Woman Decides It Is Better To Crash Than Share A Vehicle With A Spider

Woman Decides It Is Better To Crash Than Share A Vehicle With A Spider

A woman driving her car decided it was better that she immediately serve into a ditch than spend a single moment more with a spider that had hitched a ride.

Can we blame this woman? No. Did she make the right decision to panic and subsequently wreck her automobile? Probably not. But we still can’t blame her.

According to a report from the Cairo Police Department in upstate New York, a woman was driving along on April 10th when she noticed something. It had 8 legs and is almost universally reviled the world over. It was a spider.

Taking control of the situation, she panicked, swerved off the road, and hit a tree. Evidently, the best solution to discovering an arachnid hitchhiker is mutually assured destruction.

The woman lived, however. She suffered a leg injury and was taken away by paramedics. Her car, naturally, is a total write-off. We’re not sure if the woman’s insurance will cover spider-related accidents, but we’re rooting for her all the same.

"We know that it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place,” Cairo PD wrote on their Facebook post. “Lives depend on it."

No information was given as to the spider’s situation, and we hope that it too survived the crash.

According to SpiderID.com (and of course SpiderID.com exists--this is the internet, after all), there are 46 unique species of spiders living in New York, and none of them are dangerous to humans. Some of them, such as the “bold jumping spider” are even kinda cute.

Most of them are also minuscule in size and couldn’t even hope to break a human’s skin, let alone deliver a venomous bite. There is one species, however, that might be large enough to cause a car-ending fright, and it’s called the white-banded fishing spider.

via SpiderID.com

Capable of growing a body 2-inches long and with legs spanning about the width of a human hand, the white-banded fishing spider is so named because it has been observed to prey on small fish. Actually, that’s a lie; it lives near the water and “fishes” for smaller insects such as water striders, although it is an opportunistic hunter and has been observed eating vertebrate prey before (including minnows).

That said, the white-banded fisher is shy, lives near water, and would never be found inside a vehicle as that’s the complete opposite of a fisher’s hunting grounds. More likely, the woman got a long-legged sac spider as a stow-away that decided to peep its head out after discovering it was in a car. We can’t blame the spider for wanting to know what was going on around it.

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