Woman Removed From Flight After Attempting To Fly With Her 'Emotional Support Squirrel'

A woman was recently removed from an internal flight in the U.S. after she brought a rather unusual emotional support animal on the aircraft along with her.

When you think of all of the things that animals do for us, it boggles the mind to think that anyone could be mean or horrible to them. For hundreds, if not thousands of years certain species of animals have not only been humankind's friends, but they have also helped us with tasks and made our lives easier.

That couldn't be truer than it is today. Take dogs alone. Not only are they our closest friends in the animal kingdom, but certain breeds are trained to help those in need. Guide dogs, dogs who aid deaf people, and emotional support dogs who help those with a wide range of issues and illnesses.


What you might not know is that emotional support animals can stretch beyond just dogs. As long as it isn't something that is going to hurt you, since that would be quite the opposite of its purpose, pretty much any creature can be an emotional support animal. That can be quite a hard concept to get your head around for some people, ourselves included. That's why a woman in the U.S. was recently removed from her flight for the emotional support animal she had accompanying her.

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As reported by The Guardian, the animal in question was a squirrel. The passenger, on a flight traveling from Orlando to Cleveland, had informed Frontier Airlines that she would have an emotional support animal with her. However, she neglected to mention that it was a squirrel. The airline doesn't allow rodents on its flights, so the woman was eventually removed from the aircraft, but she did not go quietly.

The passenger refused to get off the plane at first and police had to be called. During the saga, all other passengers were asked to leave the aircraft and the flight wound up being delayed by two hours. By the time they were allowed to board again, they would have almost been in Cleveland had the flight taken off on time. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. An emotional support peacock was refused entry to a plane recently, and an emotional support hamster was flushed down a toilet following a breakdown in communication between an airline and a passenger.


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