Whisper Confessions: 15 People Come Clean About Their Tattoos

We all know tattoos are permanent. Unless you get it removed with a laser or get it covered up, the tattoos you get are on your body for pretty much the rest of your life. And since tattoos are permanent, many people are extra careful and choose a tattoo they'll never regret and admire forever. However, sometimes, that's easier said than done. It's really hard to predict what you're going to like as your future self. Plus, you might end up regretting something other than just the tattoo itself; like where you got it on your body, who you got it with, or how it looks. Regret isn't the only tattoo secret someone might have, though. Users of the Whisper app have confessed all kinds of secrets about their own ink. Keep reading to check out 15 confessions that will make you think twice about getting inked up.

15 This Makeup Regret

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Regretting a tattoo must really suck, but we can't even imagine how bad that would be when the tattoo you regret is on your face. Getting makeup, like eyeliner, tattooed on always seemed pretty extreme to me, but it could totally work for some people! It makes total sense to get your eyebrows or eyeliner tattooed because it saves you so much time and money. Think about how much more you could sleep in if you didn't have to perfect the art of the cat eye! Unfortunately, as this Whisper user found out, it's pretty hard to pick a makeup look that will be in style forever. How many of us wore makeup that was trendy when we were younger, but regret seeing pictures of it now? Luckily, most of us just get to toss those pictures out and just wipe off that raccoon liner. This person, on the other hand, wasn't as lucky.

14 Cover Ups Can Be Rough

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Although getting a tattoo covered up can be a good option if you regret your ink, it also has its downsides. Most of the time, the new design has to be bigger and often darker than the one that you're trying to cover up. Some artists are incredibly talented and can really do an amazing job covering up old tattoos. It can be hard to even tell what the person had to begin with. But, if you regret the fact that you got such a large, dark, or colorful piece, then you might have a tough time covering it up. It's also important to consider the area of your body that you want it on. Like this Whisper user discovered, the canvas that they're tattooing has to be big enough to fit the tattoo they're covering it up with. And sadly, her arm just isn't big enough to cover it the way she hoped for.

13 Tatted Up Teacher

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Sometimes, people assume that if a person keeps their tattoos covered up by their clothes, it means that they don't like them or regret getting them. While we're sure this can be true, it's definitely not always the case. Sometimes, a person's job keeps them from showing off the tattoos they have — even though they have no shame and love the work they have. Although a lot of jobs these days don't have such strict rules about having tattoos, there are still some that will either not hire you or require that you cover them up all the time during work. A lot of schools require their teachers to keep their tattoos hidden during the school year either to keep from influencing or distracting their students, or because they're against the dress code. So, if you're going into a field where tattoos may be considered taboo, choose your tattoo placement wisely.

12 A Rough Explanation

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Although not every tattoo has to have meaning behind it, a lot of people get tattoos that have some sort of significance to the person who got it. Whether it's an important quote or a memorial tattoo in honor of a loved one, tattoos can be incredibly personal. That's part of the reason why we get them. The semicolon is a symbol that a lot of people have gotten tattooed after it was popularized by Project Semicolon. Project Semicolon was founded by Amy Bleuel to raise awareness for self harm, suicide, and mental illness. Having a tattoo with a lot of importance and personal meaning can be pretty awkward to explain to people. We're sure this Whisper user doesn't really regret their tattoo, but having to explain the meaning behind it must get tiring.

11 Worth It!

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Most of the time, when people think of tattoo regrets, they think of the person regretting what they got. Maybe they got their ex's name and now they're no longer together. Or maybe they got lyrics from a band they can't stand now. That's not the only way a person can regret the tattoos they've gotten, though. They might also regret something a little less serious, like this Whisper user confessed to. Instead of regretting tattoos that they have, they just regret that they have less room for additional tattoos. That's totally worth it, right? We think that as far as tattoo regrets go, it could be so much worse. At least when it comes to regretting not having any more space on your body, it means that you've filled the space with some really awesome artwork.

10 This Unique Story

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Well, this is definitely different than other people's tattoo stories with their ex. Many people complain about getting a tattoo with an ex, or getting a tattoo that symbolizes their ex (like their ex's name). But on the contrary, this person has a totally different type of tattoo story when it comes to their ex. Instead of getting something while they were together and wanting to get it removed after they broke up, this person went a totally different route and got a tattoo of their anniversary AFTER they had already broken up. What?! Talk about an unexpected twist. We hope they love their new ink and that the two of them work out whatever is going on between them. Otherwise that could be a super awkward tattoo to explain to a new lover.

9 This Quick Regret

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Some people can take years before they start regretting a tattoo. Other people may never regret it and may love their tattoo forever. Other people, like this Whisper user, can get a case of tattoo regret pretty fast. Although we don't know what they regretted about it, we hope they got it fixed or grew to like it more as time went on! It's definitely a little bit of a shock to suddenly realize that you have this piece of art on your body forever, so we sort of understand this person's sudden feelings of regret. This is why it's really important to make sure that you think long and hard about what you're getting. Even if it's just a cute image and not something incredibly meaningful, make sure you love it!

8 Getting A Tattoo At 16

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There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo when you're young. As long as you really like what you're getting and you go to a reputable, clean tattoo studio with your parent or guardian's permission, it isn't a big deal. Tattoo artists will sometimes refuse to tattoo someone who is under 18 years old and all licensed artists will refuse to work without parental consent. But there are still plenty of artists that will work on someone who is 16 or 17 as long as their parents are fine with it. It's important to remember that they're permanent and you really need to pick something you're going to love forever. Just because you love a quote or a certain image as a teenager, doesn't necessarily mean you'll still love it when you're 40.

7 He's Not A Keeper

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Ouch! To us, this person is totally not missing out on anything. Seriously, if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want to be with you or get married to you over something as small as a tattoo, then they're not worth it to begin with. It's fine to regret your own tattoos, they're on your body and it's something that you have to live with until you possibly get it removed or covered up. But it's no one else's business or concern. If a friend or significant other tries to make you feel bad about your tattoos or doesn't want to marry you because of them, we think they're probably not the kind of person you want to be around anyway. Don't let other people's negative attitudes change the way you throughout life.

6 Better Luck Next Time

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Yikes! Getting a tattoo for or with someone you're dating is always risky. We know that no one wants to hear that. Everyone wants to think they'll be with their significant other forever and that they'll always love the tattoo they got for/with them. Unfortunately, for some people, that's not always the case. People, like this Whisper user, can get a couple's tattoo and then some time later, break up. We've even heard of some tattoo artists who won't do couple's tattoos because of this. Hopefully this person, and anyone else with a tattoo like this, can get it covered up or try to give it a new meaning, and be happy with it.

5 Always Go To A Professional

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No matter how much you love your tattoo idea, there's one thing that's really, really important when it comes to getting it done. Make sure you go to a talented and professional artist! Don't just go to your friend's backyard because they bought a tattoo gun and put it together last week! Your body is not meant to be their practice round. Seriously, it's not worth it. Even if you've seen the work they've done on other people and you think they're a super talented artist, it's really dangerous. Tattoo shops and artists go through a lot to get certified and have a clean, safe place to tattoo. Make sure you research the artist you're going to, to ensure that you like their style. It's also smart to visit the shop to make sure it's clean. Then, you won't have any issues with infections or not liking the art style.

4 This Professional Concern

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Thinking about the future can be really important when it comes to getting a tattoo. And it's not only because you might not be interested in whatever you got. There are other worries like this Whisper user brought up. Although tattoos are becoming more mainstream and more jobs are becoming more open about them, it's not always the case for every profession. There are still many jobs that don't always love when their employees are tatted up. This is especially something to consider if you're thinking of getting a tattoo in a very visible location. Luckily for this Whisper user, if the tattoo on their wrist isn't too big, they can just hide it with a watch or some bracelets. Hell, people might not even notice the tattoos even if they don't try to hide it.

3 Don't Try This At Home!

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Yikes! This is one tattoo practice that we definitely recommend you do not try at home. There's a reason that tattoo artists exist and work in shops that take cleanliness and sterility so seriously. Although it might seem like a more cost effective way of getting a tattoo, doing them at home is dangerous and should never be attempted. No matter how sterile you think your room is and no matter how much you paid for the equipment that you bought, just don't risk it. The possibility of getting infected or giving yourself a really awful tattoo that you're going to hate is sky high. This person is on the right track with being worried something might go wrong, but it could be so much worse than just their parents catching them.

2 This Daring Texter

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This is something we don't think most people worry about when they get a tattoo. Seriously, say goodbye to sending those more adult photos without it being obvious who it is! This Whisper user was definitely not thinking about that, but we get the feeling from their confession that they're not too concerned about it since they found another solution. (Even though they're not fond of the sound of it.) Without visible tattoos, no one could prove that those naked pictures were you, but it's hard to deny it when they can see your tattoos in the frame. Whoops! This is definitely a more unique tattoo regret and one we never thought of before this person mentioned it. Who knew tattoos could impact such personal parts of your life?

1 This Surprising Honesty

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Again, this is something we've never thought of. Is this really a problem for people? Although this is definitely a valid regret when it comes to having visible tattoos, we're just not sure how many people even have this problem. I guess if you do have a few tattoos and want to be in the adult-film industry, it's always possible to cover them up with a lot of makeup?

Whether it's for an adult-oriented job like this one or some special event where you don't want to show off your ink for any other reason, it's not that  hard to use makeup to cover your tattoos. So, for people who don't regret what they got done but do wish it was possible to hide it without putting clothes or jewelry over them, there's always a solution.

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