Woman Shows True Love As She Escapes Fort McMurray Fire With Her Horses

While most people made it out unscathed, over 2,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed in the wildfire in Fort McMurray. As of now, the fire is growing at a slower pace and efforts to fully extinguish the blaze are still continuing.

Some pet owners of Fort McMurray have taken things into their own hands. Read on to learn how horse owners made sure their animals were safely evacuated, and how the community is helping.

10 Setting The Scene

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It’s not a site you see everyday — a woman racing down the road with her horses in tow as a fire rages in the background. Unfortunately, it’s what one woman in Fort McMurray, Canada was forced to do as the inferno forced evacuations from the town.

9 Fleeing The Fire

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The woman in question is pictured riding her horse as she leads two others in the smoke-filled scene. It’s almost something you would expect from an action movie, not real life. But this is real life, and this woman is simply trying to get her beloved horses to safety.

8 Turning Back

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According to comments from the social site, Reddit, the girl’s name is Karley and she was forced to abandon her truck and trailer on the highway. It’s not clear as to why she had to abandon her truck, but it’s mentioned she and her horses were forced to turn around.

7 Racing The Blaze

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I can’t imagine the panic, fear and anxiety she and her animals felt as they raced the fire, but luckily there’s good news for them all.

6 Safely Evacuated

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Karley was able to retrieve her vehicle and get safely out of town with her horses. Let’s hope all other horse and animal owners were able to safely get their families and pets away from the blaze as well.

5 Community Cares

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There have been numerous comments about people and organizations ready and willing to help Fort McMurray residents safely evacuate their horses. The Clearwater Horse Club evacuated over 100 horses from the area, according to Horse Network, with some residents taking the horses into their backyards as temporary shelter.

4 Edmonton To The Rescue

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According to Reddit posts, mounted troops in the city of Edmonton have offered the assistance of their trailers and boarding areas for horse owners fleeing the Fort McMurray fire.

3 Animals Are Family, Too

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It’s an amazing thing to see entire communities, near and far, come together for a greater good. We all know pets and animals become like family, and leaving them behind in such a scary disaster is unthinkable. Transportation services are allowing people to bring their pets on board as they escape the fire, proving there is some good in the world.

2 Escaping The Fire, Animals And All

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Some people may find it unreasonable for owners to put their own evacuation on hold in order to bring their animals to safety, but to others, it’s not even a question to consider. I know I couldn’t leave my animals behind to face a raging fire, and obviously Karley couldn't either.

1 True Love

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This photo truly shows what it means to love and care for your animals, even when you’re up against something as frightening as this devastating fire. We send our thoughts and best wishes to those in the Fort McMurray area, and our thanks to the people lending a helping hand to the town’s animals.

Faith in humanity, restored.

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