Woman Reunites With And Adopts Her Childhood Dog 7 Years Later

A woman who was forced to give up her childhood dog at the age of 14 has discovered and adopted her again seven years later.

For many people, losing a childhood pet, whether it be via their passing or another reason, is really the first time we have to deal with loss at all. An animal that is effectively a member of the family being there one day and gone the next. Some parents even get their children pets for this reason, among others. As a way of helping their children learn about loss to ready them for later in life.

At 14 years old, Nicole Grimes experienced that loss, reports Wide Open Pets. Nicole had spent four wonderful years with her dog, Chloe. However, when Nicole's father got a new job that required him to work from home, Chloe's incessant barking became a problem. So big a problem that eventually, Nicole's parents had no other option but to find a new family for the pup.


Although heartbroken by the chain of events, Nicole has since revealed that she understood the decision. After not being able to find a family for Chloe, Nicole and her family were eventually forced to give the dog to a local animal shelter. Fast forward seven years and the now 21-year-old Nicole has a family of her own and wanted to add a dog to the mix.

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While scrolling through Facebook, Nicole happened upon an elderly dog that looked a lot like Chloe who needed a new home. Nicole decided that was the dog for her and her family. She then discovered that this dog was also named Chloe and that she was the same age as her former pet would be now. Once adopted, she dug out Chloe's old vert records, took her new pet to the vet, and discovered that she had in fact been reunited with her childhood pup.

Even though Nicole only lives 30 minutes away from her childhood home, this is still a pretty remarkable story. To be separated from her beloved pet only to be unknowingly reunited with them seven years later. A heartwarming story, and even though Chloe still barks as much as she ever has, this time around that will not be a problem.


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