10 Wild Cats Who Still Believe If I Fits I Sits

Wild cats are so regal and exquisite, it's only natural that we want to admire them. From a safe distance, of course. For those of us who share our homes with felines of the domesticated nature, it might be hard to compare these wild cats to our housebound furry buddies. As you'll see from the photos below, all distant kitty cousins seem to share plenty of similarities with one another. House cats are notorious for fitting the "If I Fits, I Sits" bill and, as it turns out, their large, wild cousins want in on the action too! It's funny enough to see house cats squeeze themselves into teeny-tiny containers and spaces. So seeing lions, tigers, and panthers following suit makes the situation all the more hilarious. What this proves is that all animals seek comfort of some kind and we can understand where they are coming from. Who doesn't love to curl up on the sofa? Besides comfort, sitting in small spaces also seems to provide entertainment for these clever animals. Clearly, cats just wanna have fun (in small spaces) and we're all too happy to observe the adorable outcomes.

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10 This Cheetah Fits Purr-fectly As A Warm Pillow


We've all been there. It's a cold winter's night and you just can't sleep with a chilly head. So like every other person, you turn to a cheetah who can conveniently double as a comfortable pillow and head-warmer. Oh wait, we're missing something here. That is Gavin Williams and his good friend, Faith. Williams is not like every other person. He holds a zoology degree and for over five years, he has been a live-in volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa. He has known Faith since she was just 8 months old. “Spending nights with cheetahs is that magical to me," Williams said. "But, you don’t spend nights with cheetahs, they decide to spend nights with you."

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9 Are We There Yet?


This baby leopard just might win the award for World's Most Adorable Stowaway. We really can't blame her for hitching a free ride since she was able to fit in between the SUV's grille and grille-guard. Why not? She looks so relaxed and comfortable, even though we're pretty sure she would land on her feet. We hope that the driver was going very slowly, just in case. It looks like she is leaning her head back as if to ask the driver, "Can you take me to my mommy, please?" We hope the driver safely delivered this precious cargo to the destination of her choice.

8 Rub-A-Dub


This photo has been circulating the internet for a while now, accompanied with a post stating that a good Samaritan came across this "tabby" and gave it bath since it was muddy. The posting goes on to imply that the cat is large, eats a surprising amount, and if anyone recognizes the cat, to message the good Samaritan so that he can be reunited with his family. Of course, that posting is just a joke and this is no tabby, but a full-grown mountain lion sitting in a bathtub. We would wager a bet that the bathtub belongs to someone who is fully trained and experienced in caring for wild animals. Or at least, we truly hope so.

7 Cats Rule, Dogs Drool


Cats and dogs have always had a funny sort of relationship with one another. Historically, they haven't always gotten along. But there are some cases of dog and cat "siblings" learning to tolerate each other or in rare instances, becoming best friends. This photo clearly shows that dogs and cats, even wild cats, can become not just friends but as thick as thieves. Notice how the cheetah is using one of the beagles as his purr-sonal pillow. So sweet!  Obviously, these trusting dogs have to feel very comfortable around the cheetah to fall asleep next to their wild pal.

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6 The Cutest Gift Basket Ever


Whose heart wouldn't melt at the mere sight of this trio of baby panthers gathered up in a wicker basket? These green-eyed baby cats are too cute. At the size of playful puppies but with the spirit of curious kittens, we can just imagine what a handful these spotted babies must have been. We're sure that they didn't stay in the basket long as soon as it was placed on the grass. Just like all species of cats, baby panthers are natural explorers and explore, they must! They are quite good at it, too as they have already discovered their way into our hearts.

5 If It Fits, My Head Sits


This lioness clearly doesn't think highly of giraffe treats or whatever the box was holding that was intended for giraffes and not for her. When this lady lion decided to take a stand against giraffes getting their supplies, she ended up making a cardboard fashion statement! Who knows? It could be the latest trend sweeping the Sahara or the zoo. This lovely lady has no shame or regret in her decision to wear a box around her head. She looks as regal as ever. Maybe she just decided that since she is the Queen of the Jungle, it was high time that she had a crown of some kind.

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4 Special Delivery!


Who ordered the bobcat in a box? A bobcat certainly would be a special (and scary) delivery. What makes this photo extra funny is the fact that the bobcat has decided to curl up inside of a box from the PetSmart-owned online pet retailer, Chewy. Chewy specializes in pet food and other pet-related products. Is this the bobcat's way of telling her caretakers that she deserves some online goodies from Chewy, too? Or maybe something was ordered for her and she decided that playing in the box that the treats came in would be much more fun.

3 Need Some Help In The Garden?


This unlikely gardening buddy thought that he would take a breather in a wheelbarrow and not only can we hardly believe that he managed to fit but it's incredible that the wheelbarrow didn't tip over! This lion is the poster child for "If I Fits, I Sits" and we applaud his efforts. We can bet that there was no human around that day who dared to tell him to exit the wheelbarrow. After all, if the King of the Jungle wants to sit in a wheelbarrow, then he shall sit in a wheelbarrow. You don't mess with royalty, especially royalty with huge claws.

2 Beautiful Things Come In Small Packages


It's so funny to see such a regal, gorgeous animal who embodies mystery and intrigue sitting in a cardboard box. But this just proves that cats are cats, no matter the size or the fact that this cat has wild instincts. This lovely leopard has a very wise look to him despite the fact that he has chosen to curl up in a cardboard box. Leopards and cheetahs look very similar, but an easy tell is the black "tear line" that only cheetahs have under their eyes. It's good to know the tear line trick because if you try to determine a leopard from a cheetah through their love of cardboard boxes, you'll be guessing for a while!

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1 Make It A Net-Lix Night


This sweet little serval decided that squeezing herself onto the back of the sofa would be the purr-fect way to watch some TV as well as giving her human's hair a good cleaning the old-fashioned way. Servals are beautiful wild cats who are native to Africa. They are significantly smaller than some of their other wild cat cousins as they typically weigh under 30 pounds. We are not sure what this serval's story is or why she has shacked up with some humans, but she's awfully cute. It seems like she has found her happy place on the small space on the top of the sofa.

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