Woman Reunited With Lost Dog After Her Husband's Passing

A woman, who was visiting Middleton, Wisconsin, last week, has been reunited with her lost dog after the pup went missing when she came to the area for her husband’s medical treatment.

Unfortunately, Sarah Tiger’s husband, Jack, died on August 5. The couple’s dog, Hope, had been a faithful companion for her husband in his final days, however, after getting loose in Middleton, two days before he died, the dog lost her way.

After Hope went missing, Sarah shared her story with local news sources. "He was put in the ICU on the 30th," she said. "He recognized Hope. His last words were 'my Hopey Hope.'"

"I need her back," she added. "I need that link to my husband back."

"Hope means Jack to Sarah," Cassandra Holmes, a nurse at Jack's hospital said. "She needs that. He would have wanted her to find Hope."

Luckily, Hope was found by Sarah and Holmes last week in a Middleton park at around 9:15 p.m. "She did respond to my whistle, and she did look at me when I called her name," Sarah said before the dog finally returned. "Now we need just another sighting. But I know she's alive."

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin said that lost dogs often go into "survival mode" out of fear and usually hide during the day. If you see a lost animal, Lost Dogs said you should avoid chasing or yelling after them, but rather contact local officials.

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Although she has lost some weight and her potassium levels are low, Hope is in good health. The dog will now accompany Sarah home to Iowa as she continues to grieve the loss of her husband. Thankfully, she can do so with Hope by her side.

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, is a group of volunteers that provides free resources to owners who have lost their dogs to improve their chances of finding them. The program also works with local animal control and shelters by limiting the number of “owned strays” that enter the animal control/shelter system. In 2017, the organization helped reunite 2,900 dogs with their families.

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According to the organization, "Owners of dogs file a report with us and we guide them through the very confusing and traumatic process of finding their dog. Lost dogs can be found safely weeks, months and even years after they go missing. We also help finders of loose dogs locate their owners."

If your dog is missing in Wisconsin, you can file a report with Lost Dogs of Wisconsin at www.helpinglostpets.com. You'll need a good, high-resolution image of your lost dog.

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