Woman Gives Neighbor A Second Lease On Life By Donating Her Kidney

It was 13 years ago when Amy Miller moved into a house in Granite City with her family. And just a year later, Tina Greene moved into the house across the street with her boyfriend. The tight-knit neighborhood had plenty of people, all of them friendly, but no friendship is going to surpass the one that was recently forged between Amy and Tina.

It was last year when Tina became very ill, and soon after, the doctors discovered that her kidneys were barely working. More specifically, one of her kidneys was not working at all, while the other one was working at just 3 percent

She immediately started dialysis, and she had been regularly going three days per week for the past year and a half.

According to Greene, those three hours and fifteen minutes she spends in the hospital, is the worst time of her life.

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But as it turned out, Amy had been doing research on how to become a kidney donor and had already begun the process in the meantime. She had also seen a social media post about a local woman who was in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and Miller really wanted to help her. Unfortunately, the woman in question couldn’t receive Miller’s kidney.

At the same time, the dialysis had been really taking a toll on Greene’s well-being and lifestyle, which became increasingly noticeable with each passing day. It was around that time that Greene received some very bad news: if she didn’t receive a kidney soon, she would only make it up to Christmas.

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As soon as Miller heard this, she immediately started taking all the tests and going through all the procedures that were necessary to find out whether she would be a suitable kidney donor for her neighbor and friend. She went through many blood tests, x-rays, and CT-scans. And as luck would have it, they were a great match! According to the doctors, they were the same blood type, and even more unbelievably so, they matched on two out of six possible genetic markers! That meant the chances of Greene’s body accepting the new kidney increased in odds. And the doctors also said that Miller would have no problem going on through her life with just one kidney. So the transplant surgery was scheduled, and these two neighbors and now, lifelong connected friends, are now planning a beach getaway to rest after the surgeries.

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