Fated By Blood: Woman’s Life Saved 11 Years Ago By Her Husband Way Before They Met

This woman found out that her blood donor who saved her 11 years ago was actually her husband. Before they even met, Lin Xiaofen’s life was saved by Lian Zhicheng, and they ended up falling in love over a decade later. They were destined to be together—tied by Lian’s blood.

Lian started donating blood and platelets when he was 20-years-old. It only takes about an hour to donate some blood, but it could save years of another person’s life. Blood is needed for major surgeries, cancer treatments, and managing diseases. Red blood cells are needed for emergencies and surgeries, plasma is used for extensive trauma and to help those with bleeding disorders, and platelets are needed to help control bleeding. While he saved one of the most important people in his life, his blood has probably saved many more lives than just his wife’s.

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Just 11 years ago, Lin got into a serious car accident, and her body’s blood-clotting response was not responding properly. Her condition was stabilized after 10 pints of blood and 2 packets of platelets were used to treat her. Seven years later, she met Lian, a glutinous rice dumpling seller, and they instantly formed a bond. After recounting their respective near-death experiences, Lian jokingly suggested that he could be her savior. Lin decided to investigate, and she eventually found out that the blood that saved her 11 years ago was indeed given by the charming dumpling man.

While telling their story in a light-hearted interview with the Mirror, Lian urged people to donate blood,  because it's possible that you’ll save the life of your future partner, much like he did. By giving up just an hour of his time 11 years ago, he was able to give his wife a decade of life. Because of him, they were able to meet and fall in love. Meeting a future partner shouldn’t be someone’s sole reason for donating blood of course, but it could be the reason one’s able to meet the love of their life.

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Fate has tied Lin and Lian together spiritually and by blood. They will now be knowingly protecting each other from danger, and hopefully neither of them will need more blood transfusions. Together, they’ll be saving more lives and continue donating blood—in honor of Lian’s heroism 11 years ago.

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