Will Smith Tells Georgia It Needs To Take Care Of The Bug Situation

Apparently, the Fresh Prince isn’t too happy about working outside his comfort zone. Will Smith, who’s been in flicks battling everything from zombies to aliens, has recently complained about encountering earthier life forms that have gotten under his skin.

The insidious beings that have been a source of irritation for the marquee hero turn out to be sand gnats, which are reportedly everywhere in Savannah, Georgia, where Smith is filming Gemini Man, a sci-fi action flick slated for release in 2019. Ang Lee is directing the outing that also stars Clive Owen and Benedict Wong, best known for his work in Doctor Strange and The Martian.

Smith is used to taking on more humanoid baddies, but the insects reportedly have the edge over him.

Tuesday on Facebook, Smith, donning a mosquito net posted, “I love Georgia but y’all gotta do something about these bugs… I’m just saying y’all need to fix it.”

Smith added his weapon of choice has been bug spray, but that countermeasure has done little to ward off the annoying critters.

via savannahnow.com

Georgian bugs are almost legion as obstacles to film crews that choose to work in the state that’s better known for its peaches. Cast members of The Walking Dead don’t fear the biters of the more two-legged variety that their characters face in their apocalyptic setting. Nope, it’s the gnats and skeeters that usually get the better of them.

The show’s star, Andrew Lincoln, was warned about snakes and bugs in Georgia before taking the lead of deputy sheriff Rick Grimes in 2010. And while he stated not to have seen any slithering creatures around the set, his experience with the insects paralleled Smith’s account. Although Lincoln claims he’s since become accustomed to the bugs after eight seasons of doing the horror series, he still apparently still can’t get over coming across a Frisbee-sized tarantula.

As for Smith, the two-time Oscar nominee is hoping that his next series of jobs will take him away from insect-infested climes. He’s already been confirmed to star in Suicide Squad 2 and another Bad Boys sequel, while fans can also expect him to reprise the genie role in the live-action version of Aladdin in 2019.

But for the time being, one wonders about the budget for Gemini Man, especially the cost of the truckloads of bug spray the cast and crew need to finish the outing.

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