Your Winter Survival Guide: Everything You Need To Enjoy The Season

Winter's can be rough, especially when the sky decides to dump foot after foot upon our doorstep. When we are unprepared the cold weather and dreary days can put us in an endless spiral until spring comes around again. There are ways to survive this catastrophe of nature, and it requires a few simple tools.

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These things will help you breeze through winter like it was yesterday's news. You won't even remember what it was like to hate walking out your door every day because winter's negative effects will no longer bring you down. Keep reading to learn about ten things you need to enjoy this winter season!

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10 A Reliable Snowblower

The worst thing that could happen is a heavy overnight snowfall that causes you to be late for work because you had no way to leave your driveway. You could grab your shovel and sweat through all of your clothes as you struggle to complete the daunting task in the early hours of the morning, or you could buy a snowblower.

This product will have you whipping through the white layer covering your driveway. It will take you a quarter of the time it would to shovel and half the energy, so being late will never be an issue in the winter ever again.

9 A Good Pair of Waterproof Boots

Snow and ice melt, as well as chill you to the very bone when your feet are not properly clothed. You want a pair of winter boots that are waterproof, warm, have good traction, and are stylish enough to go with any outfit.

It can be a bit expensive to buy a good pair, but they will save you the heartache of wringing out your socks and warming your feet every time you make the trek inside. These boots can be found anywhere, but companies like Red Wing or L.L. Bean understand the importance of a good winter boot.

8 A Keurig Coffeemaker

The best way to warm up after a day spent out in the cold is with a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. A Keurig is the best product to buy because it can be used to make any of these drinks, and it can be simplified with the use of K-cups.

A simple mug filled with one of these joyous drinks will bring a smile to anyone's face despite the horrible weather stirring up trouble outside. It also works as a pick-me-up in the morning when you find yourself procrastinating because you don't want to walk the few feet in the cold to your car.

7 Have Remote Start Installed in Your Car

One of the worst things about mornings is having to walk out to your car to scrape snow and ice off of the windows. This problem can be solved by having remote start installed in your car.

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You will never be forced to trudge into the snowbanks to reach the other half of your windshield ever again. The remote start will allow you to start the car from the safety of your home and by the time you head out into the cold, all of the snow will be melted off of it.

6 A Set of Snow Tires On Your Vehicle

Snow tires are a great addition to any vehicle, whether you have 4WD or not. They increase your vehicle's traction with their unique tread design, so you don't have to worry as much about slipping and sliding all over the roadway.

It will also help your vehicle move in these situations because everyone's worst nightmare is not being able to go after being stopped at a red light. They can be a bit expensive, but the added effects of safety and ease of travel make them totally worth it.

5 Invest In An Excellent Moisturizer

Winter brings along stuffy noses and cracked hands, but the latter can be avoided. If you follow a proper moisturizing routine your hands will remain supple and crack free. This is especially important if you work with water or water-based products all day long, as the consistent switch between dry and wet will have your hands cracking in just a few days.

You should even consider carrying a bottle of lotion on you at all times in case the need arises where your hands begin to feel dry and less than their perfect and healthy selves.

4 Lots And Lots Of Layers

You should own enough clothes to layer them, as well as understand the concept of layering to achieve the effect you are looking for. You should start with a pair of long johns, or even some tights, then move onto a pair of jeans or sweats (and sometimes you may need both.)

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Your top should follow the same pattern, but you will instead layer longsleeve and shortsleeve shirts, as well as a sweatshirt to top it all off. Next comes your hefty winter coat as well as a neckwarmer, hat, and a couple of pairs of gloves. You can add or subtract layers as needed until you reach the desired warmth effect, but make sure you are not too hot as this can lead to other issues.

3 Packs Of Handwarmers

All of your layers may be keeping you warm, but sometimes even this won't stop your fingers and toes from feeling the chill. This catastrophe can be avoided by using hand warmers, which will keep your hands and feet warm for hours on end.

There are also different sizes and designs depending on where you need warmth the most. If you find these aren't doing the trick you can always look into electric gloves or coats, which will continually heat your body as long as the battery is on full charge.

2 Lotion-Infused Tissues

It is an unavoidable fact of life that your nose will run at some point during the winter season. It is generally made worse when you use countless numbers of tissues on the gentle skin surrounding your nose.

Luckily, there are some tissues that are infused with lotion, so your sniffles won't lead to cracked and dry skin that burns and itches. These tissues are a lifesaver that every household should have on hand, because no one's nose deserves the pain and irritation of rough tissues.

1 A Winter Hobby

One of the reasons that winter can be such a drag is because there is nothing during this season that piques our interest. One tip is to find a hobby that can only be done in the winter so you grow an appreciation for this dreary season.

You could take up an athletic hobby like skiing or snowboarding, or go with something less active like ice fishing. This will lead to you looking forward to the season, rather than dreading the cold days and ice lining your walkways.

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