This Woman Got Free Pizza From Pizza Hut After A Harsh Split

This Woman Got Free Pizza From Pizza Hut After A Harsh Split

An Australian woman got dumped, but received the best thing to get over a bad breakup: pizza.

Rosie Waterland is an Australian writer. She rose to fame after posting several satirical videos riffing on The Bachelor Australia, and then went on to write two bestsellers in the land down under. She's also been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, Clio, and The Huffington Post.

And on Monday she got dumped.Worse than that she got ghosted high school-style, meaning that she got blocked from all the dude’s social media accounts.

“Got dumped and ghosted yesterday, and am getting lash refills today which means I CANNOT CRY FOR 24 HOURS,” wrote the already hilarious writer. “This is a genius life hack don’t @ me.”

But as is often the case in the age of the interwebs, somebody was watching. That somebody worked for Pizza Hut and they immediately sprang into action.

“It's ok @RosieWaterland, pizza will always be there for you,” wrote the heroic pizza purveyor. “Thick and thin, in crust we trust? Can you DM us so we can send you a little something?”


Naturally, Rosie agreed, commenting that she may have found her “new life partner.”

Just to prove this wasn’t a publicity stunt, and also prove that she’s about to be the proud new owner of a pizza pie, Rosie posted the DM conversation minus the details of her home address.

"PIZZA HUT WANTS TO SUPPORT ME THROUGH MY BREAK UP?" Rosie asked rhetorically. "This almost makes it worth it."

Pizza Hut also didn’t specify a limit on what pizza she could order, only saying they’ll have them delivered to her home on Friday night.

Most of Rosie’s followers were quite supportive of the move, with one even saying that pizza is more reliable than any man.

Although one follower rightly pointed out that Rosie might be quick to rebound and have plans for Friday night.

But let’s be honest: if free pizza is being offered, whatever plans you’ve made are clearly not as important and can be rain checked or even outright canceled.

Here’s hoping that free pizza softens the blow like gooey mozzarella, Rosie.



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