Whisper Confessions: 15 Rude Reasons People Have For Ghosting Someone

Ghosting. It’s the act of cutting off all communication with someone we are dating, but no longer wish to date. Rather than telling someone we are no longer interested, people ghost them in the hopes that the other person will take the hint and leave them alone. However, this is not always the case, as the person who was ghosted always ends up wondering why. Whether it involves getting back with their ex, being afraid of catching feelings, or simply because they didn’t feel like hanging out anymore, these people are able to give us a glimpse into why people cut off all contact. Like the saying goes, "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Yeah, unless we were ghosted. In which case, it is better to never have loved at all. Here are 15 crazy reasons people have for ghosting someone.

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15 Getting Back With My Ex

What is it about our exes that make us do dumb stuff? No matter how much you tell yourself “I’m not going to get back with my ex,” you still do it (or at least play around with the idea). How do they have that much control over us? Ghosting someone after one date is bad enough, but ghosting someone after a year of dating? That is just plain cold. Don’t you think if you've been with someone for a year, they at least deserve a text?! How do you even get away with doing that? The person you’re ghosting is probably going to think that you died if you just cut off all communication with them. This person’s ex better be worth it because once you ghost someone, there is no getting back together. It's incredibly cut-throat.

14 The Feels Are Real


File this next reason for ghosting someone under strange. Normally, when someone ghosts someone, it’s because they don’t like that person anymore. Think about it, if you like someone and you had strong feelings for them, would you be trying to get rid of them? No, of course not. The most obvious question here is why is this person afraid of catching feelings for the person they are dating? If you’re already dating someone, wouldn’t you already have feelings for them? Isn’t that the whole reason you go out with that person to begin with? And you have to figure that if this person is starting to feel something, the person they are dating is probably feeling something, too. That makes the whole “ghosting” thing that much worse.

13 One And Done


Nobody likes to get blown off when it comes to going on a date. You start wondering if you did something wrong or if it was just them. Either way, it’s not a good situation. Nevertheless, as bad it is to get blown off, ghosting someone in response is just as bad. To be honest, I kind of wish this next person didn’t ghost this girl because I think it would have been better that she knows what she did wrong in the first place. Why not tell her that she can’t just blow you off and that you deserve better? Ghosting would be stooping to her level and that is never a good thing. You don’t have to stick around, but don’t let someone off easy by ghosting them.

12 Best Friends


Newsflash: Ghosting isn’t just something people do to the ones they are dating. It turns out that it can also be done to best friends. Granted, the reason for this ghosting was because it involved one best friend wanting to go out on a date with the other, but that is beside the point. You don’t just throw around the term “best friend” like it’s no big deal. A best friend is someone who you can always count on and can turn to in your time of need. So it seems almost unbelievable that this next person can ghost their best friend because they are starting to catch feelings. Your so called “best friend” deserves better than that. I can’t even imagine what my best friend would have to do to me in order for ghosting them to be considered a reasonable option.

11 I Love You


“I Love You.” These are the three words everyone wants to hear from the person they are dating. Well, I should specify that; those are the words everyone wants to hear from the person that they have been dating for a while; not from the person you are on your first date with. Who does this? Seriously? Even if you really do love the person, you bite you lip and don’t even think about uttering those words yet. So now, because this person said “I love you” on the first date, they got ghosted. Look, I know that it was pretty dumb and premature to say that, but did this person really have to ghost this guy? Don’t they know that people want what they can’t have? As much as this guy loved this person before, this guy isn’t going to be able to think about anyone else now.

10 Didn’t Feel Like It


Huh, that was actually a pretty honest and succinct reason for ghosting someone. You hear that kids? If you don’t feel like meeting up with someone anymore, just stop calling, texting, messaging, and any other form of communications with them. It’s just so much easier that way. (That was a joke, of course.) I propose a question for this person: If someone didn’t feel like meeting up with you anymore, would you prefer that they ghosted you? It doesn’t feel too good when the shoe is on the other foot, huh? Everybody is always looking for the easy way out; nobody ever wants to put in the hard work when it comes to breaking up. Like, what happens when this person runs into their (now) ghosted-ex? They're going to wish they didn’t ghost them then.

9 Train Wreck


Please, tell us how you really feel. If this person really is hurting others and is as desperate, reckless, and a train wreck as this next person claims them to be, why would you ghost someone like this? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to tell them your reasonings so that it just might be the kick in the pants they need to help turn their life around? I can only imagine that being ghosted will push this person further off the rails. If this person is a train wreck now, just imagine how they are going to be after being ghosted.

Also, isn’t this person being somewhat of a hypocrite when claiming that the person they ghosted is hurting people, when ghosting in it of itself, is hurting someone?

8 Tattoos


Do you want to get ghosted? Because this is how you get ghosted! Seriously though, what normal person says something this brazen? If this next girl is covered in tattoos, then the tattoos are more likely than not, pretty visible. Therefore, it her tattoos are so visible, why would this guy go on a tear about how much he hates women with tattoos? Better yet, why would he even be going out with her in the first place? I know that I keep saying how wrong it is to ghost someone, but I think we may have finally found the exception. Who would ever want to call or text someone like this? I hope this guy likes being ghosted more than he likes women with tattoos.

7 No More Interruptions


I’m not going to lie, I am a little jealous of this next person. This person has had love interrupt their life so much that they had to resort to ghosting potential significant others. Most people are still trying to find someone they love, and this person can’t get rid of them fast enough. To each their own, I suppose. I just can’t help but wonder what has happened to this person in the past that would make them feel as if love is interrupting their life. But do you really need to ghost these people? Just because you don’t want any more interruptions in life, doesn’t mean that other girls don’t deserve an explanation for being ghosted. Also, I should mention that it's possible to talk to people without developing feelings for them. It’s called being friends.

6 Cheater


If ever there was a reason for ending a relationship with someone by cutting off all forms of communication without any sort of explanation, this may very well be it. Not only did this person cheat on this next Whisper user, but they have “been cheating” on them. That implies multiple times. The main issue with ghosting someone is that it leaves the person on the receiving end wondering what happened and what caused it all. That can be pretty infuriating and frustrating. However, that punishment doesn’t seem harsh enough for someone who cheats, so just ghosting them will have to do. I honestly can’t imagine how this guy wouldn’t figure out that he's being ghosted. You’re cheating on your girlfriend and she’s not answering your calls... Put two and two together, buddy.

5 Creeper


People, please don’t be creepy. It never ends well. It really does look like this next person had no choice in their ghosting of this guy. If a guy doesn’t listen to you when you say “no," get the heck out of that situation because I have to tell you, it’s only going to get worse from there. I can’t even begin to imagine what this guy did that would be considered creepy. I actually shudder to think about. Did he collect strands of this person’s hair? Did he tell this person how much he likes their skin? One day, the guy is being creepy, then the next day he’s making a lampshade out of your skin. Wake up people, this stuff happens! Sadly, the only way to get away from these kinds of people is to immediately cut off all forms of communication with them.

4 Sugar Mama


Wow, there is just so much wrong with all of this that I don’t even know where to start. First off, who asks someone to be their sugar mama? If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of specific dating sites just for that (seriously). Second, and more importantly, who thinks that Walmart is too high priced? If Walmart is too high priced for you, where do you even shop? Whatever happened to their “always low prices” slogan? This is just too much of bad situation. As much as I want to agree that ghosting them in this situation would be okay, I just can’t get there. Sure, this guy isn’t right for you, but just tell him that you’re no sugar mama. You’re better than that.

3 Stalker


If you are ever in a situation like this next person, I implore you to ghost them immediately. If you are asked to back off, what in your head tells you to then follow that person home and to their work, call them, email them, and text them? That is the exact opposite of backing off. When dealing with someone like this, you have to ghost them. You have to cut off all communication with that person and hope that they finally take the hint. I’m actually surprised it took to having them put their hand on this person, until this person finally ghosted them. Honestly, this person was actually too nice to them. Unfortunately, there is no time to be nice when you are being stalked.

You sir, have been ghosted.

2 Coward


This next Whisper confession pretty much says it all. When it comes to ghosting someone, most of the time, the reason for doing it pretty much comes down to one thing. Being a coward. In a normal situation, if you are dating someone or are friends with someone, and you want to end things, it takes a big person to just come out say something. If you have ever been ghosted, it’s hard to imagine how you can ever do it to someone else, knowing how it feels. If you were really close to someone, how do you not owe it to that person to at least send them a text (even though you really should call that person if you are going to end things). Don’t be a coward.

1 Like A Virgin


If you were going to ghost someone, the last reason that I could guess was because the person they've been sleeping with was a virgin prior to them. What is weird about this ghosting confession is that this person found out two weeks later that this guy was a virgin and then ghosted them. This person clearly didn’t have a probably with this guy until they found out he was a virgin. This means that for two weeks, they had no problem whatsoever, until they found this fact out. Clearly, there wasn’t an issue with the guy. It was just knowing that they took his virginity that was bothering this person. But why should that matter? Come on, that’s not a reason to just ghost someone. Now this guy has to live the rest of his life knowing that the person who took his virginity ghosted him.

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