Whisper Confessions: 15 Horrifying Wrong Person Texts They Weren't Supposed To See

There’s no greater feeling than getting that vibration or hearing that little bing that lets you know that you just received a text message. For some of us, text messages are few and far between, so it’s always exciting to get a new message. Maybe it’s from a friend? Maybe it’s from your crush? Or maybe it wasn’t meant for you at all? The last are the absolute worst. Of course, we’re talking about wrong number texts. But as much as it sucks when you get a text that was meant for someone else, it’s even worse when that text drops a bombshell that you wish you never would have seen. Whether you get a text from your partner meant for their ex, an adult selfie from a co-worker, or a flirtatious text from a family member, these accidental texts will make you never want to receive a text message again. Here are the 15 of the worst wrong person texts.

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15 I’m Cheating On You


This confession definitely starts things off with a bang! You would never expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to hate you and/or cheat on you. Scratch that... You would never expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to text you that they hate you and/or are cheating on you. Unfortunately for this girl, that’s exactly what happened when she got a text from her boyfriend that was supposed to be for his friend. While cheating on your partner is disgusting, I sincerely hope that this was indeed an accident on the boyfriend’s part by texting this, because if he sent this on purpose as a way to break up with her, you really can’t get much lower than that. This is definitely one of the worst wrong person texts you can get.

14 Nude Selfie


Ah, the old nude selfie. There’s nothing quite like getting a text message and looking at your phone, only to see that there is a naked person on your screen. The only way this scenario could be any worse is if you got a nude selfie from someone you didn’t want one from. This next person happened to receive a nude selfie from a fellow co-worker. It’s one thing getting a nude from someone you went out with. It’s a whole other thing getting one from someone you work with. We can only assume that this woman moved out of the state because there is no way you can face someone after sending that kind of text. Then again, we don’t know if this is the first time something like this has happened to her.

13 Father Knows Best


I just threw up in my mouth after reading this next Whisper confession. This girl received pretty much the worst text any daughter could ever receive from her father. There isn’t enough bleach in the world that can erase this image from her memory. “Hey Sexy.” The two words no children want to hear come out of their parent’s mouth. While this text message from an overzealous father was indeed meant for his wife, it turns out that his daughter was the unlucky recipient. This is why it is so important to take an extra few seconds before sending any text to make sure you are sending it to the right person! I can’t even imagine what their next family gathering will be like. That must be one awkward family dinner.

12 The Ex


When you breakup with someone, the best way to get over them is to cut all ties. Get rid of their number and remove them from all of your social media. The last thing you want to see is your ex move on with someone else. This next guy, however, was not so lucky. This accidental text from his ex about how cute another guy was, is a real punch to the stomach. If you are not over your ex and you find out that they think someone else is cute, there is no worse feeling than that. Everyone wants their ex to be miserable and not able to get over you. Is that so much to ask for? I don’t want to hear about how cute they think someone is, unless it’s a baby. This really is one of the worst wrong person texts.

11 The Boss


It’s the three words that everyone wants to hear from their crush: “I Love You.” “I Love You” also happens to be the three words that nobody ever wants to hear from their boss. Nevertheless, this next person received this very text from their boss. I would have really loved to hear the apology text in response to the accidental “love you” because let’s be honest, how does somebody make a mistake like that? Does this person and their boss text as much as the boss and his spouse? Because why else would their recent texts be so close together that someone can make this sort of mistake? Let’s hope that Human Resources has a talk with the boss about workplace relationships so that they don’t get a lawsuit on their hands.

10 Weed


While a lot of people are in favor of legalizing marijuana, I'm almost certain that their opinions on it will change if they had received this next text message. Nobody, at least nobody that I know, ever wants to think of their mother smoking the devil’s lettuce. Parents aren’t supposed to be seen doing those things. Additionally, if parents really wanted their kids to stop drinking or doing drugs, they would have to do is do those things themselves. If people’s parents are smoking and drinking, do you think that kids would ever want to do it? No, because if our parents are doing it, it’s no longer cool. While this may have been an accidental text, the mother probably got her child to stop smoking the bubonic chronic. So it’s a win-win for her.

9 Mom’s Boyfriend


I'm not sure what’s up with the moms on here, but they need to stop with all of this nonsense. The last mom is smoking weed and now this next mother has a boyfriend who is accidentally texting the mother’s daughter? Get your acts together, moms! I have so many questions, but the first, and the most obvious one is why does this mother’s boyfriend even have the daughter’s phone number to begin with? You can’t accidentally text your girlfriend’s daughter if you don’t have her number. Does this mean that the mother gave her boyfriend her daughter’s number? And secondly, this is probably the worst way to find out that your mother is cheating on your father. Actually, the worst way imaginable would actually be catching them in a compromising position. This is definitely one of the worst wrong person texts, though.

8 I Still Love You


Sometimes we meet someone who will start a fire inside us that cannot die. However, the sad truth is that they are not always the ones who we end up with. This next girl learned this hard truth when she received an accidental text from her boyfriend and realized that he was still in love with his ex. We can’t really blame the guy here for trying to message his ex. If you’re still in love with that person, you should let them know because there is no sense stringing someone else along in a relationship if you don’t truly love that person. That’s not fair to anyone. The only mistake this guy made was not making sure he was texting the right person. Hopefully this girl doesn’t stick around and finds someone better.

7 Awkward!


I don’t know about you, but when I receive a text message from a complete stranger, I don’t immediately start flirting with them... I guess I’m old fashioned in that sense. However, when this next girl got a text message from someone named Alex, she immediately put the moves on him. Nevertheless, this flirty conversation with the stranger must have gone really well because Alex ended up friending her on Facebook. It must have been one heck of a surprise when she found out that Alex wasn’t a he, but instead, a she. Maybe this will teach her to a) not assume someone’s gender based on their name and b) don’t flirt with a stranger who accidentally texts you. This way you can avoid all that unnecessary awkwardness.

6 Surprise!


Can anybody think of the worst way to find our that their parents aren’t actually married? If you thought of by text message, you’re cheating and that’s not fair. But you would also be right. How would someone even begin to process this type of information? This person just realized that their whole life has been a lie. They have spent every single day of their life assuming that their mother and father were married, never giving it a second thought. And then to make matters worse, this person had to find out this life changing revelation by text. And the text wasn’t even for them. The mother meant to send it to the father! Now, thanks to the mother’s carelessness, she and her “boyfriend/supposed husband” are probably going to have to get married.

5 Boobs


Seriously, what is with these moms and accidental texts?! We need to amend the constitution so that moms are no longer allowed to use Smartphones. No good will ever come of moms texting. Don’t believe me? Look no further than the mother of all wrong person texts (pun intended!). This guy’s mom accidentally texted him a picture of her boobs... Would you excuse me for a second, we’re starting to feel a little nauseous. If there was ever a question of what’s the last text you would ever want to see, I'm pretty sure this would be it. Not only did this guy have to see his mother’s breasts, but he also has to realize that this was intended for someone else to see. I can only hope that it was intended for his father.

4 Aunt And Uncle


Just when we thought that moms we’re the worst when it came to texting, the aunts try to give them a run for their money. Nobody ever wants to think of another family member in a sexy situation or trying to be sexy. That’s just plain creepy. So you can imagine this next person's reaction when they received this good morning text from their “overzealous” aunt. Of course this text was intended for the aunt’s husband, but that doesn’t lessen the impact of the grossness or awkwardness that comes along with it. You would think that if someone is sending a risqué text, you would at least think they would have the brains to double check the recipient. Now, because the aunt didn’t think to check who she was texting, she can never look her nephew in the eyes again.

3 Sleeping Beauty


I don’t know about you, but the last place I would want to learn that my partner is cheating on me would be lying in bed next to them... You are finding out such a terrible secret in such a vulnerable place. Nevertheless, this next girl found out her boyfriend was cheating the hard way. It seems that this girl’s boyfriend was intending to text another girl when he accidentally texted his girlfriend, “She’s asleep.” Surprise dude! She wasn’t asleep, and surprise again, you no longer have a girlfriend. This guy better hope his side chick was worth it because it looks like she’s all he’s got now that he didn’t take the time to check who he was texting. While this is one of the worst wrong person texts, at least it happened so the girl could learn she was being played.

2 Best Friends Forever


Being best friends is a very sacred bond between two people. When your best friends with someone, it means that you can share anything with that person without judgment. You know what you can always turn to your best friend in your time of need and that your best friend always has your back. Unfortunately for this next girl, she found out that her best friend isn’t such a good friend when she received an accidental text from her. This girl found out that not only was her best friend not a virgin, but she had a pregnancy scare! Doesn’t that seem like something you would share with a best friend? If you can’t share that with your best friend, then who the heck can you share it with? It looks like her supposed “best friend” showed her true colors.

1 Love, Dad


This next Whisper confession hurts a lot more than you think it would. Have you ever noticed that when a parent yells at you, it sucks, but you don’t always feel bad afterwards? However, when a parent doesn’t yell, and tells you that they are disappointed in you, man, that one hurts. It's always the more subtle jabs that hurt the most. So you can imagine this next person's pain when they find out what their father really thinks of them when their father sent them a text meant for someone else. Hearing from your dad that you take the fun out of parenting has to really hurt. You are basically finding out that your father doesn’t enjoy having you as his child. Who would have thought that the worst wrong person text could be so innocent?

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