Whisper Confessions: 15 Insanely Satisfying Retributions On Horrible Roommates

Most of us have had a roommate at one point in time. They are a necessary evil. If you could live on your own, you would, but since everything is so expensive, you have to move in with somebody else just so that you can afford to not be stuck at home with your parents. When you have two different people living in the same space together, problems are bound to arise. Some of them you can deal with, but others are just so horrible that you actually might contemplate moving back in with your mom and dad, but no one wants that. So you stick it out and if you’re like most of the population you may just suffer in silence until you find someplace else to go, but if you’re like these daring individuals, you just may choose to take matters into your own hands by seeking some revenge.

15 This One Who Finished Their Car War


There’s a significant population of the driving world, who treat their cars like their babies. If you did anything to harm it, then they would seriously come after you. That’s why when some person decided that it would be a nice idea to key their roommate’s car, the other roomie chose to get some revenge. They could’ve retaliated by doing the same thing, but instead this individual took it to the next level by stripping all of the paint off. Fixing a keyed vehicle is expensive but it’s nowhere near as costly as getting one repainted. That’s what makes this vengeance so perfect. The owner of this whisper confession didn’t just settle for retaliation that was equal to the wrongs that they had suffered. They went above and beyond!

14 This One Who Didn’t Want To Share Undies


The thought of sharing underwear with somebody makes me gag a little bit. Even if they’ve just been washed, it still doesn’t seem like something that I’d be even remotely interested in doing. However, if you were going to do it then it should be with someone that you’re close to. Borrowing them from a significant other, family member, or a close friend is less nauseating than taking them from your roommate that you didn’t even get permission from. This girl was so lazy that she would rather risk wearing her roomie’s undies (that may or may not be clean) than actually doing her laundry herself. After she puts on these icy hot undergarments, she’s going to wish that she had gathered up enough energy to clean her own.

13 This One Who Just Wanted Some Peace and Quiet


Using an alarm to get up is completely normal. Most of us don’t want to take a chance on oversleeping, so we use it so that we don’t end up late for work or any other plans that we may have. There are those of us who just need to set one in order to get up, but then there are others who need to utilize multiple alarms. The latter group of people can be a bit annoying to those who happen to live with them. Hearing a loud noise going off every couple of minutes can be enough to drive anyone insane. That’s why it was particularly inconsiderate for this person’s roommate to not even bother to turn off their wake up call. The individual who made this confession may have to pay for all of the rent now that their roomie is unemployed, but at least they’ll be able to get some uninterrupted shut eye.

12 This One Who Steals Food


Living with someone who doesn’t clean up after themselves can get really old very quickly. You’re both adults, but for some reason that person just hasn’t mastered the art of tidying up. You shouldn’t have to worry about having to pick up after yourself and the full grown man or woman that you’re living with too, but that’s exactly what this individual has to do on a regular basis. Even though his roomie has decided to take on the role of his parent in this instance, at least they have discovered a way to get some payment for it. Food is an expensive necessity, but this person has discovered how to save money in that area by taking a reward for cleaning up after their lazy roommate.

11 This One Who Wasn’t Trying To Share Food


This whisper confessor is obviously more aware of their food than the roommate in the last confession is because this person is totally aware that someone has been stealing their groceries from them. Some people just can’t seem to respect other people’s property, and the girl who’s mentioned in this confession happens to be one of them. This individual’s roomie has been taking food that doesn’t belong to her, and so retaliation for this act seems like the only logical option. After they discovered that their rations were being pilfered, they made the decision to make the thief suffer by using the very thing that she has been thieving. After her sure to be traumatic experience inside of the bathroom, she will probably never eat any of this person’s treats ever again!

10 This One Who Just Wanted To Eat Oreos


After spending many difficult hours at work, sometimes all you want to do is come home and eat something that has absolutely zero nutritional value. Things that are sweet, salty, and fatty fall in to that category. Many times the thought of enjoying these items is what gets you through your day. So there’s no worse feeling than coming back to your place and finding out that your thieving roommate has eaten your treat. You may no longer be able to have what your heart has been desiring since the moment you woke up that morning, but you can ease that pain by getting revenge like this person did. Making your roomie eat toothpaste filled oreos is pretty satisfying as far as vengeance is concerned.

9 This One Who Just Wants A Clean Toilet


We all spend time in the bathroom (some more than others). We go in when we’re trying to get ready to leave our homes and we also use it when we have to relieve ourselves. Toilets definitely aren’t the cleanest places in our houses, but there are some things that we can do to make it not as gross. We can flush it after we’re done, and every once in awhile when the bowl starts getting a little grungy, we can scrub it. Since everyone uses it, it’s only fair that everybody contributes to cleaning it. That’s just common courtesy, or at least it is to most of us. Some individuals, like this person’s roommate, haven’t picked up on this simple politeness. Unfortunately for her, her roomie was able to teach her this important lesson with a little bit of revenge.

8 This One Who Just Wanted Their Roommate To Flush


Again, toilets aren’t the cleanest place in your home, but at the very least, you can flush it in order to help keep it clean. It literally takes a second for you to do it and by doing it you’re sparing the person that comes after you the horror of having to see your bodily excrements. People don’t want to look at their own, so they surely don’t want to see others. This person had enough of their roommate’s inconsiderate habit, so they decided to get a little sting inducing payback.

It would be nice if you could shave without getting any cuts, but that’s not always the case, so there’s aftershave (for men anyway). If you’ve ever gotten lemon juice on an open cut before then you know just how painful that can be, but can you imagine how horrible it would be for someone to have that feeling all over their face? If you want to know then you can ask this guy!

7 This One Who Just Wanted To Use The Bathroom


When you share a bathroom with someone, you have to learn how to split the time evenly. You may want to spend hours in there, but you can’t because there is another person living with you who might need to use it. If you’re being petty like this person’s roommate then you may choose to remain in there for hours just to make the other individual you’re living with angry. Regrettably, this whisper confessor’s roomie has had to pay the price for spending too long in the restroom. This revenge seeker was able to get revenge by peeing in the perpetrator’s sink. If you’re going to take too long getting ready, then you’re also going to have to be prepared to have someone pee in your sink.

6 This One Who Smashed Her Laptop


When you room with someone you don’t know, you always run the risk of ending up with a person who isn’t considerate. In the best case scenario, you’re roomie may end up playing music a little bit too loudly. One of the worst scenarios would be if you had someone living with you who ended up stealing your stuff. It doesn’t get much worse than that. This person’s roommate not only had the nerve to steal this whisper confessor’s money, but she also took the TV. Rule number one of living with somebody else is that you should never under any circumstances touch their TV! Now how is this individual supposed to watch the latest episode of The Bachelorette!?! At least they were able to enact their revenge by taking the time to break her stuff and cut up her clothes.

5 This One Who Wasn’t About Her Stealing Money


When you’re a child and you haven’t learned how to hold your pee yet, sometimes you’ll end up having an accident. It can happen during the day, but most of the time it occurs at night. You don’t know how to wake yourself up yet if you need to go, so you end up just sleeping through it. That’s why we associate wetting the bed with children. If one of your friends told you that they did it, you would probably be a bit concerned. It rarely happens to adults, but when it does, the person who does it usually winds up pretty embarrassed because it’s something that they should have outgrown. That’s why this whisper confessor’s roommate will be suffering for quite some time. She has to now deal with the embarrassment that comes from pissing yourself. And to think this all could have been avoided if she had decided not to steal from her roomie.

4 This One Whose Roommate Goes Through Their Phone


No one should touch your personal property without your permission. If they wouldn’t want you to go through their stuff then they should return the favor and stay away from your belongings. That being said, there are people out there who just can’t seem to keep their grimy paws to themselves. They snoop through other’s items because their curious nature outweighs their desire to exhibit common decency. It’s just something that shouldn’t be done, but at least this person was able to get revenge on their roommate who pried. If you’re going to be bold enough to go through somebody’s phone then you have to also be okay with finding information in there that you might not be happy with. Maybe now this girl will stop looking through other people’s cells.

3 This One Who Won’t Let Their Roomie Use Free Internet


Internet has essentially become a necessity in our modern world. People use it for literally everything. There are even some out there who would be lost without it, which is why most of us have it in our homes. We can’t check our social media accounts, check our emails, watch missed shows, and countless of other things without it. That’s why it’s important that you pay your bill on time so that you can actually have access to all of this. This person wasn’t going to let their roommate’s faulty finances stop them from being able to log on to the world wide web, so they paid for her portion of it as well. But just because there’s WiFi in the house doesn’t mean that she’ll be able to use it. Next time, she’ll have to learn how to budget her money more carefully!

2 This One Who Just Wants A Clean Kitchen


It’s okay if you want to leave your room a mess, but shared spaces should be kept clean. The bathroom, living room, dining area, and kitchens, should all be tidy. And it’s easy enough to do, too. If you dirty something then it should be cleaned up right after its dirtied. If everyone does this then you won’t have a problem with messy spaces. This is common sense to most, but there are some people out there who don’t seem to understand this concept. This girl who can’t seem to do her own dishes is one of those people. If you wait around to wash them until there are piles of work to do then you’re going to be too lazy to do it, but if you clean them as you use them then you won’t have that issue. Perhaps now this girl will learn to do a better job with keeping her plates, cups, bowls, pots, pans, utensils, etc. washed.

1 This One Who Just Wanted Their Half Of The Rent


Once a month like clockwork, you have to pay your rent. It’s a hassle, but you do it because the alternative would mean that you would have to live out on the streets. The burden becomes a little bit easier to bear when you have someone to split that cost with. You wouldn’t be able to afford it without that person who lives with you, so you expect them to pay up just like you have to. You don’t anticipate having them spend their half of it on drugs. Sadly, that’s what this individual had to deal with. This whisper confessor may have had to pay the whole portion of it for a month, but now the roommate knows what it feels like to have ghost pepper up her who-ha. I can only imagine how painful that is! I bet you next time she’ll think twice before putting weed above her home.

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