended up in a psych ward on her wedding night instead of on a plane off to her honeymoon, or enjoying her wedding night with her husband? Can you imagine what she looked like showing up in a psych ward wearing a wedding dress? She probably wants to forget the whole thing that is if she even remembers it in the first place. Her anniversary will forever be shrouded in negativity.

9 Wedding Night Drugs

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If you can’t handle your drugs, don’t do them. Especially on your wedding night. People should already know how drugs affect them, and if you decided that your wedding night was the perfect time to try pot, then you are sorely misinformed. If smoking makes you act out of character and makes you want to engage in an unhealthy relationship with your brother-in-law... well, don’t do it. How does this bride feel a year later now that she is in the full swing of marriage with a dangerous secret on her mind? One has to wonder how she acts around her brother-in-law. Is she awkward or flirty? Did she decide to keep sleeping with him? The entire situation is all kinds of messed up. Please tell us more.

8 Strip Club Honeymoon For One

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It seems as though a lot of people are marrying really terrible people. Ultimately, she probably felt trapped because she already has a baby, and it can be difficult being a single mother with a newborn child. What was going through his head? Maybe he was thinking he wasn’t going to get any anyway because it looks like they couldn’t find a babysitter, so why not celebrate his wedding night with a bunch of strippers. He must have thought the bachelor party came after the wedding ceremony... that’s okay people get that confused all the time. On the bright side, she was able to get quality time with her baby (as if she needed more) and him, well he got to put dollar bills in ladies' underwear.

7 Worst Day Ever

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This statement is bold, embarrassing, sad, and upsetting. How can one person be so disappointed on their wedding day? One has to wonder what happened to make this person feel this way. Did she secretly hate her groom? Or maybe her bridal party? Was she embarrassed by family members, or did her wedding not turn out the way she wanted? How sad for her. No one should feel this kind of sadness on such a special day. It's bad luck to hate your wedding day. What about the anniversary? Do you think she hates it every year when it rolls around? If she’s still married do you think they celebrate it? This is a completely messed up situation. Hopefully one day she gets a do-over and makes it everything she ever wanted.

6 The Wrong Man

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Ugh, that’s awkward. Right off the bat, we are all dying to know, did the guy she wished she married know that she was longing for him? Better yet, why didn’t she just marry him? Why did she settle? It sounds like she’s setting her life up to be full of resentment and boredom. No one should ever marry the person that they don’t feel is 100% the right one. This is why divorce rates are so high. The first sign of an issue and people are running to the courthouse to file papers. The guy she ended up marrying couldn’t have been that bad right? She married him, so, he must have a few good qualities. What more can anyone say? She made her decision.

5 "Cried Myself To Sleep"

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Now we see why people opt for a cash bar or a dry wedding altogether. No one wants their wedding day ruined by a drunk loser, especially when that loser is your new husband. Embarrassed? Check. Annoyed? Check. In tears at the end of the night? Check. Let this be a lesson to you all if your families do not get along! Do not have alcohol at your wedding because crap like this happens. It seems like liquid courage got the best of this young man. Not only did he piss off his new in-laws, he also managed to upset the women he is supposed to spend the rest of his life with, AND make her cry herself to sleep. Good job, buddy. Where did you sleep that night?

4 Cheating Husband

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What is up with all these shady men? After reading a text like that, her next move was probably be out the door, back home to mom and dad, and she probably spent the next day getting all her paperwork in order to file for an annulment. Baby or not, that situation is foul AF and no one deserves to be treated like that. At least she found out early enough to get an annulment – it will be like it never happened. When the next suitor asks if she has been married she can confidently say “no”. He is so cliché anyway. The secretary, come on, you can do better than that can’t you? At least cheat with someone who she maybe doesn’t have to look at every day.

3 Bad Best Friend

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This is why women have a hard time trusting other women. How can you call yourself a best friend when you have been sleeping with her husband, and currently still are? What is your endgame here? Are you hoping he leaves her? Or maybe you are trying to prove some kind of a point. Maybe you are just that insecure that you only feel good about yourself when you prove you can steal other people’s husbands. Keep going, and at this rate, you will never be a wife you will always be a side chick. Yeah it’s an Instagram fad now, but in about 2 years, your status will be back to whatever new derogatory term people come up with for glorified "other woman". Your friend card is officially revoked.

2 Allergic To What?

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Who knew this was even a possibility? What is the active ingredient in the baby making juice that someone can be allergic to? Is it wrong that we are googling pictures of the allergic reaction? Don’t act like you aren’t doing the same thing. Either this couple is never having kids, or the process is going to be so annoying that they will have a hard time. Still, this isn’t a good enough reason to do the deed before marriage. What was her plan if she hooked up with him before they got married? Was she going to leave him? They would still have to go through whatever the process is if they wanted to continue to be together. Regardless, this is a new one or maybe she hated it and is just really good at lying.

1 Pokemon For The Win

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If this statement isn’t a testament to our times, well, what is? This couple is probably so cute, it's a guarantee he probably wasn’t even mad about that break in their fun. Pokémon Go has been the topic of discussion amongst many people since it was released, and Pokémon has been a pillar in many of our childhoods. But even still, we are almost certain that people are not used to talking about it in this position. What was it that just couldn’t wait 'til after the deed? Maybe she was playing Pokémon Go while all this was happening she probably saw a freaking Drowzie – what a waste. Social media has already found its way into the most private part of the bedroom so why not a gaming app? There are worse things that people could do. At least she isn’t sleeping with so and so.

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