10 Witchy Homes That Look Like They're Straight From Sabrina

There's no denying it; we all would love to live in a house that looks like it could be home to Sabrina Spellman. With the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina taking over the world, it only seemed fitting that we explore the reality of living in the perfect Victorian home. Of course, it wouldn't be Spellman-approved if it wasn't just a little bit creepy, so we made sure to find only houses with the most perfect of spook-vibes. Some of these are actual homes, while others have quite the extensive history, but they all have one thing in common; their witchiness is undeniable.

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10 The House Of The Seven Gables Lookalike

This house was actually for sale as of last year and is, in fact, an exact replication of the famous House of the Seven Gables as inspired by the book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. That house resides in Salem, however, and is open for tours (highly recommend). The house pictured here is located in Sandwich in Cape Cod, Mass., and is available for the low price of $725,000, according to Curbed.com. For a three-bedroom house, it's not too shabby looking... especially if you're in it for the historical aspect and creep-factor. Just don't expect too many house guests.

9 The Spadena House

Some of you hardcore Halloween fans might recognize this house immediately. Still stumped? It's the house from Hocus Pocus, except that rather than residing in Salem, Mass., it actually takes up residence in Beverly Hills, California. This house is iconic and will never cease to bring back memories of every 90s kid as they watched the Sanderson Sisters for the very first time. For a taste of the real thing, however, fans can head on over to the little seaside town of Salem for a real Sanderson Sister tour. The tour is especially effective around Halloween when the atmosphere for haunting is just right.

8 An Ohio Beauty

All we know about this absolute stunner of a home is that it can be found in Circleville, Ohio, and we can only speculate that it's just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. For some reason, any Victorian house that's enclosed by a wrought-iron fence automatically conjures up imagery of late-night spellcasting and early-morning potion mixing... or maybe that's just us. Either way, we could totally imagine Sabrina herself approving of this house and we can't say we'd be shocked if either of the aunts came walking out the front door.

7 An Abandoned Work Of Art

It's unclear whether or not this house has actually been lived in within the last decade, but that hasn't stopped its natural beauty from peaking out from beneath broken shingles. In its heyday, this house was likely one of the prettiest on its block, boasting bright violet and pink siding in addition to its striking wrought-iron detail. Now, it's the perfect place for a seance or fortune-telling, one we'd hope would be hosted by Sabrina Spellman herself. It's easy to imagine stumbling upon this home and daydreaming about its former owner... perhaps a witch, themselves? Either way, we approve.

6 Is There Someone In That Window?

There's creepy, and then there's downright spooky. This house hovers somewhere in between, which is a strange thing because it's actually in a heavily populated area. This home was likely once beautiful, and still is in a rustic, old-fashioned way. Its triple cathedral-like windows and main tower give way to what we'd imagine would be a stunning interior, allowing light to reach all the right places. This house's woodwork is flawless, another characteristic that makes it so purely Spellman-esque. The shade of green has us questioning its maintenance a bit, but it fits our creepy category all the same.

5 Sabrina Spellman Meets Medieval

We're sure that Sabrina would never turn away a bit of old-timey flair, so why should we? This house is undeniably Victorian in design, but has a bit of medieval detail to it, mainly in the iron spikes that seem to warn visitors away rather than inviting them in. The brickwork and dark shingles portray the appearance of something almost sinister, which is perfect for Sabrina, yet bad for anyone who's not trying to test their luck. While we're not sure if this house could be considered 'home' for many, we're sure it would be perfectly suitable for a practicing witch.

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4 Glamorous And Creepy, Which Basically Means It's Perfect

In stark comparison to the one prior, this Victorian beauty is everyone anyone could ever ask for in a witch-inspired home. While it seems more Hollywood than Spellman, it does boast the same type of attention to detail that the classic Victorian features in the show. With two grand entrances and more windows than you could count, this home could likely fit dozens of witches rather than only three. For that matter, an enterprising sorceress could even turn one half into a school for witchcraft... but we're going off on a tangent and getting into the wrong magic series now. After all, there's room for only one Hogwarts.

3 The Gardner Mansion

It seems that a majority of the houses that could pass for the Spellman residence reside in Massachusetts, which totally makes sense. New England is utterly rich in history, some of which tragically dates back to the Salem Witch Trials, so it's no surprise that many automatically assume a spooky vibe when thinking of it. This house is located in Gardner, Mass., and was recently purchased by a company hoping to drum up some business due to its certified haunted nature. Whether or not the house is actually haunted is up for debate, but it does have quite the owner history to back it up.

2 Even In An Urban Setting, This House Screams 'Witch'

We love everything about this urban piece of Victorian design, including the not-so-menacing flora that's simply blossoming in front of it. Standing out in stark purples and black, this home is undoubtedly one of the coolest on the list. Upon first glance, it looks like nothing more than a decorated townhouse but the closer you look, the more detail you actually see. Everything, from the exterior moldings to the circular balcony, is practically a work of art. We'd imagine that seeing this house decorated and lit up for Halloween would be quite the sight, and we're hoping the owners do it justice.

1 The Carson Mansion Stands Out In Eureka

Surprisingly, this mansion is actually available for tours, and trust us, it's just as rewarding inside as it is outside. The mansion resides in none other than San Fransisco, and the entire interior has been kept in its original condition, including stunning stained glass windows and wood-carved stairs. Built in 1884, the original owner of the mansion, William Carson, said of it, '…if I build it poorly, they would say that I was a d----- miser; if I build it expensively, they will say I'm a show off; guess I'll just build it to suit myself.' We really couldn't agree more.

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