Wildlife Park's Video Of Baby Red Pandas Raises Awareness About Endangered Species

The Symbio Wildlife Park has shared a montage of their Red Panda cubs growing up with the world. Thanks to their keepers, the adorable pair is growing up healthy and happy. They are surely going to be a favourite at the zoo.

It’s important to have videos like this because they get people connected to and invested in the well being of the animals. Especially with endangered species like the Red Panda, it is essential to get public support in order to fund the reserves or zoos that keep them alive. These cute videos not only bring smiles to our faces during a rough day, but they also remind us that we should protect the animals that live on our planet.

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Via: Red Pandazine

The park is located in Sydney, Australia, and it is the current home of the adorable pair, Shifu and Makalu. The video shows the two doing everything together: eating, exploring, playing, and cuddling with their favourite zookeeper, Beth. The zoo is happy to keep such a beautiful species, and they are hoping to aid their population through captive breeding. Unfortunately, Red Pandas are endangered in the wild, with only about 10,000 of them remaining. Thanks to facilities like the Symbio Wildlife Park, there is a chance for these animals to continue living on our planet.

Red Panda Cubs Cutest Moments

Watching our Red Pandas grow up is the cutest thing you'll see all week! 😍

Posted by Symbio Wildlife Park on Thursday, August 23, 2018

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There are some who are uncomfortable with the idea of a zoo. Their perspective is that we cage and capture animals for our viewing pleasure, which is a cruel concept. However, as demonstrated by this particular wildlife park, they do so much more than just entertain us. The true work lies in the zoo’s ability to rehabilitate populations of endangered animals and educate their visitors on how we can take better care of our planet. The entertainment side of it helps fund the cause, and this factor should always be regulated; it would be unfair to abuse animals to do tricks and perform shows for us. Through the education we receive at zoos, we can help prevent animals like Shifu and Makalu from disappearing completely.

Via: Imgur

If you are in need of a dose of cuteness, the video of Makalu and Shifu is surely one that will brighten your day. You can see the wonderful animal that is the Red Panda in all its glory and adorableness. Maybe it can even inspire you to support some causes that focus on saving the endangered species.

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