10 Perfect Names For Your Beautiful White Dog

There are many different dog breeds that are always white as well as other breeds that often have white coats. White dogs can be super cute because their pale coats make their noses and eyes more noticeable and appear bigger. Dogs like Chihuahuas and Westies are small dogs that can be white, while big dogs like Huskies and Samoyeds can commonly be white. If you’re getting a new pup, or rescuing an adult dog, who has beautiful white fur or hair, you need to find the perfect name. You want to find a name that suits their personality. A perfect route to go is to choose a name that reminds you of their white coat in some way.

We’ve put together a list of 10 perfect names for your cute white puppy or dog.


Polar is an ideal name for a white dog, especially one that’s on the bigger side, as it brings to mind cold regions and adventure. If your dog is big and fluffy and looks like a polar bear, this name is especially fitting. This name also is very fitting for a dog like a Siberian Husky that is associated with living in very cold climates and being very hardy. But, if you want to flip things around, you could also name your small dog after the fierce polar landscape.


If you have kids, or just have a childlike soul, this name is a good choice to give to your dog. This is probably the most obvious name on this list, but it’s an adorable one. If you have a small white dog with a big personality, snowball could be the perfect name.

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Especially if your dog looks like a little puffball that reminds you of snow in winter, this name will suit them well. Plus, if you have kids in your life, they will definitely like this sweet name.


Everest is a grand and stately name that’s perfect for a dog of large stature with a big heart. Everest will remind you of going on big adventures, such as climbing Mount Everest, making this name ideal for a dog who loves the outdoors and exploring with you. Plus, since the top of Mount Everest is covered in snow, the name is extra fitting. If you have a big, strong dog who could definitely protect you in a snowstorm, consider Everest as a name.


When it comes to naming white dogs, going for names based on the regions of the world covered in ice, snow, and tundra is an easy choice. Arctic is a beautiful sounding name that is perfect for a dog with thick, fluffy white fur. Plus, if your dog has a little bit of an icy personality and is slow to warm up to people, this name could be especially fitting. This dog could fit well with almost any white dog breed.


If you have a small dog who has a super sweet personality, Pearl could be the right name for them. Pearls are often white, and they also bring to mind elegance and expensive looks. If your small, white dog thinks they are royalty and often gets spoiled and pampered, Pearl could be the ideal name for them.

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This is the ideal name for a toy breed who loves to sit on your lap and show off how fancy they are.


Aspen is another nature name on this list, but instead of the more obvious snow choices, it’s a little more subtle. Quaking Aspens have white bark, and they are common throughout areas of the United States that are known for hiking and outdoor adventures.

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If you like to talk your dog on hikes or camping with you, Aspen could be a good choice. Even if you’re more of a city person but just appreciate a beautiful name and gorgeous trees, Aspen also works well.


Opal is the perfect name for a white female dog. No matter their size or breed, Opal is a beautiful name for a dog that has an elegant personality and a stunning look. Opals are usually mainly white, but they also have many other colors reflected in them. If your dog is multifaceted, or isn’t pure white but has other colors in their coat, this name could suit them really well.

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This isn’t a super common name for a dog either, making it a unique choice. Plus, if you have an older rescue dog, there is something about this name that suits a more mature dog.


Sometimes, when it comes to giving your dog a name, it’s important to think outside the box. Food names are adorable and perfect for dogs, especially a dog that can’t get enough of treats. Parsnips have a whitish color, and this name is fun to say. The playful nature of this name makes it perfect for a dog that has a lively and energetic personality and loves to play.


Sirius is a perfect name for a white dog who is the star of your life. Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the sky. Plus, the star is part of the constellation Canis Major, commonly called the Dog Star, making it perfect for a dog that reminds you of a wolf or has a strong look and personality.

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Stars look white and bright in the sky, so this name is perfect for a white dog if you don’t want to go the obvious route. Plus, this name is great for Harry Potter fans as it's the name of a popular character from the series.


Boreas is a name that comes from Greek mythology, so, if you’re into history or myth and want to give your dog a name along those lines, this name is perfect. Boreas was the god of the north wind as well as the god of winter. This makes this name perfect for a white dog, but people won’t see the obvious connection so you can feel clever and sophisticated.

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