Who Is Joshua Trump? The Sleeping SOTU Kid Explained

This morning every news outlet was buzzing about Trump. No, not that Trump. The Trump in question is Joshua Trump, an 11-year-old boy who was invited by the first lady to the State of the Union address.

Trump, a middle-school student from Wilmington, Delaware, was invited to the event by Melania Trump after dropping out of school for reportedly being bullied because of his last name. Young Josh, who was wearing a crisp white shirt and a print tie, seemed to be in good spirits when he arrived the Capitol.

He was seated next to 10-year-old Grace Eline, who had bravely battled cancer, and two seats away from First Lady Melania Trump, and near other invited guests, such as, Auschwitz survivor Joshua Kaufman, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and reformed cocaine dealer Matthew Charles.

Then the president began to speak for nearly 90 minutes. When the other Trump began to talk about building a US-Mexico border to address the “urgent national crisis” of illegal immigration, the cameras panned the audience and settled on the young boy, who was sound asleep.

Of course, Twitter had its own interpretation of Joshua’s cat nap. Jeffrey Evan Gold tweeted: “All of us were Joshua Trump Midway through President (no relation) Trump’s State of the Union,” and former Hillary campaign staffer Josh Weinberg declared that “JOSHUA TRUMP RULES.” Meanwhile, Splinter, a news outlet, tweeted, “Goodnight, everyone. May you snooze as peacefully as Joshua Trump, the young man who became a legend tonight.”

According to Joshua’s parents, his classmates had called him an “idiot” and “stupid” for having the president’s last name. In 2017, the Trump’s decided to remove the boy from school and homeschool him. Last year, he returned for middle school, but the bullying continued. His mother, Megan Trump, enrolled him in a different school but on his first day of school, the bus driver questioned him about his name.

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Joshua was one of the 13 people to receive special invitations to the State of the Union from the president and first lady. There is no word yet on how he’ll parlay his newfound fame. The official White House announcement stated that Joshua “appreciates science, art, and history,” and he “also loves animals and hopes to pursue a related career in the future.” Though after his few minutes of fame last night, it would appear that the sky is the limit.

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