Woman Marks 4-Years of Being Married to Herself With Inspiring Self-Love Book

Sophie Tanner first hit the headlines four years ago, when she got married, but this ceremony was a little unconventional - her betrothed was herself. In a show of pure self-love, the 40-year-old went all in and threw the ultimate wedding, complete with the white dress, flowers and a variety of guests. In front of her witnesses, she promised to love, honor and obey herself above all others. The internet went wild for the tale, which touched the hearts of people across the world.

Four years on, and the Brighton-born woman is reaffirming her vows by releasing a book about self-love. According to Good News Network, Tanner was first inspired to ditch the traditional wedding and put a ring on her own finger after a slew of bad relationships. After another relationship ended in disaster, Tanner struggled with her mental health. With feelings of worthlessness and a lack of confidence settling in, it was several months before she began to feel like her old self again.



Following on from that dark period in her life, Tanner realized that she was not a victim, but instead grateful for everything that she already had, relationship or no. After trying and failing to make the marriage legally binding, she decided to throw her own wedding regardless. Her book idea was initially rejected as it wasn't "rom-com" enough for her publisher, but someone else picked up the idea.

"Reader, I Married Me" is now available for purchase in stores. Tanner hopes that the book will help others who are in her position to accept themselves as they are and not pin their self-worth on something as trivial as their relationship status. While she has gone on several dates since her big day in 2015, the writer remains as single now as she was then. She insists she hasn't ruled out the possibility of finding love again, but won't rush into anything.

The writing process has been a cathartic one for Tanner, who was relieved to get her story down and paper. Recounting her journey to self-love has also given her the opportunity to hit back at trolls who branded her wedding an attention-seeking stunt.

You can purchase Tanner's book on Amazon for $13.99 USD.

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