Whisper Confessions: 15 Of The Worst First Days Of School

We all know the feeling. Summer is coming to end, and back to school signs are everywhere. It’s a new school year, which means a chance for a fresh start. All you have to do is get through the first day and everything will be alright. However, most times, things don’t always go as planned and the first day back ends up being the worst day of school. Whether it involves falling face first on the floor, showing up to the wrong school, or accidentally flipping off a teacher, a bad first day of school can stick with a person for the rest of their life.

Thanks to the users of the Whisper app, we are able to see just how terrible the first day of school can truly be. Here are the 15 of the worst first days back to school.

15 White Jeans


If girls are at a certain age where they first get their periods, why on earth would the school uniform be white jeans? You are just asking for trouble. It’s almost as if the administration is trying to pull a prank on all of the girls in the school. It’s as if all of the faculty and administrators got together and asked themselves, “What would be the worst color jeans possible that we can make these young girls wear?” Also, I’m not sure if they heard, but you don’t wear white after Labor Day. This poor girl’s first day of school could not have gone any worse. Let’s just hope that no one made fun of her and that she was able to resolve this unfortunate situation.

14 Flag Football


Being the new kid at school can be tough. You’re in a whole new atmosphere and you have to make all new friends. It’s pretty intimidating because you’re so worried that you are going to screw it all up. You’re only allowed to make one first impression, so you better make it count. Unfortunately, if you are reading this list, you know that it didn’t go well at all for this next person. What started out as a simple game of flag football in gym class quickly escalated into an act of sexual assault. At least that’s what I would call grabbing someone’s pants and ripping them down the middle of class. Why they were playing flag football on the first day of school? We may never know. Let’s just be grateful this student was wearing underwear.

13 Break A Leg


What could possibly be worse than falling on the bleachers in front of the entire school on the first day? How about breaking your foot after falling on the bleachers in front of the entire school on the first day? Breaking any bone is no fun, not to mention extremely painful. And nobody wants people to see them cry, so the only good thing I can possibly see in this situation is that no one heard this person crying because the sound of everyone’s laughter was just too loud. I’m not sure how this person will be able to live this one down. Their best bet is to move, change schools, and try not breaking their foot next time. Might I suggest always sitting in the first row of the bleachers, as to have no more accidents.

12 Driver’s Ed


Road rage is a very real thing and this next Whisper confession is chock full of it. The two things you never want to mix are driving and school. Who would ever think that would be a good idea? Having said that, I can certainly understand the aggravation that comes along with driving behind a slow driver. It’s like, come on, I have places to be! However, just because the driver in front of you is slow, doesn’t mean you have to flip them off. For all you know, that driver could be your teacher. How crazy would that be if you were to flip off your teacher? Oh wait, this person actually did that? Sucks to be them... See, this is why it’s always better to just take the bus. There is a zero chance of you flipping off your teachers that way.

11 Smells Like Teen Spirit


I can’t imagine what this person did to those kind, innocent cheerleaders that would make them throw this person into a dumpster on their first day of school. Whatever it is this person did to them, those cheerleaders definitely did not deserve it. The cheerleaders were only acting in self-defense when they threw this person in the dumpster... I mean, think about it? Why would these cheerleaders do something so mean to another student? That’s doesn’t sound like something cheerleaders would do... Cheerleaders are never cliquey and never treat other people poorly. This Whisper user has no one to blame but themselves for having a terrible first day of school. Oh wait, I’m totally being sarcastic right now. Cheerleaders can be nasty b*tches. The stench of the garbage on this person’s clothes is temporary, but the stench of those cheerleaders’ personalities lasts a lifetime.

10 Face First


What a way to start off your first day of school. This first Whisper confession has all of the major components to a bad first day of school. There’s falling, injury, and public humiliation. That’s what we in the business call “the trifecta.” Let’s start with the obvious question here. Why was this person trying to jump over that metal bar? It’s the first day of school — save the acrobatics for the next semester. The risk-reward ratio is just too poor here. If this person makes the jump, then what? It’s no big deal. However, if you miss it, then you risk making a complete fool of yourself. It’s just not worth it. I can almost picture this person lying on the floor while their classmates are stepping over them.

9 Happy Birthday!


This next Whisper confession is so bad that I’m actually starting to feel second hand embarrassment. This worst first day of school confession is actually worse than it seems. While it may not seem terrible, trust me, it’s pretty bad. Something as simple as saying “Happy Birthday” instead of “bless you” when someone sneezes is incredibly embarrassing, especially in high school. Moreover, something like this can follow someone for the rest of their time at that school. What was this person even thinking when they said Happy Birthday? That’s such a strange association. The two events are so unrelated and that makes this accident that much weirder. There seems to be only one way out of this mess: this person has to hope that someone says something much worse so that people forget about them ever saying Happy Birthday.

8 Falling Out Of Love


I really feel for this next person. Unlike the first person on this list who tried jumping over their chair, this person falling off a chair seems like it was completely out of their control. It’s an unfortunate accident to happen on the first day of school. However, if that wasn’t bad enough, this person almost broke their leg because why not add insult to injury? But wait, there’s more! If someone asks you what’s the last thing you would want to do, I’m pretty sure it would be to piss off your crush. As fate would have it for this Whisper user, their crush stopped texting them. That has to be rough. If your crush stops texting you on the first day of school, how could you possibly look forward to the rest of the school year?

7 Wrong School


Here’s a question for you: Do you know how you end up having the worst first day of school? By actually going to the wrong school. I can certainly understand someone walking into the wrong classroom, but the wrong school? Are you kidding me?! I need to know at what point did this person think to themselves, “Hey, something doesn’t seem right about this school… Oh no! I think I’m in the wrong school!” If you really think about it, this person is probably the only one to have the two worst first days of school. One for the wrong school, and one for the right school. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. I can’t wait to see what this person does on their first day of college. “Wait a minute, this isn’t Harvard. I did it again!”

6 Teacher’s Pet


There seems to be a common theme among the worst first day of school. That theme, of course, is falling. So, it would only make sense for this next Whisper user to confess to falling down the stairs. That, in and of itself, is a pretty terrible first day of school. The only way to make matters worse would be if this person physically assaulted their teacher in the act. And to no one’s surprise, that is exactly what happened. As unlucky as this person is, they are incredibly lucky that the teacher’s scolding hot tea didn’t burn her or another student. The only thing that can make this day worse would be third degree burns and a trip to the hospital. No offense to this teacher, but come on. How long can she hold a grudge for?

5 Regurgitation


I'm kicking it old school with this first day of kindergarten flashback. It seems that when it comes to the worst first days of school, people seem to not talk about kindergarten. Could it be that people are just trying to repress it because it was so much worse than junior high or high school? For this next user, apparently so. Thankfully, no one has ever thrown up on me yet (*knock on wood*). But I can imagine that if someone did, I would bury that thought so far down inside me that I would never find it again. I can’t even be around someone who is puking, or I’ll start puking. The good news at least is that the rest of this person’s first days of school will never be worse than this one.

4 The Test


What kind of sick person starts the school year off by giving their students a test? Every student is still in vacation mode. Also, how can you give someone a test if you didn’t teach them anything yet? This boggles the mind. Teachers should be testing students on the material they teach them. Since this is the first day of class, the teacher has clearly not taught them anything yet. And now, this Whisper user is starting off the school year with an “F.” That’s not much of a confidence booster. How about you start off the year by giving everyone in the class an “A”? That would make them feel better and give them an ego boost. Positive reinforcements are always the better way to go. What a terrible first day of school.

3 Goodnight


There are only two very basic requirements when it comes to school. Show up and stay awake. This next Whisper user is only good for one out of the two. I would actually love to be a fly on the wall in that office because to have the same student show up three times for the exact same offense is pretty damn funny. The first time you fall asleep in class is not so bad. You’re back at school after a long summer, you’re still tired, I get it. However, the second time you fall asleep, it’s like, seriously? You just went to the office for that? Then comes the THIRD time. It’s almost as if this person was actively trying to fall asleep. You don’t accidentally fall asleep three times in three separate classes. Now your teachers are not going to be too fond of you.

2 Preschool Problems


I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone what happened to me on the first day of preschool. Then again, if something this awful happened to me back then, I’d probably remember it pretty vividly too. Don’t you just hate nepotism? Just because this kid’s dad was the principal of the preschool, does that mean that they can go around busting other kid’s lips open? That’s how kids grow up to become serial killers. Actually, I have absolutely no evidence to make that claim, but that’s beside the point. Now, because of this kid who thinks they can get away with anything, this Whisper user not only had the worst first day of school, but they had the worst start to their educational career.

1 Puke Girl


If you end up with a nickname on the first day of school, you know that your year is pretty much over. There has never been a scenario where someone ends the first day of school with a really cool nickname. It’s always a bad nickname because something truly embarrassing happened. Not only is the nickname, “Puke Girl,” one of the worst I have ever heard, but anyone who hears it—who doesn’t even know her—can pretty much guess exactly how they got it. What could be more terrifying than throwing up in front of everyone? I don’t know. Pissing yourself, maybe? The worst part is that this nickname stuck with this person. Hopefully no one at their next school finds out about “Puke Girl.” Woof.

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